4 Little Known Japanese Dieting Tips For Weight Loss

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Kratika Tiwari Pandey

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In Japan, most people don't go to the gym.

 In day-to-day life, they follow various practices, which ultimately contribute to a healthier body. So, they don't need to diet. 

These practices may be new for non-Japanese people but are common sense to Japanese people.

Let us start with 4 little unknown Japanese Dieting Tips for Weight Loss

I. Relaxing Half Body Bath in Warm Water

Japanese people take a half-body bath every other day for at least 20~30 minutes in the bathtub. 

They merge themselves in warm bathwater until the level of water stays just below the chest. The temperature of bath water must be between 100~105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Concept Behind this Practice - The warm water keeps the metabolism of the body at a relatively quick pace. The body becomes clean, fresh & relatively younger. Its continuous practice results in weight loss.

Pro-Tip -  If you find it difficult to stay in bathwater for a long time, do take your phone or any book for deviation with yourself. After a while, you would get used to it.                            .         .           .

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II. Walk at Least Half a Mile Daily

Japanese people believe in commuting on foot. Whether going to a nearby market or bus stop, they would walk instead of using vehicles.

Walking makes your digestion process(metabolism) on fire. It strengthens your body muscles & makes you active. This definitely helps in a more fit & healthy body.

I have started walking half a mile daily, when are you starting?

                          .          .              .

III. Eat Your Vegetables First

Yes, you heard it right! Japanese people eat their greens or vegetables first. 

They believe that this helps in making their stomach full in less time & quantity. They practice meal portion control this way. 

The concept behind this practice is -  When you eat vegetables first before eating other foods, the process helps in preventing sugar levels from spiking up & the mass of insulin produced.

And if the sugar level spikes that quickly, it becomes easy for our bodies to build up the fat.

                     .                   .                 .

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IV. Chew a Bite at Least 30 Times

Japanese people chew their bites at least 30 times. Slow chewing helps in satisfying their hunger in fewer meal portions.

Also, saliva helps in breaking down the food more easily. This way, there comes less pressure on the other digestive organs, like the stomach, intestines, etc.

                          .               .               .


Japanese people believe in portion control. They would have rice over wheat. They mostly prefer freshly prepared home-cooked than any frozen or processed foods.

Final Words

In totality, this Japanese dieting regime requires less effort & easy to do techniques.

Summarizing all the techniques

  • Relaxing hot water half-body bath
  • Walk at least half a mile every day
  • Eat your vegetables first
  • Chew a bite at least 30 times
  • Have a meal portion control
  • Prefer home-cooked to processed food                      .              .             .

Hope you find the blog useful for yourself & your family.


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