Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Director: Sam Irvin

Year: 2006

Season: 2, Episode: 4

Episodes: 13

Plot: Adam continues his debauched decent into drugs. Toby, Van, and Kevin stage an intervention after finding out that he has dragged Michelle into using with him. But the stubborn and spoiled Adam is too much in denial to admit he has an addiction, and he eventually ends up at a gay orgy at Colin and Rex's sex club. Meanwhile, Van finds an old spell parchment while helping Diana clean her house, which lands in the hands of Grace. Ambrosius continues to try to break Kevin and Toby up by playing on Kevin's sympathies. Diana learns that Van stole her heirloom parchment and advices Ambrosius about it which has the magical ability on a Libria Solstice in three nights which could change the past which he could use to defeat Grace, and Van finally discovers what Grace's plans are for her.—Anonymous
Original Title: Spring Forward
Director: Sam Irvin
Writer: Mary Feuer
Producer: Paul Colichman , Gillian Horvath , Stephen P. Jarchow , Genie Joseph , Fred Olen Ray , Kimberly A. Ray , Jeffrey Schenck
Type: episode
Year: 2006
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Cast: Jacob Slader , Charlie David , Dylan Vox , Erin Cummings , Jon Fleming , Gregory Michael , Diane Davisson , Nadine Nicole , German Santiago , Todd Soley , Alan Mueting , Christopher Frat , Kimo James Stowell , William Gregory Lee , Tracy Scoggins , Thea Gill , Gabriel Romero
Runtimes: 51
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 15 Oct 2006
Rating: 7.2
Votes: 79
Year: 2006
Akas: Spring Forward (United States)
Production Companies: Pacific Films
Distributors: Cinemien , Here Media , TLA Releasing
Synopsis: Van cleans Diana's house, discovering a broken china doll and a page from a Book of Tresum that she, as yet, can't read. The page, as revealed in flashback, was given to Diana by her father shortly before her mother killed him. Her father also gave her the Book of the Sun House of Tresum. Van takes the page to Grace, who takes it away from her. Diana later discovers the page is missing and confronts Grace, who tells her she knows that the upcoming Solstice is a Libra Solstice.Meanwhile, Adam continues to spiral downward to his drug addiction, and the housemates stage an unsuccessful intervention. Van follows Adam, trailing him to a hot spring where Saint grows. She discovers, after returning to the hotel, that she can now read more of the Book of Tresum. She later learns from Grace that this is a result of the Saint, which Tresum practitioners call "starflower."Bro casts a spell to learn details of Kevin's past, including learning about his first love, Derrick. Bro has Kevin tune up his car and gives him a bracelet in payment. Toby is incensed when he sees the bracelet and Van discovers it has a spell on it. Toby throws it into the ocean.An out of control Adam ends up hooking up with the members of the new private sex club and finally collapsing on the Hotel Dante lawn. Toby cares for him as he detoxes.Diana and Ambrosius talk of the upcoming Libra Solstice, revealing that in three days one Tresum practitioner will gain power over time itself, to go back in the past to change one event. They plot to keep Grace from attaining the power so Diana can go back in time to save her father and "save Tresum from Grace." Van returns to the spring and gains the ability to read Diana's Libra Solstice page.Michelle, growing ever more tormented, confronts Van with a photograph of the two of them. Van denies knowing her. Michelle, distraught, walks into the ocean and drowns.
Cinematographer: Theo Angell
Producer: Paul Colichman , Gillian Horvath , Stephen P. Jarchow , Genie Joseph , Fred Olen Ray , Kimberly A. Ray , Jeffrey Schenck
Production Manager: Kimberly A. Ray , Rick Short
Art Direction: Steve Ralph
Certificates: United States:TV-MA
Composer: Eric Allaman
Editor: Randy Carter
Music Department: Brian Goldman
Miscellaneous Crew: Billy Cogar , Mary E. Brown , Richard Carroll , Grayce Elam , Dayne Ahuna , David Millbern , Krista Johnston
Make Up: Paula Hong
Assistant Director: Thomas Kuk , Carlos Reza
Camera and Electrical Department: Dean DesJarlais , Christopher Stanback , Rick Crum
Set Decoration: Shanna Norton
Script Department: Will Alovis
Number of Seasons: Kelly Loo
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 13
Episode of: Spring Forward