Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon


Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon

Director: Pierre Badel

Year: 1982

Season: unknown, Episode: unknown

Episodes: 37

Plot: Mr. Perrichon, a successful and self-important coach builder, has decided to take a vacation in the Swiss Alps with his wife and his charming daughter Henriette. The latter has attracted the attention of two young men, Daniel and Armand. The two lovers and rivals are both aware that in order to win the girl's hand, they have to conquer the father first . They follow the family more or less discreetly to a hotel near the Mer de Glace and endeavor to make themselves indispensable. Armand manages to save the father from a horse fall while Daniel chooses instead to be rescued from a crevasse by Mr. Perrichon. Which one will win?—Guy Bellinger
Original Title: Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon
Director: Pierre Badel
Writer: Edouard Martin , Eugène Labiche
Producer: Marie-Thérèse Lamiau , Michel Benaïm
Type: episode
Year: 1982
Genres: Drama
Cast: Marcel Tristani , Emilie Hoffer , François Barbin , Jean-Georges Tharaud , Georges Descrières , Yvonne Gaudeau , Michel Aumont , Michel Duchaussoy , Jacques Destoop , Jean Le Poulain , Marco Behar , Georges Riquier , Guy Michel , Marcelline Collard , Jean-Philippe Puymartin , Bernard Belin , François Bourcier
Runtimes: 104
Countries: France
Languages: French
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Original Air Date: 27 Sep 1982
Akas: Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon (France)
Production Companies: Antenne 2 , La Société des Comédiens Français , Société Française de Production (SFP)
Distributors: Éditions Montparnasse
Cinematographer: Philippe Bataillon
Producer: Marie-Thérèse Lamiau , Michel Benaïm
Composer: Michel Frantz
Editor: Christiane Coutel
Music Department: Michel Frantz , Charles Level
Miscellaneous Crew: François Barbin , Jean Le Poulain
Other Companies: Comédie-Française , Salle Richelieu, Comédie-Française
Costume Designer: Jean-Denis Malclès
Make Up: Aline Mignot , Marie-Paule Arfouilloux
Assistant Director: Nicole Larrieu
Camera and Electrical Department: Georges Bardin , Philippe Lemoine , Bruno Boyer , Gérard Raddaz , Pierre Disbeaux , Yves Kerros , François Herman , Henri Lamare
Production Design: Jean-Denis Malclès
Script Department: Colette Baudot
Season: unknown
Episode: unknown
Number of Episodes: 37
Episode of: Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon