14 Lucknow Malls To Visit for Shopping and Hangout with Friends

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Lakshita Gaur

Nov 20, 2020|5 min read


We all are stuck at our homes due to this ongoing Pandemic, but now as things are reopening and we are searching for the best and the safest places to hang out with our friends, Malls undoubtedly become our first choice to visit. We trust the food brands, the cloth brands, and everything is well maintained and sanitized. 

As the new weather is knocking on our doors and the wedding season is around the corner as well, we need to shop and hang out with our loved ones to relieve the mental stress we have been carrying from the past few months. We have here brought to you the list of 12 Famous Lucknow Malls which you can visit to enlighten your shopping wardrobe!

1) Fun Republic Mall (Fun Cinemas)

Located in Gomti Nagar this Lucknow Mall is one of the most loved places to be visited by a group of friends. The mall was built in the mid-2000s by the Zee Group and comprises all retail outlets, food courts, cinemas, and a 60 room Boutique Hotel. The mall has a parking area for 550 cars so that you can easily drift off to the mall!

2) Lulu Mall Lucknow

This Lucknow Mall is located on NH-27, Lucknow Sultanpur Highway, and is often referred to as the “World of Happiness”. The mall comprises over 300 National and International Shopping Outlets and food from your favourite junk areas !!

3) Phoenix United Mall Lucknow

This shopping centre in Lucknow is one of the prime hanging out places for all the brand lovers! The mall comprises various branded and unbranded outlets. The mall even holds various fun events in a festive season or any special occasion. You can even visit their website to shop and have fun !!

4) East End Mall or Wave Mall Lucknow (Wave Cinemas)

One of the most crowded Lucknow Mall is this one which is located in Gomti Nagar. People spend hours shopping here, enjoying various fun activities in Landmark, eating their favourite food, and being introduced to various benefits and discounts at an affordable price range!!

5) Singapore Mall Lucknow

This Lucknow Mall comprises different zones for all the shopping lovers, whether it is a wedding or you are shopping for your friend, lover, parents, or your children you will find the best varieties of gifts and special accessories.

The mall even has a wide variety of movies premiering every Friday, in the well maintained Pvr Cinemas.

6) Sahara Ganj Mall Lucknow

Located in Hazratganj, this Lucknow Mall is famous for its sale offers and has the most amazing facilities, and the tastiest food is available in food courts.

The timings for the mall are suitable for everyone, whether you are going there with your family or having a day out with friends.

7) City Mall or SRS City Mall (SRS Cinemas)

This Lucknow City Mall is famous for its timely movie premieres every week and is loved by all the Lucknow visitors, the place is regarded to be one of the best Malls and has an excellent star rating. The Mall is located in Gomti Nagar!

8) Umrao Mall

This Lucknow Mall is famous for its fine dining restaurants and game zone which is loved by all teenagers, adults, and children. Many other branded outlets are there with heavy discount offers on a special occasion. There are Inox cinemas in the Mall, which provide a fun experience in watching the best movies!

9) Lucknow Riverside Mall

This mall is located in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, and is one of the best places to hang out with friends when you meet them after taking out time from your busy schedule. The mall has all the amazing facilities which are located on different floors of the mall!

10) One Awadh Center Mall (Cinepolis)

This is a premium shopping mall for all the shoppers in Lucknow. The mall is famous for its wide variety of workshops, whether it is a Chocolate making Workshop or a new festive Bazaar in town, the mall provides you with all the benefits!

11) Crown Mall

This is one of the best Lucknow Mall, which is divided into different zones like-Food zone, Shop zone, Entertainment zone. The mall is beautiful from inside out and is a prime destination for all the shopping and fun-seeking freaks!

The cafes in malls are the top-rated cafes in Lucknow and ignite your taste buds in the best ways possible!

12) Phoenix Pallasio

This Lucknow Mall is a newly built one and provides us with the best facilities in even these hard times of a Pandemic. The mall is well maintained and you can shop for anything and everything from this Mall with a wide variety of shops of different brands!

13) Gardens Galleria Mall

One of the new malls in Lucknow, Gardens Galleria Mall is located on Raebareli Road and is the only mall in that area. It also has the much loved Inox Theatres and great food outlets to enjoy. With lots of space in the middle, it also can be good for public events.

14) Burlington Square Mall

Built where once the famous Burlington Hotel was, the Burlington Square mall is recently inaugurated in Lucknow. Attractive from outside and inside, this Lucknow mall is located on the Cantonment Road in Lalbagh. It has lots of shopping and entertainment options catering to the needs of people in old Lucknow city.

Now, as you are familiar with the best Malls in Lucknow. Why don’t you try taking a day off and visit it with a group of your distant friends who are in town! Take out your shopping bags and get ready to avail discounts on the things of your choice!

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