Mother’S Day - 14 Ideas To Show Love And Appreciation

Show Love And Appreciation

Nina Simons

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Mother’s Day is coming up, and you don’t want to leave preparations for the last minute. While you should show your love and appreciation to one of the most important people in your life every day of the year, life is often hectic and it’s easy to forget about this and take your mom for granted. Therefore, going the extra mile on this holiday is a nice way to express your gratitude. Here are a few ideas you can use to let your mom know how much she means to you!

Spend the day together

For our loved ones, it’s often not really a physical gift that means the most, but simply the act of spending time with them. So, show your mom your appreciation this year by spending the whole day together! Go out for some window shopping and drop by a coffee shop or a confectionery. Indulge in some sweets you usually wouldn’t splurge on—and don’t forget to foot the bill. You can also go out for lunch and relax away from the household chores. Is there a restaurant she has been longing to try? This is the perfect occasion, even for an out-of-town excursion.

Food as a love language

As you might have probably guessed, food is nothing short of a love language. If your mom enjoys the art of cooking and baking, you don’t even have to go out; you can also spend meaningful time together at home, in the kitchen. Trying a new recipe together can be a great way to bond. Even if you’re not particularly good at cooking, it can be fun: if nothing else, both of you will have plenty of laughs and create some interesting memories. If you’d rather your mom relaxes while you do all the work, greet her with breakfast in bed and cook her favorite meal for lunch while she has a spa session.

Get something personal

Meaningful gifts can be amazing keepsakes. Therefore, if you want to surprise her with a nice gift, something personal is the best way to go. In fact, you can even personalize items so they are truly bespoke and unique. A journal embossed with her initials and a meaningful message is a beautiful gift, for instance. But you can even go the extra mile and get her a one-of-a-kind art piece: commission an artist for a personalized illustration and your mom will surely treasure the result. 

Look for meaningful jewelry

Jewelry is a popular gift option for a variety of occasions. So, how do you make it a meaningful Mother’s Day gift? A little bit of browsing will help. You can find jewelry pieces that hold special meaning. You can get her something that refers to her zodiac sign—there are beautiful designs out there. Monogram necklaces or otherwise personalized pieces are also a great option. Finally, you can play around with crystals and communicate a special message with their help. Do you have siblings? Why not get your mom a custom-made necklace with all of your birthstones or birth flowers? It’s a truly personal gift.

Help out

As we said, sometimes, actions speak louder than gifts. If your mom is always busy and on the move, devoting some time to helping her around the house can be a great way to show her your love. There are probably chores that she simply never gets around to sorting out. Give her a helping hand and check a few things off her to-do list. Generally tidying up the house is also a nice gesture. Additionally, there may be some tasks, like taking her car to the car wash, that can also be helpful. She will finally be able to get a break without the house being a mess.

Let her read as much as she wants

Is your mom a bookworm? If she’s always on the lookout for the newest paperbacks, there are plenty of gift options she will be happy to receive. You can get her a membership to the local library, or purchase a gift card at her favorite bookstore. If you know what particular book she has her eyes on, you can get it for her before she does. Finding a beautiful hardcover edition of her favorite work is also a lovely gift. If there’s simply no way to keep up with her reading speed, how about getting her an e-book reader such as a Kobo or a Kindle? She’ll be able to carry all her favorite books in her purse.

Give her a pampering set

All of us need a pampering session from time to time. Make sure that she has a super luxurious one by surprising her with a bunch of high-quality bath products. Get her a nice set that contains a bath bomb, bath oils, and a rich moisturizer. Go for scents that she loves or pick something universally relaxing like lavender. High-end bath products will make her feel like royalty and she’ll relax like never before.

Gift an experience

Another way to show your mom your thoughtfulness and make some memories together is by gifting her an experience. The options here are abundant, so pick something that she would love and you’ll have a great time. Spend the weekend away at a spa, take her to get a manicure, or pay for her appointment at the hairdresser. Go to a wine tasting or an aerial yoga class. Try a pottery or painting workshop. Go on a river cruise or get tickets to a concert. Whatever she has an interest in but rarely finds the company to enjoy!

Make a card yourself

You probably remember how you used to make handmade greeting cards for your mom when you were little. No one says you can’t do this anymore! In fact, your mom will probably be touched by your effort and treasure your gift. So, watch some tutorials on the internet and get your supplies. You’ll need some glue, cardstock, and any art medium of your choice. The result will be heartfelt even if you’re not a professional artist!

A gift that keeps giving

As said, it’s not only on Mother’s Day that you should remind your mom how much you love and appreciate her. But you can’t possibly go around looking for gifts all the time, right? The solution to this is a unique subscription that will keep on giving for months. Subscription boxes are popular these days and there is something for basically everything. From foreign snacks through cosmetics, coffee, cocktails, books, and plants to gadgets, clothing, and artisan chocolate, everyone can find something they like. Pick something your mom will find joy in and she’ll be surprised to find a gift at her doorstep in the next few months.

Flowers for every occasion

Flowers are a classic gift option that works for basically any occasion, Mother’s Day included. Receiving a beautiful bouquet is something that brightens everyone up. While flowers don’t last forever, this makes us appreciate them even more and be charmed by their beauty. So, pick gorgeous Mother's day flowers in bright colors and let your mom enjoy their presence for the next few days. A nice bouquet is also a great complement to any other gift. 

A craft kit

If your mom like crafts but—like most other moms—never seems to find the time to actually indulge in any hobby, gifting her something like a craft kit can gift her a few hours of enjoyment spent getting immersed in a creative activity. Much like subscription boxes, there is a kit for everything, from embroidery and cross-stitching to knitting, jewelry and soap making, sculpting, tie-dyeing, and macramé. Find something that you think she could get into and get a beginner’s kit. The best thing about these kits is that they usually include everything you will need for your project, so your mom can get started with it right away and relax for a while.

Healthy gifts

Another great way to show someone your love is by exhibiting a concern for their health. You can encourage your mom’s healthy habits by getting her nice accessories that will boost her experience while working out, walking, doing yoga, or any other physical activity. Today, fitness monitors like smartwatches are ever so popular, so why not introduce your mom to the tech world with this handy little device? Alternatively, you can also simply get her a few nice fitness accessories like a new yoga mat that she will love taking along to her fitness classes.

A modern appliance

Finally, another way to bring more cutting-edge technology to your mom’s life and boost her life quality thereby would be by getting her a new appliance. Moms tend to be frugal when it comes to their own comfort, so gifting her something high-end will definitely improve her life. For instance, you can get her a new, efficient hair dryer that won’t take ages to dry her hair. Basically, if any of her small appliances are simply old and outdated, you can swap them for a new one.

Gifts are not everything, but a well-chosen one can surely express a wide range of thoughts and emotions. Get your mom something useful and be sure that you’re there for her. That will certainly make this day meaningful.


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