Director: Andrew Wehnke

Year: 2013

Season: 2, Episode: 34

Episodes: 60

Plot: Elizabeth and Rachel come home from college for the Summer. They are holding down Jaimie's house while she's still at school. The group has campaigners there. Then, it's time for Andrew's second six flags band trip. the bus ride is different, they kids are different then last year too. The shirts have changed to a lime green, and the band is excited. The Band is shocked when Ms. Mittler tells them they got a superior. Then they are off to Six Flags. Andrew hangs out with Maria, Erin, and Janay. They ride the ferris wheel, and Andrew refuses to do the teacups after last year. Finally, the band gathers around the fountain and Andrew asks the question on what rides they went on, and the band leaves to go back home. Lastly, Andrew attends the Mark Twain Awards with Lisa, and Ms. Rubin has a talk with them.—Drewski Films
Original Title: Faccimolo!
Director: Andrew Wehnke
Writer: Andrew Wehnke
Type: episode
Year: 2013
Genres: Documentary, Comedy
Cast: Sam McGee , Amanda Johnson , Lisa LaFountaine , Sarah Whitworth , Andrew Wehnke , Colleen Taylor , Maria Kruzic , Jackie Riley , Olivia Weiss , Rachel Mannetta , Gabbi Hnizdo , Ken Shic , Lauren McBrearty , Paige Swenson , Ashley Anthony , Erin McQuade , Elizabeth Vargas , Janay Mansilugan , Robert Thomas , Sean Martinsen , Sammi Blume , Jessica Rubin , Erin Dames
Original Air Date: 13 Jun 2013
Season: 2
Episode: 34
Number of Episodes: 60
Episode of: Faccimolo!