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Data privacy has always been important, as more of our data becomes digitized and we share information online, data privacy becomes greater important. Data privacy and government law has been passed around the world which aim to protect data. Many countries have adopted data privacy and government laws, these laws have broad provision. USA introduce, California consumer private act (CCPA) On 3rd January 2018, intention of this act is said no to the sale of personal data. And Canada assented, The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) On 13 April 2000, this act was implemented for the protection of personal information. Both acts provide data protection and control over the sharing of personal data. As per the survey, 79% Indian responded, they didn’t feel secure while sold their data to third party.  


As per the survey, 109 countries have their own data privacy law, which regulation you need to comply with will depend on where your company operates, which industry you are in. If your company is Canada based, then you must follow regulation as per Canada’s law; you can work in Canada and follow the rules of Europe. Data privacy laws are growing in number and relevance. Other countries, like Brazil and Philippines, have their own strict data privacy law. Because of these changes, every organization follows regulations set by the government. Businesses should apply this law because we live in such a culture where people are more often to steal the data. Data consent should be on the top of every organization’s priority list. Now a days, marketing approaches will need to evolve with the growing importance of data privacy law. Organizations use their investments to buy technology to protect the data because, cost of data compliance is high and by using this method businesses can save money. We as a service provider assist you to control to keep your data safe, secure, and private with Microsoft office 365 security services.

Let’s see the benefits of growing privacy laws: 

  • The growth of privacy law also helps to support innovation. People can easily innovate new things without the threat of breach idea. 

  • Nowadays, young population get to learn more about data privacy. 

  • With the growth of data privacy law, data sharing, collecting, and keeping become very secure. 

Data protection 

 Data protection is important for any organization that handles or stores sensitive data, it can help to minimize damage cause. Microsoft 365 has various features, which are data management, security, data protection, threat protection, and many more, but for government use, all these features are the most significant. Microsoft Office 365 has features which provide you data security as well as cybersecurity, automated protective actions used to keep data out of wrong handle and minimize risk. Also, users can edit and access documents and or other media across several devices. For example, someone makes a PowerPoint presentation on their laptop and later, they can access it in their mobile from anywhere at any time.  

Benefits of data protection in data privacy law: 

  • With the help of data protection, we can prevent breaches that hurt businesses. We can secure information which is an asset for our organization. 

  • Another benefit is, Increase safety. Data protection provides safety to the data, without permission any changes in the data or information are not possible. 

Data privacy 

When data that should be kept private gets into the wrong hands, bad things can happen. Being compliant with data privacy law like CCPA and PIPEDA provides control to individual over their personal detail. Data privacy needs to be a top priority for businesses. Nowadays, it has become hard to keep records of all the data due to multiple use of the data in daily bases. Office 365 provides protection for the company’s data, so they control how it is being used. It is useful for data analysis and organize the data to make Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) response easier in the organization. DSAR is an individual’s right to request information which organization is gathered about them. Microsoft threat protection solution uses for protection of mailbox, storage, files against wide range of threats. Data privacy law supports privacy and security of an organization’s data. Since data privacy is a big issue, having a managed data tool makes data less damaging. 

Benefits of data privacy in law: 

  • Data privacy law kept sensitive data secure. Without fear of data loosing, we can share company’s private data. 

  • Data privacy helps to boost customer confidence, by providing them safety. 

  • Data privacy law reduces risk of financial loss. Financial data and the financial transaction would be safe.  


 Data protection became a challenge, it gets exceedingly difficult the more data is collected on individuals. According to a report, India ranks 3rd in global data breaches in 2021, with a total of 86.63 million user breaches till November 2021. We are living in a world where breaches of data are one of the biggest fears among companies. Government has rights to issue fines of penalties for breaking data protection law, including the failure to report a breach. If companies do not perfectly protect the data, they could face some serious penalties, which cause reputation loss and client retention. We as a cloud solution provider understand that your data is most asset. So, we provide data protection and data security for the purpose of secure the information, it offers safeguards to protect company’s information.  

The benefit of sanction in data privacy law: 

  • Organizations that do not implement data privacy face huge fines. By considering this as a fear, many organizations start following government law, which is very helpful to protect data or information. 


 Data privacy must be included in the plan to help organizations better understand their rights. As per research, 5 billion internet users are there, for them data privacy is especially important.  

As we analyze, cloud solutions provide similar functions for compliance of data privacy law. We can conclude that without Microsoft office 365, organizations can never succeed in today’s market. So, if you are somehow related to the business world and looking forward to operation expertise, contact Bitscape. It is one of the best-certified cloud solution providers for data privacy in government agencies through Microsoft 365.  


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