The Miller's Tale

The Miller's Tale

Director: John McKay

Year: 2003

Season: 1, Episode: 1

Episodes: 6

Plot: Flash con artist Nick Zakian sweeps into a Kentish village and starts to scam the locals. The prize for him, though, is to seduce Alison, young trophy wife of pub landlord John and, as she is the star of the pub's karaoke nights,Nick sees his chance by telling her he is a talent scout who can secure her a recording contract. However not only is John extremely protective of his child bride but she also has lovelorn young admirer Danny in tow. So, when Nick hatches his plan to have his wicked way with her,he gets it in the end but not the way he had hoped and also quite literally.—don @ minifie-1
Original Title: The Miller's Tale
Director: John McKay
Writer: Geoffrey Chaucer , Peter Bowker
Producer: Kate Bartlett , Sally Haynes , Laura Mackie , Carmel Maloney , Franc Roddam
Type: episode
Year: 2003
Genres: Drama
Cast: Eileen Essell , Lucy Brown , Samuel Cocozza , Glenn Hanning , Philip Hutchinson , Tom Ludlow , Kevin Golding , Joe Halliday , Michael Miller , Paul Clayden , Leila Joyce , James Nesbitt , Billy Seymour , Dennis Waterman , Billie Piper , Kenny Doughty , Buffy Davis , Eddie Nestor , Ralph Riach , Stephen Aintree
Runtimes: 52
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 11 Sep 2003
Rating: 7.4
Votes: 70
Year: 2003
Akas: The Miller's Tale (United Kingdom)
Cinematographer: Tim Palmer
Producer: Kate Bartlett , Sally Haynes , Laura Mackie , Carmel Maloney , Franc Roddam
Production Manager: Caroline McManus
Art Direction: Sarah Kane
Certificates: Australia:M::(DVD rating) , Netherlands:12::(DVD rating) , United Kingdom:15::(DVD rating)
Composer: Kevin Sargent
Editor: Anne Sopel
Editorial Department: Alice Greenland , Sarah Brewerton , Adam Sample , Kevin Horsewood
Sound Crew: Simon Brown , Paul Davies , Stuart Hilliker , Bruce White
Music Department: Murray Gold
Miscellaneous Crew: Josie Kelly , Ben Holt , Biola Bankole , Una Maguire , Anastasia Timeneys , Jane Record , Rachael Haston , Adam Sample , Gordon Ronald , Adele Steward
Other Companies: The Movie Lot
Costume Designer: Ralph Wheeler-Holes
Make Up: Sarah Walkinshaw , Sharon Martin
Assistant Director: Rachael Speed , James Andrew Haven , Paul Judges
Art Department: Gary Moore , Ruth Winn , Charlie Johnson , Charlie Redman , Brian Rowlands , Mike Rawlings , Emma Davis , David Gray , Mike Power , Gemma Ryan
Camera and Electrical Department: Guy Hammond , Gary Parnham , Steve Anthony , Susan Jacobson , Stuart King , Nic Lawson , Rupert Lloyd-Parry , Alex Scott
Costume Department: Natasha Cottier , Johnathon de Domenico
Production Design: Grenville Horner
Script Department: Tim Baker , Judy Gayton
Location Management: James Crawley , Tony Clarkson
Number of Seasons: Tim Jefferis , Des Cumberbatch
Seasons: Jill Trevellick
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 6
Episode of: The Miller's Tale