Nick Black

Nick Black

Director: Scott Rivers

Year: 2015

Plot: A Young Man Who Is Mentally and Physically Abuse By His Sadist Girlfriend, Turns Malevolent When His Best Friend Trains Him To Become A Serial Killer.
Original Title: Nick Black
Director: Scott Rivers
Writer: Scott Rivers , Ray Anjum
Type: movie
Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Cast: Scott Rivers , Becky Herbert , Beshley Heal , Rebecca Bedford , Eve Miners , Molly Triscott , Ray Anjum , Lloyd Fothergill , Mike Dewey , Adam Barnes , Richard Doble , Abbie Head , Catherine Fisher , Mel Scott , Georgia Read , Adam Freeman , Lydia Adkinson , Tarig Elmakki , Reuben Greenough
Runtimes: 95
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 17 Nov 2015 (UK)
Production Companies: Mugsey Grant Productions
Distributors: Mugsey Grant Productions
Cinematographer: Ray Anjum
Box Office: GBP750 (estimated)
Editor: Scott Rivers , Ray Anjum
Camera and Electrical Department: Scott Rivers , Ray Anjum , Georgia Read , Nick Hill , Alex Wasmuht