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May 21, 2021|6 min read


In this pandemic, all one can do other than work from home is binge-watch some cool series or movies. If you are fatigued by binging movies, it’s time to scout the plethora of regional content.

Apart from English and Hindi web series, there are some mind-boggling regional web series that are binge-worthy. All you need to do is to find the right list of regional web series. And for that, today we have brought you a list of Marathi web series with amazing series and phenomenal plot.

Marathi web series is one of the most evolved genres of Indian regional content, and in this lockdown it would be a good chance for you to stack your watch list with some Marathi web series, starting with our list that is presented below.

And you don’t need to worry about the streaming platforms. You shall find these top Marathi web series on the OTT streaming platforms to which you have already subscribed.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and sit with your family and friends to binge-watch these top Marathi web series, with the plot ranging from romance to comedy to thriller.

Keep browsing through our list of Marathi web series and prepare your watchlist.

1. Samantar


One of the highly-rated Marathi web series, the plot of Samantar follows a young man named Kumar Mahajan who was frustrated with his personal and professional life. To find a solution, he visits a Swami. 

There he gets to know about a man named Sudarshan Chakrapni who has lived the same life as him. To change his life and destiny, Kumar decides to go on a journey to find Sudarshan.

You can stream this web series on MX Player.

2. High Time

One of the top-rated Marathi web series, High Time has an amazing plot following the friendship of four friends who face failures and hardships together, promising each other that they won’t leave each other ever and won’t give up which strengthens their friendship even more every single day. 

This series is binge-worthy with your group of friends.

You can stream this web series on YouTube.

3. Kaale Dhande

The next one in our list of Marathi web series is this comedy series. Vicky, a young photographer life changes completely after his uncle catches him in PDA with a woman. 

After he is exposed to the family by his uncle, he becomes desperate to put things in the right order, and in the path to do that, Vicky entraps himself into a much bigger mess.

You can stream this web series on ZEE5.

4. Gondya Ala Re

Set in Pune in 1897, Gondya Ala Re is based on a real story and follows the revolution started by the Chaphekar brothers against British rule. The brothers were one of the great freedom fighters.

You can stream this web series on ZEE5.

5. Shala


Focusing on the lives of school students, Shala is a Marathi web series that will take you back to your school days. The story also focuses on love and friendship and the different challenges faced by teenagers and their ways of dealing with them.

You can stream this web series on YouTube.

6. Pandu

This Marathi web series throws the spotlight on the real-life of a Mumbai police. The protagonist of the story, Pandu, is a simple man and cop who tries to take off the mask of the police and show their real faces.

You can stream this web series on MX Player.

7. Safe Journeys

The series has the plot of a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl living in America together, where the boy works in a call center and the girl works at a company. 

As expected, the father of the girl is unhappy with their inter-religion relationship and he seeks an astrologer who tells that the boy is cheating on the girl. When warned by her father, the girl doesn’t take it seriously.

You can stream this web series on YouTube.

8. Moving Out

Moving Out

Next in our list of Marathi web series, it tells the story of a young urban girl who wants to live alone and a life full of freedom, without any restrictions from her parents. 

But her parents highly disagree with this thought. The girl leaves the house one night and goes to Mumbai to live alone. There she falls in love with Saif, a Muslim surgeon, and from then her life changes completely.

You can stream this web series on YouTube.

9. Aani Kay Hava

The next must-watch in our list of Marathi web series is Aani Kay Hava starting with a sweet love story of a new married couple Saket and Jui. 

They are deeply in love with each other and are exploring the different prospects of married life but things take a heavy turn when Samar Singhania, a business magnate, enters their lives.

You can stream this web series on MX Player.

10. Once A Year

The story of this rom-com drama Marathi web series revolves around a couple irresolute about taking the next step in their relationship and getting married though being together for more than six years.

You can stream this web series on MX Player.

11. Bhadkhau


Another must-watch series in our list of Marathi web series is this drama-comedy series. Santya, the protagonist of the story, one day receives Rs. 500 notes with Bhadkhau written on it. 

He got the note before his honeymoon, and somehow his honeymoon gets postponed, leaving Santya in worry that the note might be the reason for the postponement. Following the incident, Santya sets out to find the sender of the note. 

You can stream this web series on PrimeFlix.

12. Liftman

The protagonist of the story is an elevator operator and the story talks about his sociability with the residents of the apartment. It is a comedy Marathi web series and it casts the spotlight on the life of a person working in the lifts. If you want some belly-aching laugh then surely watch this series.

You can stream this web series on ZEE5.

13. Bang Bang

A must-watch rom-com Marathi web series, it has the story of an adult who solicits direction from his best friend for his next step to be taken after he ends his previous relationship.

You can stream this web series on YouTube.

14. YOLO

YOLO or You Only Live Once

YOLO or You Only Live Once has the plot revolving around four adults who live through copious events that transpose their stance towards various aspects of life. 

You can stream this web series on SONY Liv.

15. Struggler Saala

This Marathi web series shows the endeavors encountered by two aspiring actors to enter the film industry. This series is full of comedy and is one of the phenomenal Marathi web series.

You can stream this web series on YouTube.

Watching series is the best stress buster. And to bring a new path to your watchlist, you can start watching regional web series.

Our list of Marathi web series is just the beginning. There are many web series that is going to release soon on your favorite OTT platforms for you to stream and binge-watch day and night.

Whether you are a Maratha or not, you’ll surely love them because these 15 Marathi web series in our list are the top-rated and much appreciated by the audience.

We hope you will love the Marathi web series mentioned by us and hope it will encourage you to watch more of the Marathi web series that are available on different streaming platforms. Add these intriguing series to your watchlist and do let us know which one you liked the most.

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