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Today, Lego is one of the biggest toy companies in the world, but did you know that the business was almost destroyed by three fires and bankruptcy, but Lego survived every obstacle brick by brick? The company has rebuilt itself into one of the most powerful brands in the world. Only Kirk Christensen, the founder of Lego, came from very humble beginnings. He was born in Denmark in a large but poor family as one of 13 children from the age of six.

1.     Kirk came from a Very Humble Background

He was working as a farmhand tending the family sheep on the field to make the long hours outside more bearable and less boring. He began carving wooden figures. It was then that his fascination with whittling wood began. He grew up to become a carpenter and opened his shop, but unfortunately, his business was almost destroyed by a terrible accident. His sons accidentally caused the fire and both the workshop and the family home burned down. This was a terrible loss for him and his business, but he was not ready to give up yet so he decided to build an even larger workshop.

2.     Kirk Almost became Bankrupt and his Wife Passed away

His life was filled with hardships that seemed to never end. In 1929, the American stock market crashed and he nearly went bankrupt soon after his wife passed away, and he was left to raise his four children on his own. He was crushed emotionally and financially because he was struggling to make ends meet and provide for his family.

3.     He started a Toy Factory which caught Fire

He was desperately looking for a way to earn a living, so he decided to create cheaper and more practical wooden items that might sell like stools, step ladders, and wooden toys, which would become his favorite thing, and as it turned out, he was a brilliant Toy maker he called the company Lego. Lego comes from the danish words, like a god, meaning play well, but unfortunately, despite all the efforts, his business was not going well, but again he refused to stop and was even selling toys in exchange for food. But tragedy struck again in 1944, another fire burned down his factory, and the pain of the experience of So many setbacks and obstacles almost made him give up on his business.

4.     Kirk Rebuilt the Factory and it Became the Biggest Toy Company

However, he decided to rebuild his factory and start again. The company became the first in Denmark to buy a plastic molding machine and soon the Lego, bricks and the Lego system sets were born, but sadly Kirk passed away when he was only 66 years old and his son Godtfred became responsible for the company, but Lego survived. In another fire, the fire burned down the warehouse with the wooden toys, and because of that, the company decided to stop making wooden toys and only work with plastic.

So the company survived three fires and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Many times became one of the biggest toy companies in the world and all of that because Kirk was determined to rebuild the company brick by brick over and over again and finally create a powerful brand. That became one of the greatest sources of imagination and joy. So remember, if you fail, don’t stop picking yourself up dust yourself off, and try again.



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