Mastering Time Management

Time is money.

Ben Tucker

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Time is the most valuable resource you have. Period. And while you probably don't want to hear me say "Jeff Bezos has the same 24 hours as you", he unfortunately does. Most, if not all, of my success in life has been a direct result of being efficient with time. Learning to master time management not only allows you to achieve greater things and surpass your goals, but also to enjoy life with more freedom and comfortability. Here are my tips on how to be a better time manager.

1) Avoid multi-tasking and distractions. Take this with some context. Some things in life require multi-tasking. Your body simply must breathe while you also sleep, thank goodness for that. I'm talking about things that are not necessary. Whatever your task is at hand, devote complete and full attention to it. Distractions and lack of attention lead to work of less quality, straying you further from the path of success. This even means things you enjoy doing. If your favorite movie is on, watch it, with complete attention. Never waste your own time, especially with the things you love doing in life.

2) Set clear goals and objectives. It's important to have barometers in life, to measure what you define as success and failure. Having undeniably clear goals and objectives allows you to be more efficient, and saves you a lot of what we do not have, time. Measure success, define failure, and this process will allow you to more efficiently and effectively plan how you use your precious time.

3) Take mental breaks. Mastering time management also requires you to be cognizant of the fact that we as humans have limits. Be efficient, be effective, but don not overwork yourself. A sprinter will almost never win a marathon. Pace yourself, and take breaks as needed. I myself like to take breaks every hour or so. Just five minutes to give my brain a reset. This allows me to regroup before diving back into whatever I'm allocating my time to, especially if it is a work related task. Even taking a break takes proper time management.

4) Be Flexible. A great time manager is someone who can also work around obstacles and spontaneous occurrences. Sometimes life gets in the way. Much like a business, there are so many "small fires" that need to be put out. Mastering time management will allow you to deal with whatever life throws at you while enabling you to be efficient and get things done. Small fires are opportunities to put your time management skills to the test.

I hope these four points enable you to be a better time manager. I myself actively work on being the best I can at managing my time. Availability is the best ability. The most successful people are those who can optimize the very chaotic and short amount of time we all have in a day. I hope you learn how to master your 24 hours.




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