Old Faces; Old Scores


Old Faces; Old Scores

Director: Jeremy Summers

Year: 1990

Season: 6, Episode: 1

Episodes: 78

Plot: Leo and Abby christen their son Thomas Leo in honour of Leo's father, who died three weeks previously. Jack, who is struggling to come to terms with Tom's death, needs some time on his own. Whilst the Howard family continues to mourn Tom, Charles relishes his new role as grandfather. Laura infuriates Ken and Jan learns that, following the departure of James Brooke, she is liable for the excessive debts he left. Charles takes an interest in buying the Mermaid but Avril is determined her father shouldn't sell, especially to her ex. Meanwhile, Ken and Avril's new Skua creation for Relton is eyed keenly by Laura. Charles sets his sights on taking control of Relton.—GusF
Original Title: Old Faces; Old Scores
Director: Jeremy Summers
Writer: Mervyn Haisman
Producer: Tony Rowe , Gerard Glaister
Type: episode
Year: 1990
Genres: Drama
Cast: Robert Vahey , Lee Crawford , Cole Henderson , Jan Harvey , Dulcie Gray , Kate O'Mara , Stephen Yardley , Tony Anholt , Ivor Danvers , Lana Morris , Glyn Owen , Susan Gilmore , Edward Highmore , Cindy Shelley , Willoughby Gray , Charmian Gradwell , Terry Coates
Original Air Date: 02 Sep 1990
Cinematographer: John Williams
Producer: Tony Rowe , Gerard Glaister
Production Manager: Alexandra Bridcut
Editor: Peter Snow , Ian Collins
Editorial Department: Trudy Stanton
Sound Crew: David Mason , Tim Green , Nick Johnson
Music Department: Richard Bissill , Simon May
Miscellaneous Crew: Fiona Chandler , Joan Elliott , Paul Richmond
Costume Designer: John Lindlar
Make Up: Karen Thomas
Camera and Electrical Department: David Evans , Bob Chaplin , David Doogood
Costume Department: Russell Barnett
Production Design: Lynda Kettle
Script Department: Harry Duffin
Location Management: Julia Morpeth
Season: 6
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 78
Episode of: Old Faces; Old Scores