10 Good Companies With The Average Employee Working Tenure Below 2 Years

A fault in our stars?

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Jan 4, 2019|4 min read


Real good news is when you work at a big company. But, the bad news is that you work for a big company. Every great company has a story to tell, which can be a positive way to bring up the fact that employees probably won’t stay in the same place forever.

Well, it’s known to everyone that big companies tend to offer lots of tempting perks. But then too the most difficult thing they have on their everyday list is retaining the employees at their workplace. According to the stats, the employees leave the companies within the tenure of 2 years!

We have enlisted the average tenure of employees in the leading companies of the world:

1. Facebook

Being the dream company of every techie, the employees hardly stay for 2.02 years on Facebook.

2. Google

Google is “something” which has always done things in a little different way. That is why it always keep saying, “I’m feeling lucky”. The average employee tenure at Google is 1.90 years.

3. Oracle

75% of management is in Oracle is from India. Oracle has been in India for 30 years. The average stay on an employee at Oracle is 1.89 years.

4. Apple

“Please figure out my password”, is the most common statement made by every consumer of Apple. Is this a reason why employees don’t stay for so long? Just 1.86 years at Apple?

5. Amazon

Amazon is having more than 33,000 employees all-over the globe. But employees don’t get so lavish perks in comparison with other big tech companies and their average tenure is around 1.84 years.

6. Twitter

Twitter has taken the recruitment world by storm. It is almost called “Friend stalker”. However, the employees stay for just 1.83 years (average) at twitter.

7. Microsoft

One of the world’s best tech companies, which is always a dream for the employees. But there’s a lot of jargon, which doesn’t make any new employee stay for longer than 1.81 years.

8. Airbnb

It is the time governed by the names of start-ups. Airbnb is a part of the traditional industry, which changes from time to time. They have around 3,100 employees with an average working tenure of 1.64 years.

9. Snapchat

It is the social media platform that has been dismissed by many people on the pretext that it is a “teenager thing”. Yet it has a large employee base with the employees spending 1.62 years on an average to work for Snapchat.

10. Uber

Uber has a bad image in front of their employees because it raises the fares and taxes for them and their consumers. This has affected their employee tenure significantly making it fall to 1.23 years.

These are a few leading companies, whose name we all know. Likewise, there are many companies which cannot retain their employees for even six months!

The fault is not in the stars, but in the work environment and companies fail to accept this. It might be financial reasons or work pressure or ergonomics r infrastructure or anything else.

Good companies need to figure that out in order to maintain their human resources, the most valuable assets to any organization.


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