A Heartbreak Poetry To Tranquil Your Soul With Reposeful Words

Ye dil da mamala hai!

Vartika Srivastava

8 months ago|3 min read


Poetries are the ultimate source we dive in to fill our hearts with calmness and balmy feelings, next to music. Heartbreak, love, sorrow, separation, happiness and all the heartfelt emotions can be tasted in every sip of the words in love poetry.

Cheers to the encaged lover inside you who secretly dwells into the magnificent castle of nostalgic memories and craves to experience that same spark of love your heart emits everytime you see or think about your loved one.

Childhood love is actually the rollercoaster everyone rides upon from all the strange emotions of love, excitement, thrill, adventure, heart breaks, tears, breakups, and many more. Lucky are those who find their true lovers in the early lives, but for many people, love brings nothing but misery to them following heartbreak.

Love is the purest exchange of energy two souls strongly feel connected to, although it can easily be feigned in this digital world of social media and dating applications. People nowadays are highly competitive in perfectly pretending to live the best and luxurious life, although the reality is always not exactly how they manage to build up on social media platforms.

Here is a love poetry to quench your thirsty heart which has survived alot many strong emotions of heartbreak, separation and sadness, but is still bravely pumping enthusiasm and affirmations to every cell of your body and encouraging you to keep up with this hustle full of world with a delighted and cheerful smile on your beautiful face. If you are searching for broken heart quotes to send anyone or to make captions for your beautiful posts on social media, then these couplets might solve your issue.

Love was the reason for my love

Love Was The Reason For My Love

Green was the ground, sky above,
Love was the reason for my love.

Childish dreams in the sunshine,
Innocent, careless heart of mine.

I found you as a golden reward,
Seemed to be tied with a divine cord.

Everything was clear in the moonlight,
I freed my heart, you clenched it tight.

Love was forever, this was for sure,
I felt your heartbeat clear and pure.

Your moments were mine, you promised.
Shining bright my eyes too cherished.

Souls were fully emerged in love,
Witness were the nature and God above.

Hands were tight, promises in the air,
Fragrant wind, foolish talks to share.

“Love triumphs all” the Bible taught.
Though was a sin, the world fought.

You stood upright, facing the troubles,
I was behind, fearless of hurdles.

Green was the ground, sky above,
Trust was the reason, for my love.

Must be a sin in my life I did.
We promised our souls, though you rid.

I searched hard, in the moonlight.
Heart had nothing, unclear sight.

Tears were real, I repent.
You laughed at me, forgetting the days we spent.

Hard to breathe, drowned in the lake,
Heart denies your feelings can’t be fake.

Vibes of positivity I received,
Relation built up, how you deceived.

The chilling, foggy days of December.
The warmth of your hands I do remember.

Lips lack words, conversation to start,
Thousand miles separate our hearts.

Time passed away, the heart replenished.
Skipping the beats, sadness vanished.

Practising to carry a good fake smile,
Escaping the truth, denying to rest a while.

Clouds rained, wetting the body and head.
Cry loud in pain, the deep soul said.

Priorities ran onto the life,
Slicing the trust with a golden knife.


I hope every couplet of my love poetries must have made your heart to feel ebullient and motivated you to forget about the heartbreak experience, and to love yourself more and more so that you may emit a strong positive energy because of which everyone gets attracted to and start loving you the most.


Vartika Srivastava

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