Remote Controlled Alarm Clock


Remote Controlled Alarm Clock


Year: 2011

Season: 1, Episode: 33

Episodes: 104

Plot: Logger Vick is driven up the wall by the bears' constant disturbance. Out of desperation, he purchases a smart alarm clock to deal with them. This remote controlled alarm clock is very hard to be stopped once it starts to alarm, which can be quite a headache for those pestered by it.—Anonymous
Original Title: Remote Controlled Alarm Clock
Writer: Rick Jay Glen
Type: episode
Year: 2011
Genres: Animation
Cast: Rick Jay Glen , Justin J. Wheeler , Paul 'Maxx' Rinehart , Joseph S. Lambert
Original Air Date: 2011
Production Companies: Fantawild Animation
Distributors: One Take Media Co
Season: 1
Episode: 33
Number of Episodes: 104
Episode of: Remote Controlled Alarm Clock