52 Disney Movie Characters That Are Unforgettable And Nostalgic

Dec 2, 2020 12 min read

Cartoons are the biggest asset in every human’s life and the best gift to kindle the kiddish nature in every tough human. Irrespective of time, ages and patterns of emotions, every cartoon character plunges deep into our hearts and nails sharp in our minds to cherish forever.

For many people across the earth, cartoons simply mean Disney! The renowned Walt Disney movies and its unique characters find a special place in the hearts of all ages and generations. 

No child is disliking Donald Duck, Dumbo and Mickey mouse; no young girls are craving for aspects like Rapunzel, Elsa and Bella have; no fantasy-adventure lovers are sparing Aladdin and Flynn Rider, and whatnot?!

Ain’t they reminiscent? Take a deep breath and get ready for a Disney tour through 51 striking Disney characters. Here is the list of 51 unforgettable Disney characters:

1. Snow White

Snow White is the first Disney character that has been evergreen since then. This was the start for endless craving for many more princess characters. May it is her beauty or her dress or her pleasing behaviour, this character has inspired many with the way she charmed in every difficult situation. A beautiful life lesson to handle severe situations!

2. Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell, the fairy character, might have been a side character but seized all our attention with the fairy dust she blew waving her wand. Who wouldn’t like to fly up and swirl like Tinker Bell with a beautiful green costume, high bun and a magic wand spraying golden dust all over! Her determination and willpower to attain supernatural powers motivate each girl around.

3. Mickey Mouse

And here comes the toddlers’ happiness! Walt Disney is Mickey Mouse’ owner as he created this character. Mickey is the streak of luck to Walt Disney Company which marked history with a huge fan base from all over the world. 

His cute black nose, red pants, yellow shoes, white glow and wagging tail make him the cutest. He is known for his care-free, at times irresponsible and an annoying boyfriend to Minnie. Scribble pads of each toddler own an adorable pencil sketch of Mickey!

4. Donald Duck

Donald Duck is the friend of Mickey. Aw, phooey! His hard to regret dialogue. This white duck styles himself with a sailor’s suit and a bow tie. His temperamental behaviour always has Mickey bothered about him. There is always one such fellow in every friend's gang to annoy us with their mood swings just like Donald Duck!

5. Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck is the partner of Donald Duck. This Disney character is a girlish character that is often seen wearing a hair bow, blouse, feathered skirt and heeled shoes with long eyelashes. She never fails to take a dig at her partner with witty replies. She is hot-tempered and has a strong role. This Disney character has appeared in many series.

6. Minnie Mouse

The Minnie Mouse is the cutest girl mouse of all time Disney characters and is the partner of Mickey. With her cute dotted hair bow, usually red or pink in colour, that matches with her frock, mesmerises us with her adorable body gesture. She is fun-loving and sweet but often annoyed by Mickey for his carelessness.

7. Pluto

The dog lovers would surely know about this Disney character. Pluto is the faithful, friendly and a well-trained pet of Mickey. He is so adorable with Mickey and helps him out of any difficult situation wisely. He is kind of an inspiring pet!

8. Goofy

It is Goofy who joins Donald duck and Mickey to make an awesome trio! He is better defined as clumsiness. His appearance is tall with a high hat, white gloves, turtleneck and vest, pants and shoes. His gap-tooth is his uniqueness!

9. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh was first introduced by the author A A Milne. This honey-loving Disney character is a must-know character for children because of the good high qualities possessed by this furry yellow bear. His gentle and soft-spoken nature is pleasant and calm. The lovable, patient, friendly and thoughtful nature of the Pooh bear is necessary features to be noted by humans.

10. Eeyore 

All the lazy people out there! Here’s a friend of your kind! As his name sounds, Eeyore is a lazy, pessimistic, gloomy, hopeless donkey who is the friend of Winnie the Pooh. he suffered from a dysthymic disorder which made him feel depressed. He is grey stuff with a bow on his tail and tired eyes show him as a torpid.

11. Piglet

Piglet is a cheerful and insightful Disney character. The timid piglet is the best friend of Winnie the Pooh and tries hard enough to beat his reasonless fears. For those people who face inferiority complexes or lack of self-confidence in yourselves, this character will make you run off such complexities in a smooth, easy way. 

12. Dumbo

Animated animal lovers will never forget this Disney character, the so-called Dumbo. His cute big ears and his innocent winks will not allow us to take off our eyes from him. The childish and adorable behaviours of this flying tiny elephant would seek your presence to cheer him to get off the traps!

13. Baloo 

We Indians have a keenness towards Mowgli, the jungle boy. Baloo is the mentor and a good friend of Mowgli. His approachable character engages everyone with kindness irrespective of the difference in traits. He always has fun with Mowgli human and is fond of fruits, honey and ants.

14. Simba 

Simba, a prominent Disney character is not only cute as a cub but is also self-determined to lead his land in the right way following his father Mufasa’s footsteps. His respect to his father, romance with his partner Nala and friendship with Timon and Pumpa together show a perfect anthropomorphic role. It is a treat with complete family elements.

15. Aladdin 

Aladdin is one of the most-liked heroic roles by many. This Disney character portrays eternal affection towards his fellow mates, despite robbing around for his survival. Though his work is considered annoying by many, his love for Jasmine, the princess, the determination to save the kingdom and endless care for Genie, his friend uplifts the character to the next level.

16. Genie 

Genie, the ginn is a fun-filled Disney character who accompanies Aladdin in all their fantasy adventures together. This particular character is notable for making his fellows happy all the time despite his sad stories. 

Though his appearance is giant and is introduced every time out of the lamp with heavy effects, his promising nature contradicts it. Every person needs a friend like him!

17. Jasmine  

Jasmine, the lover of Aladdin shows eternal love for him throughout her role in the film. Also, she is the best daughter to her father, the Sultan, standing firmly by him in all times of bad luck. 

A courageous woman fighting to save her land finds a happy ending fighting against the antagonist till the end. Hmmm… Many boys would dream about the girlfriends of her kind!

18. Flynn Rider

Being a tough and arrogant guy at times, Flynn Rider has an innate sensitive and charming heart. As his name Flynn defines, he is active and dashing. His ways to satisfy Rapunzel’s needs impress us way too much. 

The humour filled narration of his own story tells us to carry things lightly and effectively.

19. Rapunzel

After Rapunzel was born, her hair was every girl’s dream! Disney attracted everyone with many unique characters wherein Rapunzel was very different. Her childish, defiant, creative and energetic character altogether drove our minds towards her. The motive of this character to fly free as a bird inspires all females to come out and lead.

20. Stitch 

Stitch is a mini monster adopted by Lilo, the protagonist of the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. He is a superhuman with abnormal computer intelligence and power. Planet Turo is his birth planet. His character is soft and joyful despite his appearance.

21. Lilo

Lilo is the adopter of Stitch koala. This Disney character highlights the situations of one being alienated from a community. Lilo is one such being who is ignored by the people of her island for her troublemaking behaviours. She adopts Stitch with whom she enjoys her life hanging out without bothering about difficult situations she faces.

22. Hans 

Hans is a courteous, smart and intelligent prince of the Southern Isles. He looks tall and is self - motivated to secure his power in the kingdom. He is the apt partner for Elsa though!

23. Elsa 

Elsa is beautiful, charming and as we know, she is well - known for her braid. Her character seems to be regal, powerful, caring, protective and elegant. But actually, she is fearful of her secret power by which she can freeze things and hail snow. This power is as beautiful as it is harmful.

24. Anna

Anna is an active, daring and graceful girl in Frozen. She is the caring sister of Elsa. She yearns to share the love with her sister as they were through each other’s thick and thin. Best sisters ever!

25. Olaf

Olaf is an animated snowman in Frozen with 3 black buttons on him, a carrot as a nose and teeth projecting outwards. He was made by Elsa’s power and love summers. Besides being naive, this Disney character is dedicated, friendly and extroverted.

26. Belle 

Belle is a bibliophilic, outspoken woman who yearns to get out of her village to an adventurous life. The princess beauty is admired and loved by the Beast. Moments take a change that she eventually agrees to marry him. Beauty and the Beast is one of the best romantic couples!

27. Beast  

Prince Adam, the Beast is the male protagonist of the Disney film - Beauty and the Beast. The prince being cursed with Beast appearance and nature, he seems cruel and harsh towards his servants. But as time moved on, he changed himself positively for Belle. He is among the most unforgettable Disney characters of all time.

28. Lightning McQueen  

Here it is! Those car race lovers would be crazy about this Disney character. Lightning McQueen is red in colour with number 95 painted in orange on it. Lightning was overconfident and always egocentric at the beginning. It has won the Piston Cup 7 times. Although fictional, Lightning McQueen is among the Disney characters with a large fan base.

30. Pocahontas 

Pocahontas is the first American Disney princess and an adventurous, brave character that teaches us how to accept the challenges that our lives give us. A true adventurous story to look into!

31. Ariel   

Ariel is a charismatic, free-spirited, idealistic and brave Disney character that everyone would admire. She is attractive with red hair. For every girl child, mermaids were the ultimate fantasy among all the cartoons of childhood. Sometimes, it seems realistic and we would look for it on beaches. 

32. Ursula  

When there is a beautiful protagonist, there is always an antagonist. The Disney character Ursula is a fat weird looking fashion lady who cracks poor jokes in the Little Mermaid movie. She is a Cecaelian witch. She is ebullient and covetous but daring and strong in the inner self. 

33. Moana   

This Disney character grabbed all dusky girls’ attention as it was her feature. As a sea-loving, fearless and headstrong person, Moana stands out from the crowd as her name describes. A face-off motivator and one of the most loved Disney characters!

34. Buzz Lightyear 

Buzz Lightyear is a spaceman toy and is one of the main characters of Toy Story Franchise. He is adventurous, creative, courageous and possesses effective leadership qualities in clearing off the obstacles.

35. Sheriff Woody Pride

Sheriff Woody and Buzz are the two most liked toys by Andy. He is loyal, smart and determined to save his friends from any kind of bad situations. Children usually associate emotions with their toys and the Disney characters from Toy Story help them live it.

36. Cinderella 

Cinderella has been a craze for many as she effectively possesses all high qualities of an optimistic girl. Her caring, quiet, determined, grateful and patient nature has taken her away from her problematic stepmother to hold the hands of Prince Charming.  Wait with patience because something huge is waiting for you!

37. Prince Charming

A dream boy that all new generation girls will want! Prince Charming is a joyful, humorous and romantic person. He enjoys ballroom dances which introduced his girl Cinderella to him. He tries hard to rescue her from evil threats by her stepmother. 

38. Peter Pan 

Peter Pan is an adventurous Disney character who would not grow up. He is still considered having baby teeth. He is an inspirational epitome for young boys to be cheerful and joyful despite his disability. 

39. Wendy 

Wendy is an affectionate, matured, caring and imaginative young lady. The love she shows towards her brothers and her intent in narrating several stories about Peter Pan is inspiring enough. She shows the love of a mother to everyone around.

Her maturity level mends all our egoistic hearts!

40. Pinocchio 

Who else remembers this cute little Disney’s Pinocchio?! Yes! The marionette carved by Gepetto acquires human qualities and acts to be a truthful, brave and selfless boy. At times he is impulsive. His highlight is his nose that grows long when he tends to lie and backs to normal size on speaking truth. He learnt lessons for life while humans lack those qualities nowadays!

41. Jiminy Cricket 

Jiminy Cricket or the Talking Cricket is the conscience of Pinocchio. Jiminy is Pinocchio’s best official guide who takes him on a trustworthy path. J. Cricket takes the responsibility to change Pinocchio as a human. This little conscience wears a high hat, and a long coat just like a magician who brings magic in Pinocchio’s life.

42. Merida 

Merida is one of the Disney princesses. Usually, Disney princesses possess unique features and Merida is chubby and has curly hairs. She is an inspiration for girls with curly hairs though! She is an adventurous, kind, unruly, willful and tomboyish princess who doesn't want to be a stereotypical princess. Thus, she is one of the most loved Disney characters.

43. Addison 

Zombies are the topic of interest amongst youngsters and we keep discussing if it is real or not. Disney’s Zombies is one such attempt with Addison as one of the lead characters. This character wants cursed zombies, who are undead, to be equally treated as other human friends. She works towards erasing the line between zombies and humans. She has unusually white or blue hair.

44. Zed 

Zed carries a bloodline of zombies. This Disney character is a male protagonist of the Zombies Disney movie. He has supernatural powers such as great speed and enormous strength. Zed is seen romancing with Addison in the movie.

45. Chip n Dale 

The two cute chipmunk brothers are eye-catchers tempting us to own them as pets! Chip n Dale Disney characters are two contradicting fun-filled brothers. This is one of Disney's best humorous characters. Chip is focused, clever and thoughtful whereas Dale is impulsive, easy-going and has a good sense of humour. The Mickey family is the antagonist group for Chip and Dale as the latter steal the former’s places. 

46. Hercules 

Hercules was the hero of 90’s kids! Hercules is one of the Disney princess and the son of Zeus - the Greek God. He is extremely kind-hearted, compassionate and innocent. He has incredibly immense strength and stamina. 

His sacrifice for his love Meg makes him a true hero.

47. Sulley 

Sulley or James P Sullivan is a scarer Disney character and the leading character in Monsters Inc., movie. This blue big easy-going furry bear is friendly, selfless, moral and at times arrogant. Sulley runs the Monster factory by powering up with screams of children. His motive is to produce many monsters to scare human children and save their screams. 

48. Mike Wazowski 

Mike or Michael Wazowski is the monster friend of Sulley in Monsters Inc., movie. Mike is a comic monster that is friendly, clever, selfless as Sulley and confident but short-tempered and stubborn. Its appearance seems to be green in colour with one big eye that covers half of its body and rippled teeth. It is short and stout but looks cute in size. 

49. Wall - E

Wall-e is not even an animal but a machine. It is known that humans are the core reason to exploit the earth to survive. The wall-E machine has come to fix that issue with the help of a robot named Eve, which is also a mere machine. They set out to save the earth whereas humans, being gifted with heart, fail to save nature! This is something to be taken seriously, guys!

50. Elena 

Elena is a wonder woman Disney character that emphasizes a courageous and disciplined woman. She is so kind-hearted and is devoted to the people around her. But when it comes to saving her subjects, she is brave enough to face the rebels. She possesses quality leading skills and her father is her role model.

51. Robin Hood

Robin Hood is the Disney character showing himself as a thief with great archery skills and disguising talent. He robs for a good cause with an intent to serve poor people. He aims at robbing from rich people which emphasizes that wealth must be equally shared. This is why he is very much liked by many people.

52. Mulan 

Last but not the least, besides all cartoon characters, Disney aces with a power pack fighter movie, that too a woman under the spotlight. Mulan is a huge attraction that portrayed a brave and courageous character with strong determination in confronting her enemies to save her ailing father. Incredible natural beauty with all abnormal brave qualities is admirable. She redefined the stereotype of an ancient graceful girl. 

Do not keep scrolling because all 52 Disney characters are done! Scrolling down the page of exciting and nostalgic Disney movie characters, you would feel relaxed and stress-free right now. 

Though 52 is huge in number, it would seem unconvincing to stop here. These are not the only gifts from Disney, we have many more in lumps to cherish such unique and vivid Disney characters and movies. 

Hope you had a great Disney tour!

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