9 Things Only Indian Youngsters With Strict Parents Will Relate To

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Jan 5, 2019|5 min read


Hey guys! Do you have strict parents? I mean very strict ones. But you still love to live your life? So, what do you do? Did you find any solution to it?

I'm sure you must have found some or the other way to do stuff that makes you feel like a grown-up, but your parents know nothing about it.

And the pain of having strict parents doubles itself when your friends are having cool parents. Like when I was in high school I had a friend whose father used to say her “you are spoiling my name, you are sixteen and you don't have a boyfriend” and she said she doesn't like having a boyfriend.

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I still can't remember why her nose started bleeding after that (I just punched her lightly) but dude I was like M-A-N do you even understand what opportunity you are kicking away?

Do you understand the value of having such a cool father?

Anyways people tend to underrate the good things they already have. Around 68% of Indian youth hides stuff they do from their parents, else they can be blessed by showers of slippers, belts, shoes etc. as per their parents’ will.

So, after lots and lots of research, Feeding Trends has come up with a list of what things people with strict parents hide from their parents.

1. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend isn't easy for us.

Saving his number by best friend’s name, every gift that we get is from our best friend. And to top it all, talking over phone at night is only possible when parents are not at home. It's better to stay single!

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care

2. Smoking cigarette

Only if Mukesh's father was as strict as mine, he would have not been in that advertisement. But did I say that we don't smoke at all? We, the Indian youngsters are not behind in trying any new thing. Especially when we can feel the ‘Independence Day’ everyday!

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care,Smoking cigarette

3. Sheesha smoking

In today’s world, which Indian youngster doesn't like going to a hookah bar? Who amongst us doesn’t likes making those rings from smoke? Common. We all take those snap stories and show how lavish our life is? But in our case, being the sanskari Indian youngsters, we just don't socialize it!

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care,Smoking cigarette,Sheesha smoking

4. Watching porn

Now, this is a thing that none of us can share with our parents, no matter how cool they are. I mean who would discuss “Papa, did you watch that new video of Johnny Sins?” It's not possible till date in our country! But the only difference between strict parents and cool parents is when you get caught watching a porn. Rest is self-explanatory for Indian youngsters.

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care,Watching porn,Sheesha smoking

5. Booty call when parents aren't home

Aha fantasy thing isn't it? Calling your partner when parents aren't home is a dream come true for Indian youngsters. Cool parents know that you will do this, but strict parents don't even want to imagine you doing this. But still who wants to miss the opportunity? Not me at least.

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care,Watching porn,Sheesha smoking

6. For singles, house party when parents aren't home

How can singles stay out of the race? We have our own plans. We have our own gang and stuff to do. We have house party, right under the nose of our neighbours. Only Indian youngsters, like you and me can do this!

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care,Watching porn,Sheesha smoking

7. Bunking college

Oh my God. This is the most serious crime Bunking college without letting your parents know is obviously a herculean task. But still “shauk badi cheez hai” and then when you have such crazy friends nothing is impossible.

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care,Watching porn,Sheesha smoking

8. Making out “before marriage”

It might seem funny but it's true. Making out with your partner “before marriage” is a huge issue for people with strict parents. Finding a place away from home, buying protection material and hiding hickies makes every Indian youngster think it's better let's not do it. But then we can proudly say 'jaani ! hum woh bala hai jo sheeshe se patthar todte hai’ (Meanwhile in our mind ‘if my parents get to know wo muje todenge’ )

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9. Watching romantic movies

Now this one is a total bang! Every Indian youngster will relate to it. We have to act in front of our parents as if “What are they doing? Omg is this how a kiss looks like? Why aren't they wearing anything? What! They are making love. Oh! I didn't know that it looks like this. Haven't ever done it na!” But the fact is “bro, fifty shades of grey is for kids. Legends watch Bhaujai Monalisa”

Parenting Tips,Teens,Ridicule,parent,neglect,Mistakes,Judge,Care,Making out

So, here's a short list of things most of us (living in India) exclusively do without letting our parents know.

But friends, I must say, we live only once but still we play safe. Do try everything once, at least for fun. Don't get addicted to it, because if our parents stop us from doing all this, then it means it's not good for us.

Our jawan khoon finds our parents outdated. So, stay safe! And enjoy without forgetting your limitations.

Comment below your hiding stories and let us know how much fun it was for you!!





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