The Prey

The Prey

Director: Joe Coppoletta

Year: 1997

Season: 2, Episode: 4

Episodes: 53

Plot: The Devil's Bride Marion is abducted by Brother Groliet, an evil member of the God of Death cult. She is intended to become the bride of Balor, the Prince of Darkness, to have a child and give him the power of eternal life. Marion refuses, and is cast into a deep spell. Only Robin can obtain the horn of a unicorn, which is the only source of power strong enough to destroy the evil Lord of Death.—robinson ER
Original Title: The Prey
Director: Joe Coppoletta
Writer: Cornelia Gink , David Sloan
Producer: Scott Carrey , Vicangelo Bulluck
Type: episode
Year: 1997
Genres: Action, Adventure
Cast: Patrick Leech , Eric Streit , Matthew Porretta , Barbara Griffin , Martyn Ellis , Richard Ashton , Wayne Federman , Phyllis Franklin , David Kincaid , Sidney S. Liufau , Maxwell Meltzer , Christopher L. O'Brien , Joshua Richards
Original Air Date: 09 Aug 1997
Production Companies: Dune , M6 , Tarnview Limited , Warner Bros. International Television
Distributors: TNT
Cinematographer: Jeffrey L. Weaver
Producer: Scott Carrey , Vicangelo Bulluck
Production Manager: Lina Miseikyte
Certificates: Russia:14+
Editorial Department: Alexandre Landreau
Sound Crew: Lauren Alexandre , Ed Brookes
Miscellaneous Crew: Andrea A. Friedland
Assistant Director: Sergey Golovkin
Art Department: Rimantas Gailius
Camera and Electrical Department: Linas Dikcius , Rolandas Joneliukstis , Algimantas Babravicius , Jose Danner , Jeffrey L. Weaver
Costume Department: Maxine Heywood
Special Effects: Luke Marcel
Stunt Performer: Tomas Ereminas , Arturas Nemanis , Aleksandr Baranov , Era Milyte , Sergey Golovkin
Location Management: Roma Gailiuviene
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 53
Episode of: The Prey