Souls in Torture

Souls in Torture


Year: 1912

Plot: Lydia the daughter of a ruined broker, is tricked into marrying the Marquis de Rosa to save her widowed mother from poverty. After marriage she meets her husband's secretary and the two are subsequently attracted to each other by an irresistible influence. Count Bernardi is also an admirer of the Marchioness and seeks to win favor in her eyes but without success. At an elaborate ball, given in honor of the Marchioness, the attentions shown her by Frank, the young secretary, do not escape the Count, who swears vengeance after being rebuffed by Lydia. Despite her fondness for Frank, the Marchioness succeeds in preserving her own and her husband's honor even though her movements are at times suspicious in the extreme. The Count, determined on revenge, watches Lydia and Frank enter a building together and hastens to apprise the Marquis, who discovers the pair through a system of prearranged signals and the apparent wreck of an automobile. Lydia has written a drama founded on the lives of herself and Frank. After an exciting fox hunt in which a half hundred or more horses and riders participate she retires tired and weary to a secluded apartment, where she and the young secretary proceed to complete the drama. The Marquis bursts in upon the pair and demands an explanation, which Lydia refuses to give and she haughtily leaves the room. Her aged, but thoroughly aroused husband turns to confront Frank and threatens him with a revolver. The young man calmly points to the manuscript on the table before them and his eyes tell the Marquis to read its contents. Scene after scene is unfolded as the old man feverishly runs through the drama until he finally realizes his wife does not love him even though she has fulfilled her duty as such and retained her honor. Frank subsequently hands in his resignation to the Marquis, who arranges a last meeting between Lydia and the young secretary. Unseen the old man overhears all that happens and watches the struggle for love or honor as the final farewell is spoken. Suddenly a loud report is heard in an adjoining room. Lydia and Frank fling wide the portieres and there behold the vanquished Marquis, a victim of his own folly, dead by his own hand.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Souls in Torture
Type: movie
Year: 1912
Genres: Short, Drama
Countries: Italy
Languages: None , Italian
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: Nov 1912 (USA)
Production Companies: Itala Film
Distributors: Itala Film , Film Supply Company