Bungling Bill's Burglar

Bungling Bill's Burglar

Director: John Francis Dillon

Year: 1916

Plot: "Bungling Bill" is discovered asleep in his dingy quarters. He arises, breakfasts on salted onions, washes and exercises with a couple of empty wine bottles. He then turns to his morning paper and notes the arrival at the local hotel of the Western "Bad Man" who is reputed to be carrying a large quantity of gold nuggets. At the same time the young couple elope from the girl's home, escaping in an automobile, hotly pursued by the girl's irate father and a policeman, both mounted on motorcycles. The couple stop long enough to kidnap a minister, who is forced to marry them. The ceremony concluded, the couple release the minister and proceed on their way to a local hotel. Meanwhile the father and the policeman have had a bad spill. The motorcycle refuses to provide any more locomotion and in desperation they set out after the couple on a dead run. The next scene finds the young couple and the "Bad Man" registering at the same hotel. The view shifts to the room of the "Bad Man," who sits before a table sorting his nuggets with the barrel of his huge revolver. The call of a "mighty thirst" takes possession of him and with his revolver he fires at the bell, which registers a strong call for refreshments at the clerk's desk. "Bungling Bill" has taken time by the forelock and climbed up the fire escape of the hotel, invading the room of the young married couple long enough to carry away some rather startling articles of the bride's trousseau. Then going to the window of the room of the "Bad Man" he reaches in for the drinks just deposited by the bellboy and replaces them with the delectable articles of apparel. Refreshing himself, he seeks further adventure. A general mix-up follows the "Bad Man's" discovery of the loss of his drinks. During the excitement "Bungling Bill" enters the "Bad Man's" room and obtains a large bag of the nuggets. Returning via fire escape he enters the married couple's room and secretes himself in the closet. He disguises himself by putting on one of Mrs. Newlywed's outfits. While he is doing so, a general chase and search is made for the unknown thief. An accident occurs in the closet and "Bill" catches fire. In trying to escape he encounters a policeman. They struggle and fall through two floors to the hotel lobby on the main floor. By clever dodging "Bill" gains the street, then turns into an alley closely followed by the whole company. He finally eludes his pursuers. Arriving at his "residence" he lunches on salted onions and by raising his left hand high over his head, registers the time-honored resolution, "Never again."—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Bungling Bill's Burglar
Director: John Francis Dillon
Type: movie
Year: 1916
Genres: Comedy, Short
Cast: Paddy McGuire , Arthur Moon , Russ Powell , Priscilla Dean
Countries: United States
Languages: None , English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: 27 Jan 1916 (USA)
Akas: Bungling Bill, Burglar (United States)
Production Companies: Vogue Motion Picture Company
Distributors: Mutual Film