25 Most Handsome Actors In The World

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Which girl won't be flattered when it comes to a handsome guy? 

For some girls, it's the look for which they consider a guy handsome, while for few it's the personality, while for others it's heights. What about you, what makes you consider a guy handsome?

Once in a lifetime, we all have been crazy about handsome actors on the big screen. All girls dream about having a guy similar to those handsome actors in their life. Who is that dream boy of your dreams?

Have you girls ever wondered how crazy it will be if you ever get to meet your celebrity crush? So, in this article, you're going to know more about your crushes.

So, let's start with the list of the most handsome actors in the world and some of their interesting facts that you might not know. Excited to find something new and interesting about your favorite handsome actor.

1. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan | Most Handsome Actors In The World

When it comes to the most handsome actors in the world. How can we forget the 'Koi Mil Gaya' actor Hrithik Roshan? 

He is a perfect combination of heights, good looks with an amazing personality, and is mostly known for his dancing skills.

This Bollywood actor was born on 10th January 1974 in Mumbai in a Punjabi family to very well-known Bollywood personalities Rakesh Roshan and Pinky Roshan.

Do you guys know that The Greek God's first appearance was filmed without him being aware of it?

Yes, you read it correctly. At the age of 6, he appeared in Jay Om Prakash's film, Aasha. Hrithik Roshan was filmed by one of the cameramen while he was dancing and was recorded. While he was paid Rs 100 for it.

Hrithik Roshan faced many difficulties starting from him stammering in childhood to slipping discs when he was advised to quit acting but this handsome actor didn't give up. With his hard work, today he is one of the highest-paid actors of Bollywood.

We all saw his jaw-dropping physique in the movie War recently.

2. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt | Most Handsome Actors In The World

Next on the list of the most handsome actors in the world is none other than Brad Pitt.

Have you ever had love at first sight?

You must have it and trust me girls you will have a similar feeling when you see Brad Pitt in the role of Hitchhiker in 'Thelma and Louise'.

This handsome actor has been in movies like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Babel, and Inglorious Bastards where he had made our hearts skip a beat while seeing him on the screen.

Brad is not only a famous actor but also a producer. He was born on 18 December 1963 in the USA.

But do you guys know the full name of Brad Pitt?

If not, here is the answer, William Bradley Pitt.

3. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp | Most Handsome Actors In The World

Our next entry on the list of the most handsome actors in the world is the fearless ruler of the sea.

Have you guys forgotten the actor who played Captain Jack Sparrow?

If yes, then it was played by one of the most handsome actors, Johnny Depp.

Johnny was born on 9 June 1963 in the USA. Johnny Depp is an American actor, musician, and producer.

He wanted to be a rock star but it was Nicolas Cage who gave him his very first role. Or else we won't have the chance to see this brilliant and handsome actor on the big screen.

Do you know what Johnny was allergic to when he was a child?

It's our very favorite chocolates.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds | Most Handsome Actors In The World

Do you remember the Deadpool actor?

It's the handsome actor Ryan Reynolds. You guys know that this actor opened various social media accounts just to promote the film Deadpool.

Ryan was born in Canada on 23 October 1976. Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor, film producer, and entrepreneur. The actor's first debut was in a Canadian teen soap opera Hillside.

Want to know a weird fact about Ryan?

Ryan stole a car as an April Fool joke and for doing this he was kicked out of the school too. 

He is no doubt one of the most handsome actors in the world.

5. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise | Most Handsome Actors In The World

How can we forget the 'Mission Impossible' actor Tom Cruise?

Do you think we could have seen him as Iron Man also?

But Tom Cruise declined the offer.

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is an American actor and producer. This handsome actor was born on 3 July 1962 in the US. 

Want to know some interesting facts about Tom Cruise?

The actor can hold his breath for 6 minutes and he also holds a pilot license and sometimes he also flies by himself.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio | Most Handsome Actors In The World

This handsome actor stole our hearts in the movie 'Titanic'.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on 11 November 1947 in Los Angeles.

His very first act was at the age of 5 in a children's television show 'Romper Room'. Aside from being a handsome actor and good producer, Leonardo is also an environmentalist.

Do you guys know why his mother named him Leonardo?

The reason behind that is when his mother was pregnant and looking at a Da Vinci painting in a museum was the moment when he first kicked.

Leonardo DiCaprio is undoubtedly the most handsome actor in the world.

7. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Charles Cooper is an American filmmaker and actor. He was born on 5 January 1975 in the US.

This handsome actor has stolen our hearts with his various roles in movies like The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook and A Star Is Born.

Do you guys know what this actor wished to become when he was a kid?

He wanted to be a Ninja and also asked his father to send him to Japan so that he can become a Ninja there.

Surprisingly, the actor isn't on any social media for the time being.

8. Jason Momoa

Should I say Aquaman or Khal Drogo?

The actor is well-known to most of us with these two characters. His name was blowing in the air with his acting in these characters.

Apart from the above character, this handsome actor has been seen in many movies like Braven, Wolves, Dune, and many more.

Jason Momoa was born on 1 August 1979 in Hawaii. Jason Momoa is a short name for Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa. 

Do you guys know what this handsome actor performs at his 'Games of Thrones' audition?

Interestingly, he performed a Haka traditional dance for the auditions.

9. Chris Evans

Chris Evans | Most Handsome Actors In The World

The next actor on the list of the most handsome actors in the world is our Captain America aka Steve Rogers.

Doing the list of most handsome actors, how can one forget the personality who is well-known to most of us with his role in Marvel's Captain American.

Chris Evans was born on 13 June 1981, Boston, Massachusetts. He is not only an American actor but also a Film-maker who is famous for his role as Captain American.

Chris has given many blockbuster movies apart from Captain American like Avengers, Fantastic Four, Pull, and many more. He made his debut in the film industry with Before We Go.

His cool looks and well-maintained physique make him one of the most handsome actors.

10. Robert Pattinson 

How can we forget that cute character who played Cedric Diggory in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', Can you guess which handsome actor played this role?

It's Robert Pattinson who played the role when he was at the age of 19.

He was born on 13 May 1986 in London. This handsome actor is also a musician who composes and writes his music.

Do you guys know Robert's face is the perfect face according to science?

Yes, it's correct that according to a ratio of beauty Phi which is used to measure physical perfection in ancient Greece, Robert's face has been found 92.15% accurate with the ratio.

11. Henry Cavill

Here comes to the list, the very famous handsome actor who played The Witcher.

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill is an English actor. He was born on 5 May 1983 in Jersey.

Do you guys know Henry almost lost the role in Man of Steel?

Yes, it's true, you know the reason behind is the actor's video game addiction. While we were waiting for the confirmation call from the director the actor started playing a video game and when the director called him, he ignored the calls just because he can't pause the game. 

Interestingly, the actor is fluent in four different languages which are English, Spanish, French and Italian.

12. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth | Most Handsome Actors In The World

How can the most handsome actor list be completed without the actor who played Thor?

Chris Hemsworth was the handsome actor who played the role of Thor and attained his fame.

Christopher Hemsworth AM is an Australian actor. He was born on 11 August 1983 in Australia. The actor got into the acting profession to financially support his family.

Chris' first role was in an Australian show 'Home Away'. The various movies the actor did are Extraction, The Avengers, Thor, and many more.

Do you know what's hidden talent of him?

It is sewing.

13. Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu | Most Handsome Actors In The World

Here comes my favorite actor on the list of the most handsome actors in the world, Mahesh Babu.

Ghattamaneni Mahesh was born on 9 August 1975 in India. Mahesh Babu is an actor, media personality, producer, and philanthropist.

The actor has been seen in various films like Srimanthudu, Spyder, Bharat Ane Nenu, and various others.

Do you know why people called Mahesh not only a handsome actor but a humble one also?

Because he donates 30% of his earnings to charity.

14. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman | Most Handsome Actors In The World

Can you guess which role did this actor play in the X-Men series?

Wolverine/Logan is the role he played.

Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney on 12 October 1968. He is not only a handsome actor but a producer as well as a singer.

Do you know the actor holds a Guinness book record?

The actor holds a Guinness World Record for 'longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero'

The actor has been seen in various movies like Logan, Prisoners, The Wolverine, and many more.

15. Jamie Dornan

How should we describe the actor who played Christian Grey from 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?

Jamie Dornan is the most dashing and handsome actor. A perfect actor to play that role.

James Dornan is a model, actor, and musician from Northern Ireland. He was born on 1 May 1982 in the UK.

The actor loves to play rugby. He is also a big-time fan of Manchester United and he was also a part of a folk band named Sons of Jim.

Dornan's very first role was Count Axel Fersen in the movie Marie Antoinette.

16. Noah Mills

Remember the handsome actor from Taylor's song 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together '?

It's none other than Noah Mills.

Noah Mills was born on 26 April 1983 in Canada. He is a Canadian actor and model.

Noah's first on-screen appearance was in the movie Sex and the City 2.

Do you know Noah is a writer and producer too?

Yes, it's true, he is the writer of the short film 'Wracked' and an executive producer of the short movie 'Candyland'.

17. Paul Walker

Paul Walker | Most Handsome Actors In The World

Paul Walker was the actor who played the role of Brian in the movie 'Fast and Furious'.

Walker was born on 12 September 1973 in the US. Unfortunately, this handsome actor left the world on 30 November 2013.

Paul was a huge fan of bikes and cars and had a collection too. Interestingly, the actor helped in choosing the cars for the movie 'Fast and Furious'.

Paul was the most handsome actor in the world. We all miss him. 

“It's been a long day, without you my friend, and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.”

18. Matt Bomer

By seeing the name, you must remember the devilish good look of this handsome actor from the Netflix show 'The Sinner'.

Matthew Staton Bomer was born on 11 October 1977 in the US. He is an American actor.

Matt is not only a handsome actor but also hard-working. He does a lot of research on each role he plays.

Do you guys know that Matt is gay?

I know this news must have broken a lot of hearts of many girls fans when he came out as gay in the year 2012.

19. Burak Deniz

Many of you must be wondering, who is he?

Burak Deniz is a famous Turkish actor. He is not only a handsome actor but also a very cute one.

Burak Deniz was born in Turkey on 17 February 1991. He is a Turkish actor cum a model.

He has been seen in many series like Kolej Gunlugu, Sultan, Arada, and many more.

The most famous series which is quite popular on youtube is 'Ask Laftan Anlamaz' in which he played the lead role of Murat.

20. Pierce Brosnan

Can you name the handsome actor who played the role of James Bond?

Pierce Brosnan is the actor who played this role.

Pierce Brosnan OBE was born on 16 May 1953 in Ireland. He is a film producer, actor, and environmental activist.

Do you guys know what Pierce got apart from money for playing James Bond?

He got a brand-new BMW car.

Interestingly, the actor got dual citizenship in Ireland and the US.

21. Josh Hartnett

The handsome actor who played the role of Captain Danny in the movie Pearl Harbor was Josh Hartnett.

Josh was born on 21 July 1978 in the US. Josh Hartnett is a famous American actor cum producer.

Josh Hartnett's first role was as Huckleberry Finn in 'Tom Sawyer'. The various movies he did are The Faculty, Black Hawk Down, Lucky Number Slevin, and Pearl Harbor.

22. Ryan Gosling

Next on the list of the most handsome actors in the world is Ryan Gosling.

You must remember the most handsome actor who played Noah in the movie 'The Notebook' - Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Thomas Gosling was born on 12 November 1980 in Canada. He is a famous Canadian actor.

Do you know he is in a band?

Yes, this actor is in a band called Dead Man's Bone. Ryan Gosling sings as well as plays piano, guitar, and bass.

The actor struggled a lot during his school days due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

23. Eric Bana

Remember the Hulk from the movie 'Hulk' is Eric Bana.

Eric was born on 9 August 1968 in Australia. Apart from him being a handsome actor, he is also a comedian.

Do you know what this actor wanted to become in reality?

Eric wanted to become a car mechanic.

He started his career as a comedian while working as a bartender. Today he has been seen in various movies like Lucky You, Troy, Munich, Black Hawk Down, and many more.

24. Xavier Samuel

Xavier Samuel got popularity with the role of Riley Biers in the 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

Xavier was born on 10 December 1983 in Australia. Xavier Samuel is one of the most handsome actors.

Do you know Xavier can play guitar?

Not only can he play guitar but he can also sing. He loves indie rock music.

The actor has been seen in various movies like Adore, Bait 3D, The Loved One, and many more.

25. Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder | Most Handsome Actors In The World

This handsome actor played the role of Damon Salvatore in the hit television series The Vampire Diaries.

Ian Joseph Somerhalder is an American actor, model, director, and activist. Ian Somerhalder was born in the US on 8 December 1978.

Ian has been seen in many movies like Changing Hearts, The City Raiders, Kiss the Ground, and many more.

Apart from being a handsome actor, the actor can write cursive with his feet. Can you imagine that?

He loves chocolates and he also has a wish to go to Mars.

Hope you guys got to know something new and interesting about your favorite handsome actor from the above list. Do let me know which one is your favorite actor from the above list?

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