10 Medicinal Plants Used For Rejuvenation And Immunity Booster

Medicinal Herbs To Regain Youthful Vigor

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Ayurveda, as it's name suggests, is the science which deals with the soulful activities done for a vital and healthy life. Lord Brahma Himself recalled this blessed knowledge and bestowed us all with their blessings. 
Ayurveda is the miraculous Science which deals with the omission of the causative factor from the roots of the diseases meanwhile sustaining the normal physiology of the body.
The beautiful aim of Ayurveda is-
'Swasthasya swaasth rakshanam aaturasya vikara prashmanum cha.' (Ref- Charak Samhita) that simply means Ayurveda deals firstly with the protection of the health of the healthy person and then works upon the eradication of the disease from the ill person.
Ayurveda deals with the basic principle of 'loka purusha saamya', that means the basic constituents of the outer world and that of the human body is similar, therefore we can simply use the natural constituents like medicinal plants.
In our daily life, we come across many of the bodily problems which can be treated with these medicinal plants but only under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

What is the use of Rasayana?

Rasayana makes the person capable to achieve long life, sharp memory, 
intelligence, optimum health, youth, luster and better colour 
complexion of skin, better voice, optimum strength of the body and 
sense organs, a miraculous ability known as 'vaaksiddhi' which actually means what ever he says comes true,
gains popularity, brilliance etc..
Therapeutics are of two types-(1) that which promotes strength (and immunity ) in the healthy person, ( 2 ) that which alleviates disorders. The former one can be taken by everyone who wishes to gain a healthy and balanced life, and the other one works upon the disorders one suffers from.
Chyavanprasha which might be a daily dietary habit for many of us is a good part of healthy lifestyle.
Ayurveda insists us to manage our 'aahaar-vihaar' i.e., the food and lifestyle, in order to escape the illness. But Rasayana Treatment is given in the childhood to make the attain a perfect health at the level of cellular constituents and given to the adults in order to sustain the youthful power and sparkle in their body.
The dosha imbalance caused due to improper food intake and unhygienic lifestyle leads to the degradation of the health of ourself. Charak Samhita beautifully describes how every act we do and every thought we create in our mind paves way to our physical and mental health. So, a wiseman is the one who not only pays attention to what does he eat but also to what does he think. 
In today's world of hectic schedule and hustle full of life, we find it difficult to follow all the principles described in Ayurvedic Scriptures. But we all must try our best to make sure that our physical and mental health is not taken for granted.
Here is the list of medicinal drugs used to retrieve your youthful vigor and vigilance as well as accelerating the immunity system.


Botanical Name- Terminalia chebula
Family- Combretacea
What are the benefits of Haritaki?
It is an excellent sustainer of youthful age, alleviates all diseases and provides strength to all the sense organs. 
It combats with leprosy (including skin disorders), abdominal distension, phthisis, anaemia, narcosis, piles, disorders of grahani, hardness of bowels, spleen enlargement, acute abdominal disorders, excessive secretion of mucus, hoarseness of voice, disorders of complexion, jaundice, helminths, oedema, bronchial asthma, vomiting, impotency, lassitude in organs, various obstructions in channels, impairment of memory and intellect in a short time.

2. AMALAKI (Brahma Rasayana)

Botanical Name- Emblica official is
Family- Umbelliferae
What are the benefits of Amalaki?
By taking this rasayana drug the sages of ancient times attained immeasurable life-span; acquired excellent young age shedding off the rotten physique, became free from drowsiness, exhaustion, dyspnoea and diseases; and bestowed with full concentration, wit and strength practised celibacy and spiritual penance with full devotion.
On a regular use of Brahma rasayana, which has already been used by the great sages, one becomes free fr all the diseases, long-lived and acquires great strength. He is considered as charming, with all missions fulfilled, having magnificence like that of the moon and the sun, acquires and retains the knowledge. He is bestowed with shrewd psyche, firmness like that of mountain, valour like that of wind. Even the effect of poison is reduced on coming in contact with his body.


Botanical Name- Semicarpus anacardium
Family- Anacardiacea
What are the benefits of Bhallatak?
*Their ten formulations are described well in ancient scriptures, which should be prescribed considering the disease, constitution and suitability. 
*There is no disease of kapha dosha which can't be treated by this miraculous drug.
*Moreover, it promotes intellect and agni(digestive power).


Botanical Name- Withania somnifera
Family- Solanaceae
Other Name- “Indian Winter cherry”. 

What are the benefits of Ashwagandha?

* It enhances the brain functions and nervous system.
*Boosts the memory.
* It improves the function of the reproductive system, thus promoting a healthy sexual and reproductive balance.
* Enhances the body's resilience to stress.
* Body's defence mechanism is improved by this drug by improving the cell-mediated immunity. 
*Possesses potent antioxidant properties.


Botanical Name- Bacopa monneri
Family- Scrophulreacea
What are the benefits of Brahmi?
*Enhances memory, learning and concentration.
*Treats anxiety, depression and systemic disorders like cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological and also respiratory problems.
*It contains constituents which are anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antidiabetic and antioxidant properties.
*Aids to sheild against cellular damage which is caused by free radicals.


Botanical Name- Convolvulous pluricaulis
Family- Convolvulacae
What are the benefits of Shankhpushpi?
*It boosts memory and cognition.
* Aids in sleeplessness.
* Helps with headache.
*Combats depression and anxiety.
*Helps with epilepsy.
*Regulates digestion.


Botanical name- Tinospora  cordifolia
Family- Menispermiacea
What are the benefits of Guduchi?
*Reduces the blood sugar level.
*Combats inflammation.
*Antioxidant in nature.
*Reduces fever and spasm.
*Deals with joints pain.
*Enhances memory , and bestows youth.


Botanical Name- Glyccyrrhiza glabra
Family- Leguminacea
What are the benefits of Yashtimadhu?
*Most potent antioxidant
*Possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
*Deals with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
*Combats menopausal symptoms.
*Fights skin problems like eczema and acne.


Botanical Name- Centella asiatica
Family- Umbelliferea
What are the benefits of Mandukparni?
*Improves mental clarity
*Fights skin disorders like leprosy, psoriasis, etc.
*Possess strong anti ageing benefits
*Helps with female genital organ disorders and amenorrhea.


Botanical Name- Commiphora guggul
Family- Bursaracea
What are the benefits of Guggulu?
*Possess anti-inflammatory properties.
*Used as analgesic.
*Possess antioxidant properties.
*Possess detoxification and rejuvenation.
*Kindles agni (digestive fire)
*Promotes a regular menstrual cycle.

Besides all of the above drugs mentioned, our ancient scripture named Charak Samhita, describes a beautiful concept of 'Aachaar Rasayana'.

What is Aachar Rasayana'?

The person who is truthful, free from anger, abstaining from wine and women, non-violent, calm, soft spoken, engaged in japa (repeating incantations) and cleanliness, observing charity, penance; worships ***, cow, brahmana, teacher, preceptor and elders, devoted to love and compassion, keeps vigil and sleep in balance, regularly consuming cow ghee, well-behaved, simple, has all his senses devoted towards spirituality, keeps a good company of elders, optimistic, self-controlled and devoted to holy scriptures should be prescribed to use the rasayana forever. That who, is equipped with all these attributes, uses rasayana, attains all the aforesaid outcomes of the same.

One can never get bestowed with the benefits of rasayana if he has not undergone thoroughly the process of elimination of his physical as well as mental adulterations. 

The formulations are meant to provide longevity and to alleviate senility and diseases, which succeed (only) in patients who have pure mind and body and have self control.


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