31 Things To Say In Bed And Amp Up The Lust At Night Of Making Out

You will have the most satisfying night ever!

FT Crew

FT Crew

Dec 18, 2018|7 min read


If you have never made out with your partner or are wondering how to start making out in bed, you have landed on the right page on the web. (We don’t have any erotic stories in this post.)

We believe that if people don’t have new things to try in bed, our kids will miss out on the population explosion essays in schools. It is good to share your lust stories with your partner and bring them to reality.

But, you are one amongst those shy people who can share moral stories but not lust stories. Well, in this way you cannot expect your partner to pull you back in bed in the morning when you get out.  

You are seriously in need of some serious sex tips for your sax story. First of all, don’t ever stop dating your wife, if you are a man and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband if you are a woman. 

Here we have listed 31 of the sexiest things to say in bed, and amp up that lustful sexual desire that leads to the most satisfying night ever. 

1. I want you now.

2. I’m so ready for you.

3. You feel so good.

4. Your body feels amazing on mine.

5. I want to taste you.

6. When you cuddle, it drives me crazy.

7. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

8. I want you to hug you right now.

9. I love watching you go to work.

10. I want you to lay down and not move a finger. Let me do it all.

11. You’re turning me on so much right now.

12. That’s exactly what I like.

13. Grab my hair and make me love it.

14. I love it when you’re rough with me.

15. Wrap your legs around me. 

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16. It is so hot when you grab me.

17. Don’t stop!

18. Is that all you’ve got?

19. Show me what you can really do.

20. I’ve been waiting for this all day.

21. I want you on me now.

22. Your hands make my body ache for you.

23. Do you remember how much I screamed last time? Make me do that again.

24. If you really want to turn me on, just touch me here. *Guide them in the right direction*

25. You have a magical way with your tongue.

26. Do you like that?

27. Tell me what you want.

28. I’m the boss tonight.

29. You really know what you’re doing.

30. I want you to come for me.

31. Get over here and pleasure me until I say you can stop.

It is totally fine if you have made out often but both of you have been dissatisfied. Just forget everything, wrap up your fears and ditch the boring things. 

Try these 31 sentences for better sensual experience in your next making out session. (Don’t try them all at once!)

Cuddle, make out and shut the world out for a night!

PS - Additionally, you can play the hot sexy Hindi songs in the background for the spicing up!


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