20 Maharana Pratap Quotes That Reflect The Valour of Rajputs

Beyond battles, beyond victory- the fight for motherland surpasses everything

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Apr 2, 2021|7 min read


History repeats, but there’s only one Maharana Pratap born in 1000 years. Undefeated, untamed, and unstoppable-the great Maharana Pratap will be worshipped forever till the world exists. It’s not about the dates, battles fought, or empires extended- but his heroic spirit that shakes everyone.

Whenever you read Maharana Pratap's quotes, there are goosebumps, boiling blood full of vigor, lifting all of us high with heroic spirits. But do you know why? Because no one ever could offer such a tough fight, especially to Akbar or any Mughals like Maharana Pratap did.

When the question was about securing his motherland, he knew that he would slay all of his enemies to death, no matter how hard the battle can be. The memorable battle of Haldighat, where his favorite horse ‘Chetak’ died for saving his life, makes everyone shiver.

Even his horse was equally patriotic. After long isolation in jungles, Maharana Pratap finally got a grip over his motherland after defeating the Mughals. But history will remember this great warrior for his unmatched valor, courage, bravery and in the rest of years in history, Mewar didn’t get to see such a patriotic son ever.

1.  “Apne aur apne pariwar ke alawa, jo apne rashtra ke bare mai soche wahi asli nagrik hai.”

Maharana Pratap Quotes

Love for country or patriotism is the foremost quality that makes one a true citizen or child of the motherland. As a citizen or resident, it is necessary to think about the welfare of the country and its people in order to promote harmony.

2. “Manushya ka gaurav aur atmsaman uski sab se badi kamai hoti hai, isliye sada inki raksha karna chahiye.” 

Maharana Pratap Quotes

Deep and self-inflicting, Maharana Pratap quotes are often regarded as a lifetime treasure. Money and fame diminish with death, what remains is respect. It will be better if we focus on earning respect because these are the only earnings that will remain and will protect us lifelong.

3. “Agar irada neak aur majbut ho, to manushya ki paraajaya nahin, vijay hoti hai.” 

Our human lives are balanced with actions and karma-the outcome of actions. We all have different factors that lead us to grace or sin. When there’s good reason or motive behind work, victory is evident. There can be no defeat if noble causes are behind. Maharana Pratap's quotes throw a good deal of light into the real values of life.

4. “Ek mahan shasak ka pahla kartavya hota hai, ki wo apne rajya ka samman aur gaurav bachai.”

Maharana’s quotes describe a lot about human values and lessons, mostly acquired through his own experiences. The sole duty of a king is to save the kingdom’s respect and pride in all situations and continue maintaining it. The whole kingdom strives upon respect, and this respect is earned through the proper welfare of its people.

5.  “Tab tak parishram karte raho, jab tak tumhe tumhari manjil na mil jaye.”

Here we are, inspirational and motivational Maharana Pratap quotes to start your day with. Like today, problems persisted in those times also. But we can always reach our destination with strength and determination, irrespective of time. So keep struggling, till we reach our destination.

6. “Apne achhe samay mai apne aap ko itna karm ke sath wisaspatra banalo, jab aap pe bura waqt aaye wah usse bhi achha bana de.” 

Dedicating time, patience, and love to work is the most beneficial habit that one can make. Later during hard times, one can surely rely on that habit or routine to eliminate all sorts of negativity. Work routine brings the best of our capability and Maharana Pratap's quotes have rightly done justice to his set of beliefs that are still applicable to modern times.

7. “Satya, parishram aur santosh khushal zindagi ke sadhan hain, parantu annyie ko mitane ke liye hinsa bhi aavashyak hai.”

Truth, hard work, and satisfaction are true elements of a happy life. With these elements, one can ease all pain and find simplicity in living, or else even jealousy alone can fight with injustice, but that’s, not the solution. Maharana Pratap's quotes portray the true meaning of life in the most simple way possible.

8. “Samay itna balwan hota hai, ki ek raja ko bhi ghas ki roti khila sakta hai.”

Time is omnipotent, the most powerful thing that controls this whole universe. Time can change everything and even a king can eat grass in bad situations when the time doesn’t favor him with luxuries. It’s foolish to take time for granted, nor it can be predicted-there can be both good times or bad times, unexpectedly.

9. “Samay ek takatwar aur Shashi ko hi apna wirasat deti hai, isliye, apne raste par adig raho.”

Be aware, be alarmed in your mission to success. Time doesn’t grant access to all, only the powerful and the moon can afford its benefit. So, realize the value of time and use it consciously.

10. “Bhukhe pyase reh kar bhi apne Mewar ka raksha karunga, apna jan de dunga, par Mewar nahin dunga.”

Patriotism is vulnerable. It’s either life or death when it comes to the motherland. Maharana Pratap quotes, especially this one, speaks how much love did Maharana have for Mewar, his motherland. He made his vow true, despite all set-backs Maharana Pratap defeated Mughals and secured Mewar.

11. “Agar aap sapp se dosti rakhoge, toh ek na ek din apne swabhav ke anusar aapko dash hi lega.”

No matter how strong friendship can be, it can’t alter someone’s nature. Like a snake, an evil person will eventually harm you one day because that is his nature.

12. “Jo atyant kathin paristhiti mai Bhi jhuk Kar har Nahin mante, wo har Kar Bhi jeet jate hain.”

Not all victories are about winning, sometimes continuing with the struggle is the ultimate victory that one can have. No matter how hard a situation gets, how stressed we are if we are able to continue our fight- winning is inevitable, and even if we lose, that will be perceived as victory only. It’s so surprising that Maharana Pratap quotes are applicable to today’s life also, isn’t it?

13. “Jo sukh se aatiprasan aur dar se jhuk jate hain, unhen nahin safalata milti hai, aur nahin itihaas mai jagah.

We all run behind happiness, often scared with thoughts of failure. This is the main reason behind our failures because lack of courage makes us unsuccessful. We should deal with all our fears and limitations in the same way we treat happiness. If we don’t do so, there will be no success coming in our way and our names will diminish without any acknowledgment.

14. “Annyie aur aadharm ka aant karna, poore manushya jati ka kartavya hai.”

To end injustice is not an individual’s responsibility. We all should participate in freeing society from the chains of injustice and intolerance, that disrupts the equilibrium of the society. We all are born with some duties and responsibilities that need to be amended during our lifetime-Maharana Pratap quotes portray this truth in a beautiful way and this initiative should be taken by all of us.

15. “Gaurav, man-mariada aur atmsaman se bada jiwan ko bhi nahi manna chahiye.”

Most of the Maharana Pratap quotes signify the role of self-respect, pride, and reputation. Life stands upright on these three pillars. Even life itself is not bigger than these values, one should respect and maintain to keep these as primary aspects of life.

16. “Manushya apne kathin parishram aur kaston se hi apne nam ko amar bana sakta hai.”

No one remembers anyone for long after death, if we do it’s for their extraordinary deeds. Its pure hard work and dedication that make an individual immortal. The name remains immortal in people’s minds and memory only through good deeds or contributions.

17. “Martabhumi aur apne maa mai tulna karna aur antar samajhna, nirbal aur murkhon ka kam hai.

Motherland can only be compared with own mother, the greatness of two is huge and cannot be measured in any terms. Both of these mothers have huge roles in our lives and it’s utter stupidness to differentiate them anyway. Only weak and stupid people will treat these two mothers differently, for they don’t have rational minds to understand. Such intellectual Maharana Pratap quotes surely prove that he was just not courageous but liberal and highly intellectual.

18. “Saman hin manushya, ek murkh vyakti ke saman hota hai.”

What are we if you don’t hold any respect in other’s eyes? We live our lives earning respect, and if we don’t lose it, lives will turn futile. Imagine no person respecting you, not considering you important or enough, people will just ignore and rather worse- disrespect you.

19. “Kast wipatti aur sankat, ye jiwan ko majbut aur anubhabi banati hain, inse darna nahin, balki prassanta purwak inse sikhna chahiye.

Life is meaningless, futile, and stagnant in absence of problems or obstacles. We learn through our problems, evolve, and move forward in life. So there’s nothing to fear obstacles, it’s how we grow strong, instead, we should face all our problems with full spirit and learn lessons while solving them.

20. “Satru safal aur sooryawan vaikti ek hi hote hain”

There’s no success without a chivalrous mentality. Successful people are conscious, intelligent, and confident enough to defeat all obstacles that come their way. So if enemies are successful, it’s pretty clear that they are chivalrous too. There has to be something that is complimented, every time in any individual because just like this statement, it is known that foolish people can never be successful.

So here we are, at the end of the list. But there can be different beginnings now with you.  We would suggest you visit Mewar, Haldighati where the battle took place so that you can get the vibes. The place where Chetak, Maharana Pratap’s horse died is now a famous tourist spot.

The whole story of Maharana Pratap is not just a history chapter, there is so much into it that one may feel like going back to the time machine just to witness it in reality. The royal palaces, architecture, everything speaks of the great Rajputs who have imprinted their names in world history for their contribution.

Comment, share and do let us know what you think about the royalty of Rajputs. Till then be the warrior in your thoughts!


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