El Jabalí Jefe


El Jabalí Jefe


Year: 1993

Season: 1, Episode: 37

Episodes: 94

Plot: The head of the wild boars feels very sad and dull: he has constant bad luck and therefore, nothing goes right for him. Roly and Thorny will try to help him demonstrating that he is wrong. However, all efforts will prove to be useless, as in fact the wild boar has constant bad luck. Thorny and Roly seem to have caught this disease too.—Antoni D'Ocon
Original Title: El Jabalí Jefe
Type: episode
Year: 1993
Genres: Animation, Family
Languages: French , Catalan , English , Italian
Original Air Date: 1993
Animation Department: Sergi Cámara , David Parcerisa
Season: 1
Episode: 37
Number of Episodes: 94
Episode of: El Jabalí Jefe