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Why Supporting the LGBTQ+ Movements?

Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis

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Some people might think that the pride movement is only about homosexuality and gender non-conformity. However, this movement is more complex than the actual revindications of the LGBTQ+ communities. Because the exclusions of these people have considerable drawbacks on our societies. And their inclusions give way to a brighter future.

Why do the Exclusions of Homosexuals and Gender Non-Conforming People Affect Us?

Maybe you haven’t got a family member, a colleague, or a friend who is identified as a homosexual or gender non-conforming person, maybe you have always hung out with straight people. No one is going to force you into getting to know people from this community in a more intimate way. If you have chosen to not be close to them, it is your life, and your choice must be respected as long as it doesn’t affect our societies (to be sincere, it would).

Even if you have considered the LGBTQ+ communities as people living on another planet, their exclusions are going to affect you in the long run.

Inclusion is a very powerful tool to help build up successful institutions and societies. Why? Because the more different we are in a group, the more creative we are all together. We see details that we couldn’t see if we were of the same social groups.

Besides, by promoting or tolerating negative behaviors and actions toward certain groups, we have also created unsafe places for all of us. Because, as societies, we are connected. A social group that is not included smoothly will have itself integrated violently, and whenever this happens, we all will be affected. At that moment, their actions cannot be judged as much more than a survival instinct response.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to urge our governments and leaders to create safe spaces for our fellow homosexuals and gender non-conforming people. Keep in mind that they are just like us! And their choice is not meant to create chaos or confusion within our societies, but to give us their better version. No one can be efficient and competent when they are being fake about themselves.

Besides, we can learn a lot from the LGBTQ+ movements. One of the elements I have observed while analyzing their demands is that we must refute the abuse of binary combinations.

What Can We Learn from Non-binary People?

Most of us have grown up in an environment where we have been taught to see life from two angles, only two: good and bad, right and wrong, male and female, God and Satan, angels and demons, and all the other binary categories derived from them.

Each one of these binary patterns of thoughts focuses on two extremes of larger spectrums, in which the possibilities are very immense and diverse. If we had embraced the other parts of the spectrums, I am sure that we would have a more peaceful planet. But we have chosen to create division, based on these simple categories of good and bad, wrong and right, God and Satan, angels and demons, male and female.

I have been affected by binary divisions since my childhood, I didn’t know how to recognize and name the problem when I was younger, but it still had a huge effect on my mental and physical health. I was forced into being a perfect girl when I could just be myself!

While I was growing up, I realized that most often the realities are in between these binaries, and although we have done effortless sacrifices to be in one extreme of the spectrums, we have always been in a never-ending fluctuation. However, most of us have known how to project a façade and being hypocritical and false about our feelings and emotions, rather than just living the life we love.

We are too unique and unstable to be on one side of these spectrums. What is good for someone, maybe bad for others. What is right today, maybe wrong tomorrow. And it is great like this, because the natural process of nature is evolution and change, and as parts of nature we are meant to evolve as well. Nature is complex and infinite, that is our possibilities are infinite, and we are more than just ourselves but combinations of the others.

As a cis female, I need to thank the LGBTQ+ communities for pointing out something most of us have seen but tried to escape from; something most of us have been victims of, and not have the strength to talk against. And if it hasn’t got a name yet, let’s call it the abuse of binary structures. We are not just two groups on these planets, we are only one community with a combination of different traits and aspects.

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