Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5

Marvel Phase 5

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What’s up watchers of the Marvel multiverse, welcome back to the Marvelous wave, and today we have some really exciting news about the Marvel phase 5.

Phase 4 is well underway, with 2021 being a pretty massive year for Marvel, despite the current pandemic, Going on with the release of several feature films, including Spiderman no way home, which is the first film to reach a billion dollars since the rise of Skywalker, as well as critical successes such as Xiang chi in the legend of the ten rings, not to mention Disney Plus projects such as Wanda vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye and my personal favorite Loki 2022 is going to be just as big a year for Marvel as 2021 was with the release of films such as Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. The she-hulk series, and much more, not to mention Black Panther II, Wakanda forever, and Thor love and thunder currently over at Marvel studios.

They have 22 projects that have already been announced from Disney plus shows to live-action movies, with phase 4 clearly being fully announced at this point, seemingly being capped off with the release of the fantastic four. However, today we have an update of phase 5, that update is Marvel studios reportedly, has 21 unannounced projects that they are currently working on.

What this means is that phase 5 will be just as big as phase 4. Phase 4 made history in the Marvel cinematic universe, For being the biggest phase by far, both with the sheer amount of movies coming out, as well as the Disney plus shows and delving into brand new territory with the what if series, the idea that phase 5 of Marvel is just as big as phase 4 is Huge not to mention that Marvel studios is already working on it again with 21 unannounced projects that we currently know about.

If I had to guess, some of these projects will likely see a Silver Surfer in phase 5 along with, hopefully, a daredevil series. Again These are projects currently that we know next to nothing about, meaning that the plethora of characters that Marvel is beginning to introduce is about to get much bigger than what we already see in phase 4.

With phase 4 being the face that introduced the newest Heroes so far by a long shot. Currently, at this point, we have three projects that have been rumored for Marvel phase 5 but have yet to be officially announced. Those projects include the Thunderbolts or a variation of the Dark Avengers, which we know is a major plot point in establishing them in Marvel phase 4 and we’ll eventually get to see them all brought together in a thunderbolts-like project. Xiang chi 2 after the big cliffhanger at the end of the first one, with the legend of the ten rings and the history of the ten rings and the film that’s rumored to cap off phase 5 being World War Hulk with it being speculated that Bruce Banner And hulk will be the main antagonist in the finale of phase 5, but again guys That’s only three projects that we’ve been hearing rumors of and rambles of behind 21 projects that Marvel studios is currently developing.

We’re still just barely underway in Marvel phase 4 with Marvel phase 4 only really kicking into gear in 2021, with the release of Wanda vision. The first real post is, avengers endgame project that Marvel studios worked on, but it isn’t looking like they’re going to slow down anytime soon, and it’s also looking like phase 5 is shaping up to be just as big as phase 4.

But what are your thoughts on this big announcement for the future of the Marvel cinematic universe and phase 5, and how do you feel about there being double the amount of projects and development over at Marvel studios that we’re currently completely unaware of. Besides, of course, the three that we just briefly mentioned, these projects are not affiliated with the projects that we currently know about. That means it doesn’t include films and TV shows such as Ironheart, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, or Fantastic Four, and are completely new projects. Again, we don’t know anything about them as of now, but as soon as we do I’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date.

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