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Are you interested in watching Education related movies? If yes, then what are the Movies on Education you’ve watched till now?

Do you know why people used to like and watch Movies on Education? Apart from Entertainment, these kinds of movies taught us the real value and role of education in becoming a better version. 

These kinds of movies depict the problems that people are facing because of illiteracy and lack of education. It also shows why unemployed/underemployed people work for very low wages.

This article is going to list some of the Best and Impactful Movies on Education, which every student and teacher should watch. Although these movies are not exclusive to only students and teachers, they are for everyone because everyone needs to understand the real value of education and literacy.

If you are a student or a teacher, then these Movies on Education will surely change your perspectives of thinking and will also help you to explore yourself in a better way. Along with it, these movies are also helpful for those who do not value their education.

Without any delay, let’s begin with the list of some of the Best Movies on Education.

1) Freedom Writers (2007)

Freedom Writers (2007) | Movies On Education

‘Freedom Writers’ is dedicated to the memory of Armand Jones. In this film, the teacher, Erin Gruwell decides to unite all the students so that they can pursue education beyond high school.

This movie is based on the book ‘The Freedom Writers Diary’ (1999) by teacher Erin Gruwell and her students, which makes this one among the best in the Movies on education category.

2) School of Rock (2003)

This movie from Movies on Education, ‘School of Rock’ depicts the story of Jack Black, a struggling rock guitarist, who got fired from his band. Then he disguised himself as a substitute music teacher in a school.

Further, Black forms a band of fifth-graders and prepares them to win the Battle of Bands.

3) The Ron Clark Story (2006)

This movie follows the story of an idealistic teacher, who faces a bunch of troubles when he moves from his small hometown to New York City Public School. The story is based on the real-life educator Ron Clark.

4) Precious (2009)

Precious (2009) | Movies On Education

This film centers on a 16-year-old girl Claireece “Precious” Jones, who cannot read or write anything. Also, she suffers from constant abuse from her father and mother. Further, she gets transferred to an alternative school.

5) Music of the Heart (1999)

This movie from Movies on Education depicts the story of a depressed music teacher, Roberta, who teaches violin to the unprivileged children of Harlem, New York.

Written by Pamela Gray, this film is based on the 1995 documentary ‘Small Wonders’. 

6) Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)

This movie centers on the story of a determined high school music teacher, Glenn Holland. He struggles to maintain a balance between his job and life with his wife and deaf son. Also, even at the time of struggle, Glenn attempts to compose his music. This one is a musical film among the movies on education. 

7) Dangerous Minds (1995)

Dangerous Minds (1995) | Movies On Education

‘Dangerous Minds’ depicts the story of an ex-marine, appointed as a teacher in a high school in a poor area of the city. She makes some exceptional efforts in teaching to gain the trust of her students.

8) Stand and Deliver (1998)

This movie from Movies on Education depicts the true story of a mathematics teacher of high school, Jaime Escalante. The plot of this film follows the story of how Escalante immersed his students in higher math, after which his students appeared in California's calculus test.

9) Lean on Me (1989)

‘Lean on Me’ is a Biographical Drama film based on the story of Joe Louis Clark, a principal of an inner-city high school in Paterson, New Jersey. The plot follows the story of the struggle of Louis Clark to save his school and get the receivership of the New Jersey state government.

10) Dead Poets Society (1989)

‘Dead Poets Society’ is a film that highlights the story of teen life. This film from Movies on Education tells the story of an English teacher who inspires his students and teaches them lessons through his poetry.

11) To Sir, with Love (1967)

It is a British drama film, which throws light on social and racial issues in an inner-city school. This movie is based on the autobiographical book ‘To Sir, with Love’ (1959), based on the life of E.R. Braithwaite.

12) The Breakfast Club (1985)

‘The Breakfast Club’ tells the story of five high-school students. All five have their unique personality and own mindset. Further, as time passed by, they all became close buddies.

13) Summer School (1987)

Summer School (1987) | Movies On Education

This one from Movies on Education tells the story of a high school gym teacher, Freddy Shoop. Shoop is forced to teach a remedial English class during the summer. During the remedial classes, he gets stuck while teaching a group of unmotivated students.

14) The Miracle Worker (1962)

One of the oldest movies in the category of Movies on education, ‘The Miracle Worker’ is a biographical movie about Anne Sullivan (tutor of Helen Keller). The story of this film is all about the struggles of Miss Sullivan to teach blind and deaf Helen Keller about communication.

15) Good Will Hunting (1997)

This film tells the story of a Mathematics genius, Will Hunting, who is a master in solving difficult and complex mathematics problems. He faces an emotional crisis in his life, and then he takes consultation from Dr. Sean Maguireto, who helps him overcome his problem.

16) The Paper Chase (1973)

‘The Paper Chase’ tells the story of a first-year law student at Harvard Law School, named James Hart. Hart discovers that the girl he loves is the daughter of his toughest professor Charles Kingsfield.

It is based on the novel ‘The Paper Chase’ (1971) by John Jay Osborn.

17) 21 (2008)

21 (2008) | Movies On Education

This movie from Movies on Education revolves around Micky, a maths professor, and his five brilliant students, whom he recruits. These students use their exceptional skills to win millions of dollars at blackjack in Las Vegas.

18) Detachment (2011)

Detachment (2011) | Movies On Education

‘Detachment’ is the story of High-school teacher Henry Barthes. Barthes teaches being a substitute teacher, but he becomes a role model to his students, because of his personality.

19) The Class (2008)

‘The Class’ is one of the best Movies on Education, which highlights the social conflicts between teenagers. To test the patience and resolving capability of Francois Marin, French language and literature teacher, his students start sharing the problems of students and teen violence and ethnic tension among classmates with him.

20) Beyond Measure (2015)

‘Beyond Measure’ follows the story of a group of educators across the country who pioneers a fresh vision for American schools. By doing a lot of hard work consistently, they innovate a different way of teaching.

21) Most Likely to Succeed (2015)

Most Likely to Succeed (2015) | Movies On Education

This film revolves around High Tech High, a public charter school in San Diego, a city in California. The story of this film shows the closer look of several individual students enrolled at the school.

22) The Road to Teach (2015)

This movie from Movies on Education follows three aspiring teachers Grace, Rafael, and Nadia. They travel across the country to talk with other teachers to get new ideas. 

23) Waiting for “Superman” (2010)

This documentary among movies on education shows the education system of the United States, where director Davis Guggenheim does an investigation to find ways in which the education system in America has declined.

24) The Lottery (2010)

The Lottery (2010) | Movies On Education

‘The Lottery’ depicts a small town in the contemporary United States. That village observes a rite, known as “the lottery” annually, where a member of the community is selected by chance, and the drill of being selected in the lottery is revealed only at the end.

25) Project Happiness (2011)

This one from Movies on Education is a documentary film, which follows the students from three continents- North America, Africa, and Asia - as they search for the meaning of “lasting happiness”, throughout their senior year.

26) First Generation (2011)

This documentary from Movies on Education follows the story of four students who strive to be the first in their families to go to college. This story shows the struggles of these students to go to college.

27) Bully (2011)

Bully (2011) | Movies On Education

‘Bully’ follows the lives of five students, who face bullying daily. It follows the students from public schools of Georgia, Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. This film shows how the average American cannot defend themselves from being bullied.

28) American Teacher (2001)

Film ‘American Teacher’ revolves around the four principals, whose lives and careers have been portrayed over several years. It consists of a large collection of teacher testimonies and demands of the teaching profession.

29) Teach (2013)

This one from Movies on Education is a documentary film that explores the Education System of America from every aspect, particularly through the teachers, the most essential resource.

30) If You Build It (2013)

If You Build It (2013) | Movies On Education

‘If You Build It’ is a documentary, which follows a year in the life of an innovative, architecture-based high school program, which is specially designed and built by high school students.

This is the list of some of the must-watch Movies on Education. These are the movies which, in my point of view, everyone should watch at least once.

The movies mentioned in the above list are not just made only for educational purposes, they will also make you aware of our society. Many of the listed movies show the struggles of ordinary students, to attain education.

The Movies on Education are not just made particularly for the students, teachers, or any other person who belongs to the Educational platform, these are for everyone. Also, if you watch these movies with your family, then it’ll be quality time spent by you, with your family.

But, if you are a student or teacher, then it is recommended to you to watch these movies because it will help you to understand the perspectives of your teacher/student.

As the conclusion of this article on Movies on Education, the message from my side is to watch these amazing films, even if you are in a bad mood, these movies will help you overcome it.

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