16 Best Adventure Parks and Water Parks in Mumbai For Ultimate Fun

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Dec 18, 2020|7 min read


Be it a kid or a teenager or an adult or an oldie, Amusement parks never let down to create a kind of the happiest vibe in us all over the world at all times. A visit that becomes a favourite of all beyond belief. 

On hearing about the Amusement Park, it sparks the visualization in a way such that it either takes to our past visits or future visits. Amusement park gives us a concoction of feelings like gusto, merriment, gratification, relaxation, recreation, cheerfulness, beer and skittles and there is no termination to all our feelings.

One of the prodigious happenings in the Amusement park is people enjoy a lot when they see the enjoyment of others. From the day of planning till the day we take to express our feelings on that day become wonders of wonders.

Let's make yourself ready to look upon the Amusement Park in Mumbai.

1. Water Kingdom

Do you know which is the largest theme water park in Asia? It's obvious that it's the Water Kingdom, an amazing water park in Mumbai(Global Pagoda Road, Gorai Creek, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra). International adventure, standard amenities and purity; catapult Water Kingdom makes your visit an unforgettable reminiscence. 

Mind-blowing water rides including 'The Lagoon', ‘Bobble Rafia Blackdemon’, 'Adventures Amazonia', 'Goofer's Lagoon' and 'Misphisly Hill' gives us tons of excitement. A visit makes you fall for the Wetlantic (world's largest wave pool with loud music and blue water), Aquadrome(a dance zone with water sprinklers), Misphisly Hill(terror-striking ride), Drifting River(relaxing ride) makes your day a more adventurous day. 

Everyone is really breathtaking!

2. Adlabs Imagica Water Park

One of the most loved water parks in Mumbai is Imagica Water Park. The theme of the park is the beautiful city of Mykonos has been a special site to cool off for the love of water for years! Splash is a special water slide which regains the ride for relaxation in the lazy river. 

There is a ride to set your pulse racing which is called Woopy's throat. You can't end your visit without this ride. Enthusiastic Aqua wave and the rocking music frames captivating vibe and definitely, this will wrap you around wanting for more! 

The rate of the regular ticket and unlimited ticket is Rs.999 and Rs.1299 respectively. For sure, the time feeds your eagerness!

3. Suraj Water Park

Suraj Water Park in Mumbai is regarded as the pride of Maharashtra as it has bagged 6 times winner in Limca Book of Records and winner of National and International awards. Are you searching for the out of the world source of entertainment? Then, Suraj Water Park which is decorated with mermaids will be the best choice. 

It's the largest cave in Asia which is made of fibreglass. This adventure park in Mumbai is the infrequent combination of the modern and traditional list which makes the invigorating fun. Adorning high and long mermaids, a museum of foundation, amazing images of Natraj and Lord Shiva, the largest man-made fibre cave and all technology with the traditional touch makes your day a pleasant day. 

Dhadkan Sabke Dil Ki, Ding Dong Sing Song, Labak zabak matak slide, Rainbow Slides, Rim-jhim barish hall are the rides that never disappoint our excitement.

4. Shangrila Water Park

The next water park in Mumbai we are going to look into is Shangrila Water Park. This is one of the perfect water parks in Mumbai which knows the equation of our exhilaration. The Super Splash, Thrilling Splash, Enfolding Water Fantasy, Rain Dance Party are the few rides in this adventure park in Mumbai which throw away your stress. 

The price of the ticket for an adult and a child are Rs. 1100 and Rs. 1000 respectively. Feel the thrill! Enjoy the fun!

5. Essel World Water Park

Let's get into the country's largest Amusement park is Essel World Water Park in Mumbai. Tunnel Twister, Hoola Loop, Enterprise, The Alibaba Adventure Mirror Maze, Ice skating rink are the top fantastic rides which create an unforgettable excitement. 

The craziest rides in this adventure park in Mumbai may be Top Spin and Shot and Drop. Here we also have a choice of food. The ticket price of combined entry for adults and children is ₹ 1405 and ₹ 945. There is no lack of fun, frolic and safety.

6. Yazoo Park

Next, the Amusement park we're going to is Yazoo park which is in Mumbai. Tallest Free Fall, Giant Wheel, Vertical Swing Chair, Net Cricket, Rodeo Bull are the unlimited fun in the form of games and rides. Water zone beats the heart in Mumbai amazingly. Entry fee to Yazoo Park is Rs.45 and to the Yazoo Water Zone is Rs.170. A single visit brings you back to this Amusement Park again.

7. Flora Fountain

It's located at Hutatma Chowk, in the heart of South Mumbai. September to April will be the best place to visit the flora fountain. It's one of the most important tourist places in Mumbai. There is no entry fee here. 

When we look upon the list of heritage structures in India, we couldn't make the list to end without this site. It was built by Western India’s Agri-Horticultural Society. A peaceful place!

8. Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park

Next, let's get amused by entering Vardhman Fantasy Amusement Park. The entry fee is INR 2, Rides charge extra. Texas Cowboy, Greek Village, Colo Theatrum, Viva Las Vegas, Wonders of the World, Lake Venetia and Spanish food are the seven charging highlight zones in this Amusement park. 

A massive food court makes it an amazing day. All the rides thrill all age group people. It creates a world which is somewhat close to fantasy.

9. Snow World

It's one of the artificial snow parks in Mumbai. ice-skating, snowboarding, snow sledging, snowplay, ice-sliding and even snow dances makes a great day. The entry ticket for an hour per head is 600 Rupees. Catch a glimpse of white! It's much needed in heat in Mumbai. The adventure when we enter the smoke tunnel and igloo excites you a lot.

10. Hakone

One of the leading businesses in Amusement parks in Hakone. Mumbai is always outstanding in the category of Amusement parks. This Amusement park fulfils the needs of all age groups. The exotic diving option is a delight in this Amusement park. 

Unending games fill your day with more fun. Go-karting zone of the real fast rack experience. Rs. 150 (Go Karting), Rs. 200 (Paintball) is the price range. Gather your gang! Get ready for your ride!

11. Kidzania

It's an indoor park which is more interactive and unique. It has neither rises nor video games. It's built-in an exceptional way such that it looks in the fourth of a realistic City with all facilities like battery-operated cars, building, economy and currency. 

This is an amazing trip that inspires, educates and teaches a lot. The ticket price for the child below age 2, 4 is free and Rs.600. and for the person between the age of 4 and 16 is Rs.950. and for the age group, 17-59 is Rs.500 and for the senior citizen, the price is Rs.300. The set up of this Amusement Park is the highlight. Explore! Discover! Learn! Have fun!

12. Visava Amusement Park

Visava Amusement Park is the best escape to plan and it's in amidst the landscape of Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Here the price of the ticket for adults and children is Rs.850 and Rs. 650. The numerous adventurous activities satisfy your enthusiasm. 

You just fall in love with free fall, burma bridge, archery, air rifle shooting and zipline crossing. It offers an amazing 7D theatre and even a marvellous accommodation. IV that accommodation, we have choices like diye house, wooden cottages, Vikas which refreshes us. 

13. Anand Sagar Water Park

Anand Sagar Water Park is located on Anand Nagar MIDC Highway, Mumbai. Here you can enjoy the largest which is ideal for children as well as for adults. And the tall slides pump your adrenaline. The fame of the park is inimitable. 

Clusters of palms are something equal to paradise. We can enjoy this with Rs. 350. The restaurant and hotel make your holiday excellent. Let's go! Return with lifetime reminiscence to cherish!

14. Tikuji-ni-Wadi

One of the popular Amusement parks is located in Thane, Mumbai which is named as Tikuji-ni-Wadi. No one can miss the wave pool, water ride, giant wheels, and go-karting there. It's one of the great places for leisure and entertainment. 

In this adventure park in Mumbai, Dinosaur World never fails to create excitement. Your tongue can't forget the lip-smacking food. The best place to visit this site is the festival season of Shivaratri. The ticket cost Rs. 750. Make yourself ready for a delightful holiday.

15. Nishiland Water Park

Do you know which are the most visited waterparks in Mumbai? Undoubtedly, it's Nishiland Water Park. Amid talk trees and mountains make you feel the heaven. This site catches your sight. The rub-a-dub jacuzzi, lazy river, wave pool, body slides are thrilling activities for kids. 

The tickets for adults and children are Rs.325 and Rs.300 respectively. The food court keeps your energy levels up. In the monsoon season, it's lush greenery location gives you an ultimate experience. 

16. Shanti Sagar Water Park

This is one of the refreshing trips especially during the humid summer in Mumbai. Shanti Nagar waterpark in Mumbai is a unique world with the expected facilities. The food served here will be one of the best treats for your taste buds. The price of the ticket of Rs. 250. Affordable price! Adorable site! Amazing slides!

Why do such adventure parks get visited by many of us? Is it for a vast area of such an adventure park? Or is it for enthusiastic rides of adventure parks? Or is it for its lip-smacking dishes in adventure parks? All three may be the reasons. Let's enjoy everything along with our safety. 

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