Making Concessions

Making Concessions

Director: Paul Starkman

Year: 2010

Season: 7, Episode: 11

Episodes: 308

Plot: The six remaining chefs take over two concession stands at Nationals Park in D.C., creating game snacks for the die-hard fans of the Washington Nationals major league baseball team. But ballparks aren't just serving hot dogs and peanuts any more, adding a variety of tasty and higher-end creations to the menu.—Bravo Publicity
Original Title: Making Concessions
Director: Paul Starkman
Producer: David A. Kleiler Jr. , Cameron Glenar , Erica Ross , Arthur Avedissian , Gaylen Gawlowski , Tatiana Orozco , Gavin Rember , Chaz Gray , Bengt Anderson , Christian Homlish , Tom Colicchio , Doneen Arquines , Mark Hunter Braun , Sandra J. Ciccone , Castor Fernandez , Tracy Tong , Vim Shanmugam , Andy Cohen , Dan Cutforth , Sue Kolinsky , Casey Kriley , Jane Lipsitz , Dave Serwatka
Type: episode
Year: 2010
Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV
Cast: Adam Dunn , Eric Ripert , Gail Simmons , Tom Colicchio , Rick Moonen , Ed Cotton , Kelly Liken , Angelo Sosa , Tiffany Derry , John Lannon , Matt Capps , Kevin Sbraga , Padma Lakshmi , Amanda Baumgarten
Runtimes: 45
Original Air Date: 25 Aug 2010
Rating: 6.7
Votes: 31
Year: 2010
Production Companies: Barefoot Music
Synopsis: For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Ed begins the day in Tiffany's long yellow dress. He strides around baring chest chair as Tiffany giggles her head off.Kelly tells us she's glad Alex is gone and thinks Amanda should be next. Angelo found his time on the bottom "heart piercing" and vows to focus.He tells us he had a four star chef shrine as a kid - literally a shrine, with pictures and candles that he'd kneel before.To drive home the kooky point, Amanda mentions that Angelo reads Tony Robbins books and can be found repeating mantras to himself at times.Quickfire Padma greets them with "Top Chef Masters" runner-up Rick Moonen. She explains the challenge will be to make a dish based on a food idiom, such as "hot potato," or the more risque "hide the salami."The winning dish will go into the repertoire of a frozen food delivery company. They draw knives for selection order. Amanda has "big cheese," Kelly takes "sour grapes," Tiffany takes "spill the beans."Amanda runs around the kitchen and Ed tells us he's not a big fan of Amanda. "She's annoying, she's a slob, she has no technique," he says.Angelo thinks she's a dark horse.Tiffany says that there isn't enough time to use dried beans so she'll have to use canned beans. She just hopes she can add enough flavor to them.Angelo has "bigger fish to fry," Kevin has "bring home the bacon," Ed has "hot potato."Padma and Rick taste. Ed made a "hot potato" gnocchi with veggies and mushroom fricassee. Tiffany serves pan seared cod over stewed beans, Swiss chard, carrots and bacon. Rick calls it "interesting." Kevin did bacon three ways: bacon puree, chopped bacon and bacon froth with poached egg. (Angelo thinks there's no way the dish could be frozen.) Kelly made pan-roasted chicken breast over caramelized Brussels sprouts leaves and red grape sauce. Angelo made fried tilapia satay with Asian tartar sauce. Amanda made macaroni and cheese (cheddar, gruyere, smoked mozzarella) with bacon, jalapenos and a pork chop side.Rick's least favorites: Kelly's (the pairing was odd), Amanda (it was a like a "sledgehammer to the gut").Rick's favorites were Kevin (a new "level of lightness and balance"), Ed (the gnocci was well-conceived)The best frozen meal and winner is: Ed.Elimination Challenge They're creating fine dining version of ballpark food at Nationals Park. They'll be working as one team to make at least six dishes.They have 15 minutes to plan. Tiffany thinks Kelly is trying to be in charge. Amanda says she wants to do crab, but Kelly says she wants to do a crab cake and asks Amanda to do something else. Amanda says that Kelly thinks only of herself.They shop with a total budget of $2,000.Ed grew up in Boston as a Red Sox fan. Angelo is making dim sum that somehow involves a hot dog bun. Amanda wants to make tuna tartare. Kevin thinks that isn't baseball food.Back at the kitchen, they have three hours to prep. Angelo knows his pork has to braise for a minimum 2 1/2 hours so he has to get that started first.Tiffany makes Italian sausage meatballs.Amanda decides to tartare her tuna that night. Ed and Kevin think it's a bad idea when she goes to Angelo for advice and he says she can use a meat grinder.Ed wants to make shrimp and corn poppers and decides each person needs 3 which means he has to make 550 to feed 150 people. Ed needs to work on his math skills. He races around like, as Angelo says, a "Tasmanian devil." (This turns out to be accidental foreshadowing.)Back at the house, they realize they don't know if people are ordering or they're just supposed to put food out. Someone might need to take orders. Kelly comes up with a reason she can't do it, saying she's cooking her crab cakes in batches. Angelo thinks she's devious, but he volunteers.The next day at the concession stand they have an hour to prep. Angelo doesn't know how he's supposed to cook and take orders at the same time. He thinks everyone should take their own orders. Kevin tells him that won't work."You're the bad boy on the show," Angelo says.Ed says he can cook Angelo's and so Angelo is back as counter man.Tom arrives with some Nationals including Adam Dunn, Matt Capps and John Lannan. Kelly and Amanda get a little giggly over them.Kelly worries her bacon might be a too salty. Amanda notices her tuna is not red and turning gray because it's oxidizing. Angelo knows a little oil it would help but doesn't say so.Kevin keeps saying Angelo shouldn't have volunteered to take orders if he couldn't stick to it and he's stuck now.Service begins. Tiffany's meatball subs and Kelly's crab cake BLT go faster than anything else.The players come to try one of each. Adam Dunn eats with his fingers and feeds some to a fan. Tiffany's meatballs are their favorite."I'm thinking about going up there and getting seconds, eating one about the sixth inning," says Dunn (whose nickname is "Big Donkey.")The judges arrive. Padma is wearing a girl Nationals jersey, because she's fly like that.Kelly serves her open-faced crab cake BLT with sweet potato fries.Tiffany made a meatball sub with fennel, pesto and fresh mozzarella.Amanda made tuna tartare with fennel, meyer lemon and fava bean puree. (She knows it's gray and worries about it, but thinks it tastes good.)Rick immediately says, "raw fish, at a stadium - that takes some baseballs." Eric Ripert doesn't want to eat the gray tartare, but Tom likes her veggies.Rick thinks Kelly's bacon showed off the crab, but Padma thinks it's too salty. "If the aim of the concession was to get you to drink more beer- perfect dish," Tom says.Eric thinks the meatball sub is heard to eat, but Rick tells him he has to "take charge."Ed and Angelo banter behind the counter.The judges return for the rest of the tasting.Angelo presents his sweet glazed pork on lobster roll with sweet sesame pickles.Kevin made a chicken kabob with romesco sauce, shoestring fires and smoked paprika aioli.Ed made shrimp and corn fritters with jalapeno aioli.Rick likes the fritters, as does Tom.Kevin's dish doesn't get a lot of orders and it makes him nervous.Eric doesn't like the fries on top of the chicken. One group of diners says it's the least interesting.Eric thinks Angelo's sandwich is too doughy.At the end of service, Kevin isn't happy with his presentation and thinks he's over-analyzing.Tom thinks the cheftestants worked together well.In our mini-segment, Angelo talks to his fiancee from Russia on the phone. They've only seen each other a few times, but he says they talk on the phone five or six hours a night. He says the first thing he's going to do when he wins is bring her over.Later that night, we see Adam Dunn blast a homer (must be the meatballs).The chefs wait. Padma comes for all of them.Judges' Table Padma asks how Angelo how he ended up taking orders. He says he volunteered. Tiffany corrects him, saying there was some discussion. Angelo starts to amend, saying "someone" disagreed with the plan. Kevin makes his case that Angelo shouldn't have changed his mind again. Padma moves on.Rick tells Ed he did a terrific job, the fritter center stayed creamy. "I really applaud your dish," Rick says. Eric says he liked the sauce and it was tidy.Tom says Tiffany's dish was messy but they all liked it.Rick announces the winner, saying it was a tough call. Ed wins.Rick gives him a copy of his cookbook. Then Padma tells him he also wins a trip to Australia, where it turns out Tasmanian devils can be found. Oddly, Padma adds that Ed's trip includes airfare. They're dismissed.Padma tells the remaining chefs their dishes were less successful.Tom suggests Amanda shouldn't have tartared her tuna the night before. Eric thinks the chicken-stick proportion was off and his fries were soggy.Rick tells Kelly he thought she treated the crab with respect but the dish needed lettuce or tomato for balance. Eric also liked the crab, but says she should have sliced the bacon into smaller pieces.Rick says Angelo's bread was overwhelming. Padma thinks there was too much sugar.They head back to stew.The judges discuss, saying Kevin had too much on the plate. Eric is really bothered by the big skewer.Eric was offended by the color of Amanda's tuna. Tom sticks up for her veggies.Tom thinks Angelo failed to fix his sweet dish.Tom liked Kelly's crab, but the BLT part was wrong.The judges bring them back out.Tom recaps.The knife packer is: Amanda."Thank you guys so much, this has been an awesome opportunity," she tells the judges."I'm so grateful that I did this, I fought it out for a really long time. I'm the only sous chef who made it this far, and my competition was really, really fierce," she says.She hugs everyone and leaves with a bounce in her step.
Producer: David A. Kleiler Jr. , Cameron Glenar , Erica Ross , Arthur Avedissian , Gaylen Gawlowski , Tatiana Orozco , Gavin Rember , Chaz Gray , Bengt Anderson , Christian Homlish , Tom Colicchio , Doneen Arquines , Mark Hunter Braun , Sandra J. Ciccone , Castor Fernandez , Tracy Tong , Vim Shanmugam , Andy Cohen , Dan Cutforth , Sue Kolinsky , Casey Kriley , Jane Lipsitz , Dave Serwatka
Production Manager: Dan Volpe
Art Direction: Marie Lynn Wagner
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Composer: Biff Sanders , Matthew McGaughey , Gregory Butler , Ali Memarian
Editor: Kevin Kearney
Editorial Department: Richie Edelson , Kazem Roghani , Gregory Cusumano , Raymond McCoy , Brandie June Chernow , Peter Lee , Basuki Juwono , Shawn Pinner , Eva Honegger Sarrafan , Michael Sarver , Emill Shavoz , Damon Brown , Ashley A. Riddle
Sound Crew: Thanos Kazakos , Benjamin Seaward , Brian Johnson , Paul Orozco , Patrick Grandclaudon , Mickey McMullen
Visual Effects: Donna Lee Lewis
Music Department: Thanos Kazakos , Kyle Johnston , Aaron Kaplan , David Vanacore
Miscellaneous Crew: Erin Rott , Enrique Huertas , Laura Neal , Patty Jovel , Justin Messing , Jason Stuart Duffy , Idris Kennedy , Jonathan Barnett Peters , Aaron Clark , Lizzie MacPherson , Kimberly Ryan , Sara Pleskow , Walter Lee , Davy Hellas , Chris Judd , Walter Sanchez , Al Cerullo
Other Companies: Barefoot Music
Make Up: Kristen Kiyan
Assistant Director: Belinda Bernardo , Sandra Siso , Paul Hogan
Art Department: Derek Crimmel
Camera and Electrical Department: Shanra Kehl , Megan Drew , Ryan Jordan , Shannon Mita , Brett Knott , Torrell Vinson , Palmer Anderson , Garrett Mock , Adam Desaulniers , Derth Adams , Steven Paul
Costume Department: Kelly Harmon
Seasons: Nick Gilhool
Casting Department: Jason Skweres , Donna Lee Lewis , Jordan Wiles , Mark Hunter Braun , Matthew Bardin
Season: 7
Episode: 11
Number of Episodes: 308
Episode of: Making Concessions