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Unfortunate accident ,

I'm a final year student of Unical I'm happy i don't date around haven't gone clubbing before it sounds strange but it's the truth .

One day I meet this guy on Facebook he chatted me saying am his girlfriend that I should accept his friend request. He was telling me that God showed him that I'm his wife he told me about himself in details to me, told me about how he tours around the world that's his an engineer that he works earnestly. He said things of materials nature that will make me to love him in my mind I never loved him but it happened like a dream .

We chatted very often I was becoming uncomfortable that I shared this story with my roomie how I meet him she gave me an advice to beg him for money since he said he owns half of the city his living in .

I went back to the chat he was offline I drop a message telling him I needed 3k for something

I left immediately some hours I left to check on my roomie and do other stuffs I came back to our chat with a rain of insult from him telling me how cheap I'm that I'm a prostitute.

I unfriended him and blocked him. 2days later I went ahead and unblocked him back in the evening to my surprise he was still writing to me the message was all about for me to forgive him which I did he later sent me the money. To be sincere when i got that money i started having problems with my roomie i took it as a joke

He was so calm and his voice was charming the first night he called me we talked for long and he invited me to his house.

I can't tell if I I naturally love him but I feel like am been controlled

He promised me everything on earth telling me he will take me to Canada to work as a nurse.

I hurriedly lied to my parents that i have to go back to write some final year test and night class I set off to his house

On my arrival I meet him in a local bar where from there we wasted some time before I went to get some icecream at the close eatery as I came back we left to the house. On reaching to the house omo the apartment was like a palace I felt at home i was escorted by him to his room where i spent 3 night with him roughly we hard səx wild one he handled me like no other i began to love him more . After some days approaching the time I have to go back to my parents I wanted to know him cause the little days I spent with him he doesn't take call in front of me in the morning he locks the room leaving me all alone till 10pm sometimes 11pm . I will be at home alone but trust this guy his cupboard is full of many food fridge with assorted drinks I really don't miss him when he leave

We kept the relationship going like that 4months later

I wanted to know if his married or not but he wont talk about it he keeps acting strange and weird hmmm I decide to test him one day I told him I went to the hospital that It was confirmed that is was infected with HIV.

Boom everywhere went upside down he shouted he raged he blocked me in all platform i will keep begging him to no avail some weeks later he unblocked me back we started afresh keep having *** with him

Back to his apartment he rented 3bedroom flat which his only living in one room the other two where all polished to the standard I asked him why he rented such big apartments he will only look at me and smile one day I asked him to take me around the rooms he only took me to one of the room and the other room he refused to open

I didn't mind one day he left me as forgetting his spare key I left to open the room what I saw there was pool of blood and human parts 😭😭😭😭 I could not walk or talk I was instantly sick I managed and locked the door ran straight to his room packed my bag and flew back to my parents 2days later I start having nightmares he didn't call me in those two days even to ask me why I left without telling him or asking me why I didn't lock his door I went to one spiritual pastor for cleansing which he did and told me that the night I found that room was the day I should have been killed and my parts would have been sold to politicians and ritualist.

That how I got my deliverance 3months later he called me i refused to take his calls then he texted me telling me that i should thank my God that was the end of our relationship.

Till today am been traumatized by his love and also my what my eyes saw.





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