My Journey Of Getting Followers On Medium

Beginnings Are Always Hard

Aisha  Shamim

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My Journey Of Getting Followers On Medium

Beginnings are always difficult as is said and is our common observation. But we should also remember that,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

My journey as a writer on medium as a beginner was hard. Well, I started my writing career on medium in January 2022. It was critical for me because I didn’t have followers at that time, I was anxious and worried.

But gradually I started following my family of writers on medium.

I found all writers on medium cooperative and helpful. I want to thank my first follower Holly Faupel from the core of my heart. She is an amazing writer and I have great love and respect for her as it’s because of her that I got motivated to increase my followers on medium.

It has been since April 3 that my count of followers has increased rapidly. Now the number of followers mounts up to 131 which is a huge milestone for me. In order to get more audience on medium ,an effective strategy is employed by almost every writer, It’s called follow for follow.

I am not hesitant to tell you that the rapid increase in my followers on medium is because of the following reasons.

1- Follow For Follow Strategy

2- My Engagement on articles of other writers

Follow For Follow strategy is very effective for increasing your audience on medium as the writers here are cooperative and help each other in growing together. Try to be active and engage yourself to read the articles of other articles .

Don't forget to read and comment on the articles of other writers because it increases your interaction with the community on medium and as a result your chances of getting followers increase two fold.

I am overjoyed to share that my stats on medium have exceptionally improved over a very short period of one week and i hope to maintain it by improving my content of writing and having interaction with other writers on medium.

Thanks my all followers.


Aisha  Shamim

Hi, I'm Aisha Shamim .I have done MS in Organic Chemistry and MA in English literature. I am a teacher, researcher, and writer.



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