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Have you watched one of the best and most loved web series Money Heist? If yes, then I am sure you have really loved the story and plot of Money Heist. Also, you might have loved the acting and concept of each of the characters of this series.

Even if you have not watched any episodes of Money Heist then also I can say that you have heard about this series and its characters on social media.

Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama television series on the heist. It was released on 2nd May 2017. The team of heists is led by a mastermind, the Professor. The main characters of Money Heist are Tokyo, the Professor, Lisbon, etc. Money Heist consists of three seasons in five parts. The total number of episodes of Money Heist is 41.

This article will list 40 Famous Money Heist Quotes That Are Absolutely Gem. These Money Heist Quotes will be mentioned along with the character's name who said that quote. Also, the listed ones will be some of the Best Money Heist Quotes.

Without delaying for a second, let us begin with the list of some Best and Famous Money Heist Quotes.

1) My love, the things that actually matter in life always come unexpectedly (- Berlin).

These quotes from Money Heist Quotes tell that great things come in life without any prior indication. It comes in life at a time you have not expected it.

2) First times are so special. But the last times are beyond comparison. Priceless. But people don’t usually know it (- Berlin).

Money Heist Quotes

People usually remember the first times of their life and the memories linked with them. But the last times with any person or anything are far more precious. It gives numerous memories and experiences to seek.

3) The plan is designed to survive any setbacks, including my death (Professor).

Money Heist Quotes

Said by the Professor, Money Heist Quotes here tell about their plan. The plan is structured in a smart way that would not fail in any situation.

4) Sometimes, a truce is the most important part of a war (- Professor)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Agreement on a particular thing is sometimes the best thing enemies have to do. It restricts enmity for a while and allows one to choose an appropriate path.

5) In the world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose. And when you think you’ve got nothing to lose, you become overconfident (- Professor)

Money Heist Quotes here tell about the balance between profit and loss. If you think that you have nothing to lose, overconfidence will take birth from you.

6) Hope is kind of like dominos. Once one falls - the rest follow (- Tokyo)

Money Heist Quotes

Hope is interlinked. Once the hope starts disappearing, it will disappear altogether.

7) The good thing about relationships is that you finally forget how they started (- Tokyo)

Money Heist Quotes

With time, you do not mind the initial stage of your relationship. Even if your relationship started with a quarrel, you forget it.

8) You don’t love anyone? Of course, you don't, darling. You don’t have the ***** for it. To love, you need courage (- Nairobi)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Money Heist Quotes here tell that courage plays a vital role in love. If you do not have enough courage, then it will be difficult for you to have a successful relationship.

9) What you have to do is to make those suckers see what you are capable of. Show them you are not scared (- Nairobi)

Money Heist Quotes

Expressing your fear to someone will only make you weak. Instead, you should have the courage to fight against odds.

10) Don’t fall in love with a heist. It only brings bad luck (- Denver)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Heist consists of proper implementation of whatever you have planned. Falling in love with a heist might cause serious harm to your plan.

11) The past is in the past, and it doesn’t really make sense to keep bringing it up, so that’s it (- Rafael)

Money Heist Quotes

This one from Money Heist Quotes says not to stick to any particular past incidents. Living in the past will not help you in achieving anything. You should forget to focus on the future.

12) Don’t pretend to be someone else, you’ll never be one of them (- Arturo)

Money Heist Quotes

Everyone is unique in their own way. Instead of imitating others, you should focus on yourself. Focusing on yourself is the best way to become better.

13) Betrayal doesn’t depend on how much or how deeply you love someone. It depends on the magnitude of the dilemma put in front of you (- Professor).

Money Heist Quotes

The deepness of betrayal is directly proportional to the magnitude of the dilemma in front of you. This quote from Money Heist Quotes tells that betrayal does not depend on your love for somebody.

14) Maybe we’re all immature to some extent (- Professor)

Money Heist Quotes

Nobody is mature everywhere. Does not matter how serious you are about things. You will be immature somewhere to some extent.

15) Time is greater than money (- Professor).

No doubt that the value of time is more in front of money. But, with the productive usage of time, you can earn more money than you have right now.

16) Believe me, I’ve had five divorces. Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in love (- Berlin).

Divorces show the time and trust you have invested in someone when you are in love. It is almost the same for every divorce or break-up.

17) Sometimes distance is the only way to find peace. So you can heal your wound (- Berlin).

Money Heist Quotes

Keeping a distance from someone does not mean hurting anyone. Money Heist Quotes explains that sometimes distance is the best way to find peace.

18) Run, close your eyes, and endure (- Tokyo)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

In the journey, you have to be consistent and have to work on your goals. Even when the hard time comes, you have to keep working.

19) There are happier days to remember. And the more ****** up things are, the happier those days seem to be (- Tokyo).

Money Heist Quotes

You might feel horrible during the troubled days. But this quote from Money Heist Quotes tells that remembering the struggling days is really satisfying.

20) Just having friends isn’t enough. You gotta really feel them (- Nairobi).

Money Heist Quotes

Having friends is great. But not feeling them and their thoughts are not enough. You have to feel and respect your friendship.

21) Everything can go to **** in less than a second (- Nairobi).

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Life is not prefixed in any way. Anything can happen in a fraction of seconds. Therefore, taking something for granted makes no sense.

22) I think the natural state of parenthood is just plain confusion (- Julia).

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Money Heist Quotes here state that parenting is a plain confusion. It often makes it difficult to choose between right and wrong.

23) And at the end of the day, it’s not about doing everything the right way, it’s about loving (- Julia).

Money Heist Quotes

Right or wrong depends on the perspective of an individual. In parenting, it is all about loving your children. Even when the kid is following something inappropriate, good parenting with love can show them the right direction.

24) What I needed was someone to believe in me (- Julia)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Everyone deserves the person in their life who can trust in them. Even when the times are tough, the trust level should not decrease.

25) Something ends today, but now is the first day of your next life. You’ve gotta live a lot of lives, my love (- Tokyo).

Money Heist Quotes

This quote from Money Heist Quotes says that you should take every phase of your life as a new opportunity. Instead of becoming upset about your failures, you should face new challenges.

26) Weakness is not in use, it is in what we have outside (- Professor)

Weakness does not reside inside us. It comes after seeing the challenges present outside in the surroundings.

27) If you really want something in life, you have to steal it from someone else. That’s the story of the world, my son (- Berlin)

Money Heist Quotes

You will not achieve anything just by waiting for it and thinking it will come to you. To achieve it, you have to put in more effort than others and grab whatever you wish to achieve.

28) Things we can’t see affect our lives much more than we think (- Tokyo)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Sometimes the things we ignore, affect our lives the most. Invisible things are more dangerous than visible ones.

29) Do you know that in horror movies there is always a brave guy who always thinks: “I will not last long”?” (- Berlin)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

In Hollywood movies, there exists a character who is ready to fight against all odds. Money Heist Quotes here tell you to be a brave person without thinking about the lifespan.

30) They say love can move worlds but the truth is, hate can be just as strong (- Tokyo)

Money Heist Quotes

Hate is the opposite of love, yet consists of many similarities. You might already know that love can change anything. Similarly, hate also consists of the power to destroy or make anything.

31) So when the chaos happens, I always think about when I was the happiest, So I’ll stay and live in those memories forever (- Tokyo)

Money Heist Quotes

This quote from Money Heist Quotes urges us to think of good memories whenever something wrong happens. Thinking about good memories will give you positive energy to fight against odds.

32) You don’t just want money to buy things, you need money to be free. Freedom’s expensive (- Rene).

Money Heist Quotes

Money is not only about buying stuff. Money gives you the freedom to live your life the way you wish.

33) Sometimes during the World Cup finals, you know which team is gonna lose by the look of fear in the players’ faces as they sing the anthem (- Palermo).

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

This one from Money Heist Quotes tells the reality of fear. Sometimes the fear inside you decides in whose favor the result will come.

34) Life goes on (- Julia).

It does not matter what circumstances you are suffering through. Life will go on along with all ups and downs.

35) I never took you to play tennis, or to ride a bike uphill, or to go rowing someplace because doing that wouldn’t teach you something you already know (- Berlin).

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

This one from Money Heist Quotes says that you cannot learn new things by doing the old rituals. If you want to learn something new, you must work on it.

36) We’re the ones who are going to make art. The heist will be unforgettable (- Berlin).

Money Heist Quotes

A heist is not just about robbing money. It is an art that makes it more interesting, exciting, and challenging.

37) Only a true thief feels like he owns someone else’s property (- Berlin).

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

This one from Money Heist Quotes tells about the mindset of a true thief. A true thief is one who never lets others know about their reality.

38) I knew I had to run faster than ever before, so the grief couldn’t catch me (- Tokyo).

Money Heist Quotes

It is a challenging job to overcome grief. To overcome it, you have to put all of your efforts into avoiding it.

39) That’s nostalgia - finding out moments from the past, even if we didn’t realize it at the time, were true happiness (- Tokyo)

Money Heist Quotes/Dialogues

Money Heist Quotes here describe true happiness. Whenever you think of some good past memories, they will provide you instantly. That is the beauty of past memories.

40) A lot of people believe we only find one true love in our lives. But what they don’t realize is that you can have several lives (- Tokyo).

Money Heist Quotes

You might be thinking that you will only have several friends in your lifetime. But that is not the reality. You can get several true friends in your lifetime at the different phases of life.

These were some of the Best and Famous Money Heist Quotes That Are Absolutely Gem. After reading these Famous Money Heist Quotes, you might have understood how breathtaking the show Money Heist is.

The craze for this Television show is unimaginable. Individuals from around the world enjoyed watching this show. Though Money Heist is primitively made in the Spanish language, it is not exclusive.

As mentioned in the above Money Heist Quotes, the storyline of this show follows the story of the biggest heist in history. The team of Money Heist is led by the mysterious man, the Professor. He recruits eight potential robbers in his team to accomplish his master plan.

The above Money Heist Quotes give some hints about the whole show. Also, the mentioned Money Heist Quotes will make you understand the mindset and perspective of the Professor and the other members of his team heist.

That is all about the list of Famous Money Heist Quotes That Are Absolutely Gem. Hope you enjoyed reading those mentioned Money Heist Quotes. If you have the benefit of reading, you can share it with your friends, family, and loved ones. Wish to see you in another article.


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