11 Life Lessons That You Wish You Would Have Learned It Earlier

It's never too late!

Yash Srivastava

Yash Srivastava

Oct 10, 2018|5 min read


Life is an unaccustomed school of learning. You never know what comes in when, and which action leads to which reaction, until you have placed yourself into that experiment. Here are 11 life lessons that you would wish to have learned earlier in life.

1- Going to College is of no use. 

We have to learn things ourselves, college is not going to teach us or make us. Sooner or later it has to be done by us.

Also dropping out of college is also not cool, that will also not teach you anything. People drop out of college not because they wanted to, but because they were not able to manage studies and startup at the same time.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more are the college dropout, Sundar Pichai and some others are not. Although, college played an important role but college played no roles to the teach them the things they are doing.

2- Making use of 24 hours is important.

The sooner you realize it and have it as a habit the farther you will go in life. Believe me, you will realize it some day or other. 24 hours are very important.

3- Nothing in life comes cheap and free of cost. 

If you are told you will get the money “doing this or that ” very easily. Then it is a trick never accept the offer. There are no shortcuts, no shorthand, no free of cost thing, no cheap stuff eventually it all comes with some other price. 

4- No one is there for you in any situation, neither your parents.

You are all alone to fight your own battle, no one is going to help you except if you want sympathy then it’s different.

5- Sometimes Relationships are not meant to last forever. 

Then also it is okay to have it, don’t wish for it to last forever maybe this one is meant to prepare you for the stuff (to bring change and understanding)so that next one will last forever.
Also, it is always helpful to understand something then to just let it go, so be in one and try to find yourself without thinking if it will last forever or not.

6- The best time to do things is right now. 

Get up and start doing, yes you have so little time and so much to do, just keep your head down and keep marching towards your goal.

7- The smarter you get the more stable you become.

We have seen people complaining all day long for pity stuff, giving suggestions the things should be this way or that, all the hatred and fight for quality comes from half-educated people. Actually the smarter you become the more you will be out of bullshit.

8- The problem of every next person is bigger than yours. 

Yes, this is true! we have no knowledge of what other person is going through or suffering from and have no clue how much problems does that person have in life right now. So be humble to every person even if they are not because situations may be wrong but the person is not.

9- Hard times are meant to test you for the fact if you deserve good times or not?

Eventually, good times come only because, you worth it. You have shown patience and have faced some really hard times so you proved yourself worthy enough to enjoy good times.
If it is your bad times then all I wanna say is - hang in their mate! things will change. The worse the situation becomes, the better will be waiting for you in the end.

10- Change is necessary, there is no fixed thing in life so does the life lessons and teachings, it is ever changing.

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It may be age oriented or experience-oriented. It is not constant, it is changing every other second and we are trying to learn from our experiences and keep growing. So we keep collecting fact and try to fill the section from what we have learned. Therefore Life Lessons are easy to get but experience comes only with time.

11- There is no end to anything! 

Not writing points to this question! so with this final point, I wind up!

So, these were 11 lessons of life that every individual must think over before it gets too late.


Yash Srivastava

Life actually begins when you start doing what you love. My life began when I was turned 21. So, I create, I take risks, I live my passion, every day. And sometimes I sit to write what ever I have learnt during my entrepreneurial journey. Discussing about ideas and working on them, is what I bank upon.


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