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How To Keep The Dating Conversation

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Jul 31, 2021|3 min read


In an ideal world, chatting with a date on a matrimony app would feel like playing a ping-pong game. But in real life, someone will likely drop the ball. 

If you are excited to go on a matrimonial date but also flipping out over how to keep the conversation going, don't worry. Let MatchMe, the best matrimonial bureau in Dubai UAE, help you kindle the romantic flame with these useful tips. Come, let's take a look!

Matrimonial Service In Dubai UAE

Breaking the ice

Okay, you know what you want, and you've reserved a table (or maybe you're putting on bungee jumping gear, who knows). And now what do you say? Don't worry. 

Smiling and showing interest in the other person, asking how they are doing - these are excellent ways to begin your date. Afterward, you can move ahead by making comments about the place. If you are the guest, comment how 'cool' it is. If you are the one who chose it, explain why you did it. 

The trick is to be proactive to avoid awkward silences, but don't go overboard either. People do not like it if they have to talk about themselves constantly.

What next?

Once you have broken the ice, verbally speaking, it gives some warmth to do the same physically. Help with the coat or make a gesture of 'let's go over there' by slightly touching your date's arm. 

But be careful not to get too touchy-touchy. Some people do not find too much physical contact pleasant at first. For them, it's something that becomes safe once they get to know others. 

These topics are a big no-no

Once you have broken the ice, it is time to pull the repertoire so that the conversation flows, and here you also have to be alert. It does not matter if you are a theology professor, professional footballer, or the Prime Minister himself. 

Avoid talking about religion, football, and politics, as these are topics that can lead to controversy. Don't even think about talking about your ex-partners, no matter how bad they were and how much time it took you to get over them. 

Instead, go ahead with fun questions

The best thing is to chat about neutral topics, which do not cause the first date to end with bad vibes. Ask key questions to get to know the other person better. 

MatchMe, the best matrimonial bureau in Dubai UAE, reveals - more than knowing what happened to your ex-boyfriends, you should aim to make your date comfortable using fun, hypothetical scenarios - ask where they would like to go on a trip, how they would spend a million bucks or what's the person's their bucket list. 

It's exciting and allows you to know your date and know what they want in the future, not their past. 

Use pauses and non-verbal language to your advantage

Silences between conversations can be used as a strategy at a certain point when you've reached some level of ease. Far from being uncomfortable, it can be very useful to empathize and get closer to your date. 

The gestures, the posture of the body - everything that accompanies this silence can have a lot of meaning, so take advantage of it when you are given the opportunity but not when you have no topic of conversation. 

All in all, when it comes to dating, you need to make a conscious effort not to make it a big deal. Breathe, relax and pay attention. It does not matter if you're a man or a woman. 

With the above tips, any date will move ahead with an engaging conversation, and you'll have a great time. 

That being said, don’t worry if things don’t work out. If dating is not your cup of tea, there’s always the old route. Let MatchMe’s matrimonial service in Dubai UAE end your search for THE ONE.

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