Aliens Among Us

Aliens Among Us


Year: 2013

Season: 1, Episode: 11

Episodes: 82

Plot: They live and work in your town. In fact, they may be members of your country's government. But they're not who, or what, they appear to be. We'll unseal the truth about these aliens among us.
Original Title: Aliens Among Us
Producer: Casey Elliott , Ali Dubrow , Vince Rotonda
Type: episode
Year: 2013
Genres: Documentary, History, Sci-Fi
Cast: Mark Holmberg , John B. Wells
Runtimes: 19
Original Air Date: 26 Jan 2013
Rating: 6.3
Votes: 26
Year: 2013
Production Companies: Bellum Entertainment , Smart Dog Media
Distributors: Bellum Entertainment
Producer: Casey Elliott , Ali Dubrow , Vince Rotonda
Composer: Jason Altshuler , Jeremy P. Smith
Editor: Matt Fisher
Editorial Department: Bryan Genneken
Sound Crew: Erik Virtanen , Jeremy Reid , Amelie Lamy , Aaron Seiter
Music Department: Pei Pei Chung , Jason Altshuler , Alexander Andresen , Derek Liner , Jeremy P. Smith
Miscellaneous Crew: Boyd McDonnell
Other Companies: Silverlake Sounds
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Number of Episodes: 82
Episode of: Aliens Among Us