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The person who is not bound to any introductions. The actor, who is well known for his role as a Martian. an actor who plays the role with the dedication that makes the character alive He is none other than "Matt Damon".

Matt Damon is a versatile actor, director, and scriptwriter. He is best known for his role as the solitary mastermind in the 1997 movie "Good Will Hunting." He was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance. 

He got his biggest breakthrough in Steven Spielberg's military film "Saving Private Ryan". Matt Damon, an Oscar winner, has been one of Hollywood's most dependable male actors for more than twenty years. In the last two decades, there are several Matt Damon Movies that are worth being recognized and watching.

Damon has demonstrated realistic professionalism in his casting decisions. He prefers to work with well-known directors rather than take a massive gamble on personal initiatives. 

Rather than tossing judgment to the breeze, he takes sensible and cautious decisions, along with trusting other people's ideas and choosing strong, durable enterprises that he believes will succeed. As a result, he's built a pretty traditional movie catalog with several cameos. He understands which roles work and which don't.

So here are we with the list of 30 Matt Damon Movies. These Matt Damon Movies are the perfect example of the versatility of the actor.

1. Good Will Hunting

So, let's start the list with the finest. This amazing masterpiece of cinema is directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Damon itself. This movie is often considered as one of the most magnificent movies in the list of Matt Damon Movies. 

Will Hunting works as a janitor at M.I.T. He is a theoretical mathematician capable of fixing any challenge except those profound within him. To avoid being sentenced for attacking a police officer, he decides to attend treatment sessions with Dr. Sean Maguire, a clinical psychologist. 

The sessions assist him in dealing with his history and accepting that he is the one who holds himself back.

Genres Drama

Good will hunting | Matt Damon Movies

2. The Departed

The plot encircles around two fresh graduate state police academy officers. Billy Costigan, one of the officers, goes undercover to gain the trust of Irish-American gangster Frank Costello. 

At the same time, Costello's pupil, Colin Sullivan, becomes an insider in the police station. As they strive to outsmart each other to stay alive, chaos ensues.

This is one of the best Matt Damon movies ever directed by well-known director Martin Scorsese.

Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller

The Departed | Matt Damon Movies

3. Saving Private Ryan

The story revolves around the Ryan brothers. After three of the Ryan, siblings are killed in battle. Captain John Miller is assigned with a job to track down the fourth Ryan sibling the paratrooper James Francis Ryan. 

He was operating somewhere within Normandy. Captain Miller was assigned to bring him back and return him to his mom. Miller takes eight soldiers into enemy trenches in a brave act of heroism without even knowing if he is still alive.

Steven Spielberg is the director of the picture.

Genres Drama, War

Saving private Ryan | Matt Damon Movies

4. The Martian

The film is among the best Matt Damon movies. This interplanetary movie is based on Andy Weir's novel of the same title from 2011. The film revolves around Mark Watney, an astronaut. He was on a Mars mission. 

His crew, who were left behind, believe he died in a severe storm. He tries to stay alive on Mars by sending messages to Earth using his scientific expertise. Meanwhile, a group of worldwide experts is working together to return him to Earth.

Ridley Scott directed the film, which is frequently regarded as one of the best Matt Damon movies. 

Genres Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

The Martian | Matt Damon Movies

5. The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity is an action-packed detective story centered on a classic Robert Ludlum novel. The main protagonist, Jason Bourne, was brilliantly showcased by Matt Damon. 

In the story, Jason has ended up losing all his memories but soon learns that he is being pursued. He sets out on a mission to discover his actual identity. In the end, he discovers that he is connected to the CIA and their mysteries.

Genres Mystery, Thriller, Action

The Bourne Identity | Matt Damon Movies

6. The Bourne Ultimatum

This true masterpiece was directed under the watchful eyes of Paul Greengrass. The movie is often considered one of the finest Matt Damon movies.

The plot takes place about past events.

Jason Bourne emerges from camouflage to visit British journalist Simon Ross, who is investigating Project Blackbriar. Jason flees and endures a CIA hunt across countries with the help of Nicky Parsons and Pamela Landy to discover his true identity.

Genres Thriller, Action, Mystery

The Bourne Ultimatum | Matt Damon Movies

7. The Bourne Supremacy

The storyline unfolds as Jason Bourne's good start in India with their lover Marie. His smooth life is jeopardized as he is falsely accused of stealing millions of dollars from the CIA by Russian operative Kirill. 

Kirill assassinates Marie while planning to assassinate Bourne. After Kirill murdered his love Marie, Jason embarked on a hunt to assassinate Kirill and clear his name in front of the CIA, which is also looking for him.

Genres Mystery, Thriller, Action

The Bourne supremacy | Matt Damon Movies

8. Interstellar

This is one of those Matt Damon movies that doesn't need to be described. Space fans will flock to see this sci-fi film.

The story revolves around space travel. Christopher Nolan directed the movie proceeds as In a post-apocalyptic Earth plagued by agricultural blights and dust storms, A cosmologist and researcher group dispatches a team of investigators. 

The group was led by former NASA pilot Chris Cooper. The mission was to transport frozen embryonic cells to a distant galaxy with three habitable planets that could serve as the human race's new residence. 

The perfectly blended scientific team with the strong acting skills of Matt Damson made this movie a nominee for the Best Matt Damson Movies.

Genres Sci-Fi, Drama, Adventure

Interstellar | Matt Damon Movies

9. The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is a judicial motion picture about a young, inexperienced barrister who volunteers to represent a youngster dying of leukemia. His insurance company refuses to pay for his life-saving treatment. 

The story revolves around judicial hearings. This movie is surely among the best Matt Damon movies.

Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller

The Rainmaker | Matt Damon Movies

10. Ocean's Eleven

Danny Ocean, a flamboyant burglar, quickly assembles a gang of 11 skilled crooks and devises a brilliant plan for the greatest casino robbery in history. However, it is discovered around halfway through the plans that his girlfriend, Tess, is the partner of the bullseye, Terry Benedict, the director of all 3 casinos.

Genres Thriller, Crime

Ocean's eleven | Matt Damon Movies

11. Jason Bourne

The storyline follows the past events of former CIA agent Jason Bourne, who has managed to recover from amnesia. He strives to figure out the truth regarding his dad's death. He collaborates with Nicky Parson, who breaches CIA networks for program details. 

The illegal breach caught the eye of Heather Lee, the director of the CIA's cyber section. Following Lee's tip, CIA Director Dewey orders the pursuit of Parson and Bourne.

Genres Action, Thriller

12. The Adjustment Bureau

The movie is directed by George Nolfi is one of the best Matt Damon Movies. 

The plot revolves around the up-and-coming US Representative, David Norris. He learns that mankind's existence is being manipulated by paranormal fortune officers known as The Adjustment Bureau. 

Against their wishes, he develops a relationship with a young ballerina dancer named Elise. David and Elise must flee the agency's reset, which will erase all of their experiences.

Genres Romance, Thriller, Sci-Fi

The adjustment bureau | Matt Damon Movies

13. Ford vs Ferrari

The film is based on the well-known rivalry between Ford Motors and Ferrari. James Mangold's direction of the film is simply excellent.

The film begins in 1966 with a racing clash involving Ford and Ferrari at Le Mans, France. Carroll Shelby, an American automobile designer, and Ken Miles, a brave British race car driver, were contracted by Ford. 

They were both tasked with creating the best race ever built to win the struggle against their business rival. They put all of their experience and enthusiasm into creating a groundbreaking car for the Ford Motor Company. 

Genres Action, Biography, Drama, Sport

Ford Vs Ferrari | Matt Damon Movies

14. The Talented Mr. Ripley

Anthony Minghella directed this fantastic screenplay. The plot revolves around a gifted young child named Tom Ripley, who is skilled at cheating, imitating, and counterfeiting. Later in the store, he pretends to recognize a freshly graduated Princeton student, Dickie Greenleaf. Anthony was awestruck by Dickie's luxury. He and Dickie decided to take an off in Italy.

Anthony had a fabulous time in Italy with Dickie's Money. He becomes enamored with Dickie's lavish and easygoing lifestyle and goes to great measures to adopt it as his own.

Genres Thriller, Drama, Crime

15. Rounders

This crime drama is directed by John Dahl. This is among the best Matt Damon movies.

The plot revolves around Mike McDermott, a law student, and brilliant poker player.

The story proceeds with Teddy "KGB," a Russian criminal, stealing his entire $300,000 fortune. He quits poker but is compelled to return after his childhood pal Lester "Worm" Murphy puts him in financial jeopardy. When Worm departs, Mike is forced to face Teddy one last time to fulfill his obligations.

Genres Crime, Drama

Rounders | Matt Damon Movies

16. Deadpool 2

This is one of the most famous superhero movies directed by David Leitch.

This installment continues with Deadpool blaming himself for the death of his lover. As a result, he tried to commit suicide. After numerous failed attempts, he joined the X-Men team.

Russell Collins, an enraged young mutant, is rescued by his teammates from an oppressive institution. They discover that Collins is being pursued by Cable, a cyborg warrior from the future, for the killing of his family.

Genres Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action

17. We Bought a Zoo

The movie is directed by Cameron Crowe. This is one of the best Matt Damon movies.

The plot centers around Benjamin Mee's life. Following his wife's unexpected loss, he decides to relocate with his kids to a land that once housed the defunct Rosemoor Animal Park. Mee, who has no significant experience, donates the finances and collaborates with the zoo's keepers to rebuild it. Mee and his kids are overjoyed with the zoo's animals and are truly happy with them.

Genres Family, Drama, Comedy

18. Invictus

This film is based on a true-story occurrence in South African history. The film recounts President Nelson Mandela's effort to unify the racially divided nation following the fall of the heinous apartheid regime. As the Springboks win the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Mandela and Springboks captain François Pienaar encourage an entire nation to unify behind rugby. 

The movie is not only a box office success, but it is also an inspirational piece of entertainment that encourages us to band together. It sends a clear message of solidarity, opposing racism and prejudice in whatever form they may take. 

Genres History, Sport, Drama, Biography

Invictus | Matt Damson Movies

19. The Great Wall

The movie is directed by Yimou Zhang. This movie in the list of Matt Damon Movies is often considered as one of the finest movies. 

During the era of the Song dynasty, two European soldiers, Irishman William Garin and Spaniard Pero Tovar traveled to China in search of the source of gunpowder. When they learn that the Great Wall was built to prevent an alien species known as the Tao Tei from taking China, their lifestyles are forever transformed. 

Genres Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Thriller

20. Ocean's Thirteen

Steven Soderbergh directs this installment of the Ocean's trilogy.

After being deceived by Reuben Tishkoff, Danny Ocean and his gang set out to bring down hotelier and casino mogul ***** Bank. If his bold plan succeeds, the bank's new casino will be shut down on the first day of operation.

Genres Crime, Thriller

Ocean's 13 | Matt Damon Movies

21. Dogma

This is one of those Matt Damon movies that is completely worth watching.

The story revolves around two angels who are cast out of heaven for disobedience. Both angels are seeking the way back to heaven. After a long search for the way, they finally found the one. The way back goes with the clearance of mankind. The solution will affect humanity's existence.

It's now up to an abortion clinic counselor with a unique backstory and two prophets, Jay and Silent Bob, to prevent the two angels from returning to heaven. The movie is full of amazing scenes that will surely put you on the edge of your seats. Kevin Smith is the director of the film.

Genres Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama

Dogma | Matt Damon Movies

22. The Good Shepherd

This Robert De Niro-directed drama is one of the most magnificent Matt Damon Movies.

Edward Wilson, a CIA man, is the central character of the film. While his techniques gather momentum within the CIA, he must deal with KGB spies and double agents. Unfortunately, his commitment to duty will put his commitment to his family to the test.

A truly great film that will undoubtedly lift your spirits.

Genres Drama, History, Thriller

23. Hereafter

Clint Eastwood's drama "Hereafter" is one of the finest Matt Damon movies. The movie depicts the narrative of three main characters who are all troubled by death. 

After nearly dying in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, George (Matt Damon) is a San Francisco construction worker who finds himself with the ability to converse with the dead. 

French journalist Marie LeLay (Cécile de France) gets a paranormal sighting. In the meantime, a London youth loses the person closest to him. All three people embark on a spiritual journey after death, which has impacted their lives in many different ways.

Genres Drama, Fantasy

Hereafter | Matt Damon Movies

24. The Legend of Bagger Vance

Robert Redford is the director of the film.

In The Legend of Bagger Vance, Captain Junuh encounters a mystery golf caddy who teaches him the skill of achieving the ideal stroke as well as discovering great importance in one's life.

Genres Fantasy, Drama, Sport

25. Green Zone

The narrative takes place in the year 2003.

The story progresses with the US Army's invasion of Iraq. Roy Miller, the top warrant officer of the United States Army, has been tasked with locating weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 

The attack's very reason for being. He quickly realizes, that there is no WMD. Clark Poundstone, a Department of Defense officer, thwarts his efforts to learn the truth about the WMD.

The plot is full of suspense and turns, making it worth watching Matt Damon Movies.

Paul Greengrass directed this one of the best Matt Damon Movies.

Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, War

Green zone | Matt Damon Movies

26. Elysium

The story is set in the apocalyptic year of 2154. During this time, wealthier individuals dwell in luxury onboard Elysium, a life-sustaining space station. On the other hand, weaker and poorer individuals amid the overcrowded ruins of Earth. 

The main protagonist, Max, a former criminal, has only five days to live. In a perilous expedition that could change the system forever, he makes a desperate attempt to reach Elysium.

The story is full of amazing scenes and storylines that make it a nominee for the best Matt Damon movies.

Genres Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action

Elysium | Matt Damon Movies

27. Syriana

The plot of this geopolitical drama revolves around petrochemical geopolitics and the oil industry's global dominance. 

The film proceeds with Bennett, an American barrister who facilitates a deceptive merger, Bryan Woodman, an environmental researcher, and experienced federal agent Bob Barnes, who discovers a murder plan, through interconnected narratives.

 Genres Drama, Thriller

28. Promised Land

Matt Damon's versatility is perfectly demonstrated in this film. Matt not only played the main character, but he also produced and wrote the film's script.

Steve Butler, the primary character, is at the center of the story.

Steve Butler is an experienced oil and gas salesman. He puts all of his effort and attention. He travels to an economically depressed rural hamlet with his coworker, Sue Thomason, to purchase oil rights on nearby land. 

Residents are initially supportive as Butler explains how the initiative will help them. When renowned professor Frank Yates objects, ecologist Dustin and educator Alice rally behind him, launching a grassroots movement.

Genres Drama

Promised Land | Matt Damon Movies

29. The Informant!

This is one of the lesser-known Matt Damon movies. The plot works when Mark Whitacre, a Senior Archer Daniels Midland employee, attempts to investigate his firm for valuation techniques. He gathers enough proof with the help of the investigation bureau. Mark also stole money funds from his organization, and he goes to prison as the movie unfolds.

Genres Drama, Crime, Comedy

30. Contagion

Steven Soderbergh directed movie is among one of the best Matt Damon movies. The plot is extremely fascinating and will hold you interested until the very end.

The plot begins with the inexplicable deaths of people all around the United States. It's only the start of a potentially fatal infection. It begins to spread and becomes a pandemic. As the cases continue to rise, scientists along with a team of researchers and doctors all around the globe researching to cure the disease.

Genres Thriller, Drama

Contagion | Matt Damson Movies

So here comes an end to the list of 30 Matt Damon Movies. This list of Matt Damon Movies is blended with films from all genres. On a personal note, The martian and Contagion are my favorite Matt Damon Movies. 

The perfect screenplay along with a powerful star cast and fantastic performance by Matt Damon made these movies my favorite Matt Damon movies.

Let us know your favorite Matt Damon Movies in the comment box.


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