The Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone

Director: Jerrold Bernstein

Year: 1970

Season: 1, Episode: 13

Episodes: 54

Plot: Hal feels too much pressure to complete various projects and school work, with a big science competition being foremost, it's making him irritable and miserable. Nanny offers a good luck piece, that acts like a magic amulet that restores his confidence so much he no longer worries at all and becomes careless.—WesternOne
Original Title: The Philosopher's Stone
Director: Jerrold Bernstein
Writer: Thomas L. Miller , AJ Carothers , Joanna Lee
Producer: Charles B. Fitzsimons , David Gerber , Wes McAfee
Type: episode
Year: 1970
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Cast: Iler Rasmussen , Juliet Mills , Richard Long , David Doremus , Trent Lehman , Kim Richards , Lew Palter , Sean Kelly , Kathy Hilton
Runtimes: 23
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono::(RCA Sound Recording)
Original Air Date: 15 Apr 1970
Rating: 7.4
Votes: 30
Year: 1970
Akas: The Philosopher's Stone (United States)
Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television
Distributors: American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Cinematographer: Winton C. Hoch
Producer: Charles B. Fitzsimons , David Gerber , Wes McAfee
Production Manager: Samuel E. Beetley , Jack Sonntag
Art Direction: Jack Martin Smith , James W. Sullivan
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Composer: George Greeley
Editor: Joseph Gluck
Music Department: Lionel Newman
Miscellaneous Crew: Helen Kushnick , AJ Carothers
Assistant Director: Robert Doudell
Art Department: Byron W. Benson
Set Decoration: James L. Berkey , Walter M. Scott
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Number of Episodes: 54
Episode of: The Philosopher's Stone