Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2

Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2

Director: Christian I. Nyby II

Year: 1978

Season: 1, Episode: 3

Episodes: 21

Plot: After traversing a large void in space, the Galactica and the refugee fleet discover the home planet of their species, Kobol.
Original Title: Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2
Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Glen A. Larson , Donald P. Bellisario
Producer: Donald P. Bellisario , Glen A. Larson , David J. O'Connell , David G. Phinney
Type: episode
Year: 1978
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Cast: Millicent Crisp , Richard Hatch , Dirk Benedict , Lorne Greene , Herbert Jefferson Jr. , John Colicos , Maren Jensen , Noah Hathaway , Laurette Spang , Tony Swartz , Terry Carter , George Murdock , Ed Begley Jr. , Sheila Wills , Janet Julian , Jane Seymour , Larry Manetti , Sarah Rush , David Greenan , Jennifer Joseph , Janet Prescott , Jonathan Harris , Leann Hunley , Patrick Macnee , Felix Silla
Runtimes: 47
Countries: United States
Languages: Greek , English
Color Info: Color::(Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 01 Oct 1978
Rating: 7.4
Votes: 453
Year: 1978
Akas: Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2 (United States)
Production Companies: Glen A. Larson Productions , Universal Television
Distributors: American Broadcasting Company (ABC) , AXN , Antenne 2 (A2) , Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE)
Synopsis: The Colonial Fleet has entered The Endless Void, and the reason why becomes clear when Adama reveals to Colonel Tigh that The Book Of The Word - the Bible of the Twelve Tribes - details the existence of the motherworld of Kobol within the Void, and that Kobol can reveal where the Thirteenth Tribe of Man proceeded in their quest for the distant colony of Earth.In the meantime the new recruits to the Galactica's fighter contingent are whooping it up after their success against a Cylon outpost; in a bizarre change of pace, the female warriors boast about their combat prowess while Apollo and Starbuck are chatting about Apollo's pending wedding to Serina and his choices in drapery.But on the Galactica's bridge Colonel Tigh detects a mysterious blip on long-range aft scan, a blip that comes and goes at the very edge of the scanner's range - and it's clearly following the Fleet. Adama orders the launch of an intercept patrol, and Tigh gets Apollo and Starbuck, but Serina insists on going, as she has been posted as Apollo's wingmate. Starbuck seems to take it in stride, but he sneaks the flight bay and launches against orders. Apollo and Serina launch and try to catch Starbuck, but Starbuck penetrates into the Void, trying to stay in contact with Apollo while scanning toward the object following the Fleet - determined as he is to keep Apollo away from danger and thus preserve his chances at living long enough to see through his pending marriage to Serina.It proves a costly commitment for Starbuck, for following the Fleet is a phalanx of Cylon raiders, their own scanners mostly unaffected by the Void's unique distortive radiation. They surround Starbuck and he is captured, and Apollo and Serina dare not pursue else they themselves become lost.Starbuck is flown to Baltar's base star and is aghast to find Baltar now in position of a Cylon leader. Baltar, however, insists there have been changes to the Cylon empire and he can bring peace to the surviving Colonists - a plan Starbuck doesn't believe and of which the Cylon IL Lucifer has great skepticism as well. Baltar, however, is counting on the weariness of the Colonists and their need for hope.On the Galactica Apollo is in a state of mourning over Starbuck's capture, as is Serina, but she makes a surprising proposition - she asks that the wedding between them occur now, fearful as she is that it may never happen. Apollo is skeptical at first, but his love for her is too genuine for him to deny her. Hours later a lavish ceremony takes place within the chamber of the Council of Twelve, with Commander Adama officially sealing the two - a ceremony that receives an unexpected blessing when a star suddenly begins flashing in the night. The star is the central sun of Kobol, far beyond the scanning range of the Fleet. Adama is overjoyed, for now the possibility of finding coordinates to Earth has become real.Kobol is a desert world, destroyed seemingly eons back by a massive surge of radiation from its central star. Only pyramids and other stone remnants of its vast cities remain, and two such mammoth pyramids house the burial chamber of the Ninth Lord Of Kobol, the last ruler before the Thirteen Tribes fled the Great Fire and settled on distant worlds.With a mammoth landing field for Fleet vipers and a surrounding base camp for warriors set up, Adama, Apollo, and Serina explore the tomb of Kobol, using a large medallion controlled by Adama, the Seal Of The Lords, made available only to descendents of the Lords of Kobol. To their shock and horror, waiting for them within the tomb is Baltar, who himself bears a Seal Of The Lords. Adama attacks Baltar but the traitor insists he was betrayed by the Cylons and spared to lure the Colonists into another ambush. He insists the Cylon Empire is now in chaos, explaining that the Cylon defeat at Carillon has upset the stability of the Empire, with base stars scattered throughout the galaxy searching for the Fleet and the star routes to the Cylon capital almost undefended; Baltar can bring the Fleet to the Cylon capital supposedly as prisoners but in actuality to attack the Empire's heart and overthrow it. As a token of this sincerity he promises to release Lt. Starbuck, a promise that seems to sway the enragedly suspicious Apollo.On the base star arrangements have already been made to release Starbuck, but Lucifer, who aspires to become Imperious Leader, suspects Baltar indeed plans to use the Fleet to overthrow the Empire, and when Adama and the others find tomb writings detailing the Exodus from Kobol to other worlds, the planet comes under ferocious attack from a fleet of Cylon raiders, who slaughter the city and many warriors on the ground, shoot down vipers launching from the planet, and blast the tombs of Kobol out of existence - only to be challenged by additional vipers from the Galactica manned by warriors now recovered from the disease that decimated the battlestar's warrior phalanx but days before. Amid the chaos of battle, the survival of Adama, Apollo, Baltar, and Serina becomes a race to free themselves from the wreckage of Kobol's tombs as well as from the Cylons - a race that takes a tragic turn when centurions arrive on the decimated planet to find and free Baltar.
Cinematographer: H. John Penner
Producer: Donald P. Bellisario , Glen A. Larson , David J. O'Connell , David G. Phinney
Production Manager: Harker Wade , Charles Clement
Art Direction: Richard D. James
Certificates: Germany:12
Composer: Stu Phillips
Editor: Michael Berman , Leon Ortiz-Gil , George Potter
Editorial Department: Virgil E. Hammond III
Sound Crew: Peter Berkos , Earl Crain Jr. , Franklin Jones Jr.
Visual Effects: Peter Anderson
Music Department: Craig Huxley , Glen A. Larson , Stu Phillips , James D. Young , Michael Boddicker
Miscellaneous Crew: Ralph Helfer
Other Companies: Universal Title , Tektronix , Thiokol Chemical Corporation , Gentle Jungle , The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra , Twentieth Century Fox Scoring Stage
Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorléac
Make Up: Scott H. Eddo
Assistant Director: Phil Cook , Guy Magar , Charles Watson Sanford
Camera and Electrical Department: Don Dow , Michael J. Schwartz , George Voellmer , Gary Armstrong , Douglas Knapp
Set Decoration: Lowell Chambers
Costume Department: Mark Peterson
Stunt Performer: Marneen Fields , Hubie Kerns Jr.
Seasons: Mark Malis
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Number of Episodes: 21
Episode of: Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2