Room for Change


Room for Change


Year: 1975

Season: 1, Episode: 9

Episodes: 26

Plot: The five doctors are finding it very cramped having to share one office, and getting smaller desks doesn't help, so Dick has an idea. In exchange for being introduced to the local golf professional, Sir Geoffrey will swap his large office for the others'. However, further complications arise and everybody is still dissatisfied, so Duncan hatches a plan to get things back to normal.—don @ minifie-1
Original Title: Room for Change
Writer: Richard Laing , Richard Gordon , Bernard McKenna
Type: episode
Year: 1975
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Jacquie-Ann Carr , Wei Wei Wong , Robin Nedwell , Geoffrey Davies , John Kane , Andrew Knox , Ernest Clark , Derek Deadman
Original Air Date: 22 Jun 1975
Rating: 6.0
Votes: 7
Year: 1975
Production Companies: London Weekend Television
Miscellaneous Crew: Tony Cornford
Camera and Electrical Department: John Ruffy
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Number of Episodes: 26
Episode of: Room for Change