The Electric Vehicle Revolution with Dana Hull

podcast episode

The Electric Vehicle Revolution with Dana Hull


Year: 2021

Season: 1, Episode: 38

Episodes: 110

Plot: In President Biden's vision of a greener future, half of all new cars sold in 2030 will be electric. As fossil fuel usage continues to take a toll on the environment, the need for cleaner transportation is more important now than ever. Bloomberg Auto and Tech reporter Dana Hull has spent more than a decade covering EVs. The California-based journalist remembers when skeptics believed that Tesla wouldn't survive. Now, other major automakers are trying to play catch up. She joins to talk about progress, what's needed on the infrastructure front, battery supply chain concerns, and how Chris can fulfill his dream of getting an EV minivan.
Original Title: The Electric Vehicle Revolution with Dana Hull
Type: podcast episode
Year: 2021
Genres: News
Cast: Chris Hayes , Dana Hull
Runtimes: 48
Original Air Date: 14 Sep 2021
Production Companies: MSNBC Network , MSNBC News , NBC News Studios , Wondery
Distributors: MSNBC Network , MSNBC News
Season: 1
Episode: 38
Number of Episodes: 110