Heir to Misfortune

Heir to Misfortune

Director: James Knox

Year: 2013

Season: 3, Episode: 5

Episodes: 49

Plot: Growing up as part of a rich dynasty is a gilded existence. You live in a cloistered world, far removed from normal life. These hapless heirs devour the excesses of wealth and destroy human lives along the way. They are the HEIR TO MISFORTUNE.—Anonymous
Original Title: Heir to Misfortune
Director: James Knox
Writer: James Knox
Type: episode
Year: 2013
Genres: Documentary, Crime
Cast: Christopher Mason , Denby Weller
Runtimes: 46
Original Air Date: 20 Jun 2013
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Editor: Geoff Willman
Costume Designer: Rita Carmody
Production Design: Tylah Pratt
Stunt Performer: Gordon Waddell
Location Management: Jeremy Peek
Season: 3
Episode: 5
Number of Episodes: 49
Episode of: Heir to Misfortune