Best Student Council
tv series

Best Student Council


Year: 2005

Seasons: 1

Plot: Rino Rando is is a klutzy orphan with a benefactor she knows only by correspondence, and a puppet named Pucchan that has such a distinct personality that everyone including Rino treats it as a true person. She is granted a transfer to the prestigious private girls school the Miyagami Academy that is ruled not by the faculty, but by the Best Student Council. Once there she is befriended by the Council's president, Kanade Jinguji, and inducted into the Best Student Council through no virtue of her own. The council has many challenges, and often Rino complicates things with her blundering.—Alan Deikman
Original Title: Gokujô seitokai
Writer: Hideki Shirane , Yôsuke Kuroda
Type: tv series
Year: 2005
Genres: Animation, Comedy
Cast: Shelley Calene-Black , Christine M. Auten , Shannon Emerick , Serena Varghese , Kira Vincent-Davis , Miyuki Sawashiro , Greg Ayres , Jessica Boone , Don Rush , Allison L. Sumrall , Sasha Paysinger , Kyle Jones , Kimberly Prause , Nancy Novotny , Chiwa Saitô , Hitomi Nabatame , Afshar Kharat , Kim-Ly Nguyen , Brittney Karbowski , Eden J. Barrera , Sara Gaston , Alice Fulks , Natalie Nassar , Maggie Flecknoe , Carli Mosier , Fumi Oda , Celeste Roberts , Patricia Duran , Ann McPeters , Jennifer Decker , Lisa Wilkins , Kayle Crenshaw , Bradley Denison , Joe Carl White , Yukari Tamura , Junko Noda , Luci Christian , John Swasey , Hilary Haag , Kelly Manison , Monica Rial , Tiffany Grant , John Gremillion , Charles C. Campbell , Lesley Tesh , Chris Patton , Jay Hickman , Cynthia Martinez , Andrew Love , Ayako Kawasumi
Runtimes: 629
Countries: Japan
Languages: English , Japanese
Color Info: Color
Rating: 6.7
Votes: 85
Year: 2005
Akas: 極上生徒会 (Japan, Japanese title) , Best Student Council (United States) , 極上生徒會 (Taiwan)
Production Companies: J.C. Staff
Distributors: TV Tokyo
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Videos: Video 1
Number of Seasons: 1
Series Years: 2005-2005