Little Blossoms Poem

A spring-flavored poem.

Patricia Pixie

1 month ago|1 min read


Photo by Tuân Nguyễn Minh on Unsplash

Floating in the air sweetly,

Like the gentlest caress from the wind.

A loving promise lingered everywhere.

The branches of a nearby tree shook.

There were no more tears to shed.

A new dawn arrived with no warning.

Pure joy coming from the sky.

Little petals cover the grass.

Floating in the air sweetly,

Little blossoms everywhere.

Golden tears fall from the sky.

Emptiness fades away.

Light pours from the soul.

The stars are dancing.

Smile, child of light,

There will be no more chains.

Run to the hills freely.

Let freedom guide you.


Patricia Pixie

Hi, I'm Patricia Pixie.



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