Stray: Part 2


Stray: Part 2


Year: 2000

Season: 1, Episode: 2

Episodes: 54

Plot: Caitlin moves in with the Lowes and struggles to fit in in her new home. She has a run in with a rabid wolf and befriends a wild horse named Bandit.
Original Title: Stray: Part 2
Type: episode
Year: 2000
Genres: Drama
Cast: Lindsay Felton , Cynthia Belliveau , Jeremy Foley , Ken Tremblett , Andy Dick , Dave Thomas , Brendan Fletcher , Tania Saulnier , Philip Akin , Stephen Warner , Shauna Baird , Lorena Gale , Sarah Deakins , Maxine Miller , Mitchell Kosterman , Jason McSkimming
Countries: Canada , United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 09 Mar 2000
Rating: 7.8
Votes: 12
Year: 2000
Akas: Stray: Part 2 (Canada)
Production Companies: Fireworks Entertainment , Riverwood Productions
Production Manager: Julie Bannon
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Editorial Department: Michael Thibodeau , Richard Trus , Colin Campbell
Sound Crew: Allen Ormerod , Jo Rossi , Greg Stewart
Music Department: Kevin Banks
Miscellaneous Crew: Duane Bradley , Susan Heister , George Lentino , David LeReaney
Other Companies: Post Modern Sound
Make Up: Denise Hooper
Assistant Director: Mike Johansen , Matt Palmer , Martin Pedersen
Art Department: Bill Merrett
Set Decoration: Christopher Markowsky
Costume Department: Colleen Bryant
Casting Department: Marcy Dichter
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 54
Episode of: Stray: Part 2