Tropical Vampire

Tropical Vampire

Director: Marcelo Santiago

Year: 2016

Plot: The plot is set in the dark side of the city of Rio de Janeiro, where vampires deal vampire powder, which provides its users with a small taste of immortality. They work for Limbo Corporation, a company dedicated to the shady business, whose CEO is Limboman. Vlak and Michele, his partner in vampire activities, reign supreme in the city. But Vlak has a restless spirit and decides to yank from his gums the fang chip through which he is monitored by Limboman. He has a mental blackout and starts to roam the city streets. Michele, searching for a new partner, meets Draco, a decadent vampire and former nemesis of Vlak. Their meeting encourages Draco to go back to the streets where he meets Daphne, a ripper psychopath who attacks her victims with a chainsaw. Draco joins her to find Vlak and avenge himself. Vlak, however, is abducted by Wang Su, a Chinese woman that is ruling the underworld in Rio. Wang Su wants to use Vlak to defeat Limboman and take over the command of the shady business.
Original Title: Vampiro 40º
Director: Marcelo Santiago
Writer: Fausto Fawcett , Ricky Tavares
Producer: Paula Barreto , John Lepper , Adam Whitton , Chase Whitton , Breno Soares
Type: movie
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror
Cast: Fausto Fawcett , Carlos Laufer , Otto Jr. , Linn Jardim , Renata Davies , Michele Hayashi , Marcos Winter
Runtimes: 78
Countries: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 02 Jun 2016 (Brazil)
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 31
Year: 2016
Akas: Tropical Vampire (United States) , Tropical Vampire (World-wide, English title) , Tropical Vampire (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Cyfuno Ventures
Distributors: Terror Films
Cinematographer: Marcio Menezes
Producer: Paula Barreto , John Lepper , Adam Whitton , Chase Whitton , Breno Soares
Art Direction: Nobuyuki Ogata
Composer: Fausto Fawcett , Carlos Laufer
Editor: André Rangel , Rodrigo Savastano
Sound Crew: Matheus Fernandes
Costume Designer: Liza Machado , Bruna Lobo
Production Design: Nuno Godolphin
Videos: Video 1