Wanted: A Wife

Wanted: A Wife


Year: 1912

Plot: Tired of leading the lonely bachelor life, Tom resolves to dispose of himself in wedlock, and, having no particular girl of his dreams, advertises for "a pretty wife." Of more than a hundred responses from willing girls, old maids, grass-widows and otherwise, Tom chooses that of an orphan girl, twenty-two years old, signing herself "Mary Smith," and arranges to meet her on the arrival of the express in Range Town. A striped parasol is to be the mark of identification. Unfortunately for Tom, his suddenly voluminous mail arouses the suspicion of the cowboys to the extent that they investigate and discover his secret intent. A dozen heads plot to play a joke on him. They hire an ugly cook to play the part of Mary Smith. Tom engages a bridal suite at the hotel, and in his Sunday best, goes to meet his bride-to-be. His heart beats faster at sight of the striped parasol, but great expectations are quashed on discovery of the ugliness beneath it. Meanwhile the boys have smuggled the real, pretty Mary Smith to the home of one of their married number and left her in care of the wife while they follow the fate of Tom. But Tom has already had enough of his supposed intended and makes his get-away at the first opportunity. Riding in the woods he meets with the real Mary, who, out for a walk, has sprained her ankle. He carries her to the house and learns the true story. Love is instantaneous and mutual, and the boys return to find the joke turned on themselves.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Wanted: A Wife
Producer: Gaston Méliès
Type: movie
Year: 1912
Genres: Short, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Francis Ford
Countries: United States
Languages: None , English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: 11 Apr 1912 (USA)
Production Companies: G. Méliès
Distributors: General Film Company , J.F. Brockliss
Producer: Gaston Méliès