Upskill yourself to write content on the Internet

Skill yourself with content writing on the Internet. Highly demanded profession in India and other countries such as USA, UK and around the world. Not only get a professional advantage but create the opportunity for passive income by starting your own blog.

Why to do with Feeding Trends?

Feeding Trends is India’s First Content Platform. Where thousands of content creators are creating content and earning from it.

Content is the future, this skill development initiative by Feeding Trends is to upskill the coming generation with content creation and make India atmanibhar & skilled.

This program is aimed to help you learn Blog Writing (Content Writing, Image designing, SEO writing) as per industry standards.

About the program


Learn from Experts


5 hours mentor connect


Practical learning learn by creating 20 content on the platform {under supervision}


Full Virtual Program ie learn from anywhere, anytime.


Track your article performance from the platform.


Learn to use AI tools of content writing to your advantage.


Certificate after the completion of the program


Get invited to join Feeding Trends Partner Program (to write and earn). {Based on the performance and article capability}


Portfolio and Profile Creation


Continue writing on the platform

How does the Feeding Trends Upskilling Program work?


Apply for the Upskilling program


Get Accepted


Complete the program


Get Certified

FAQ about Feeding Trends Upskilling Program

Do I need to pay for this?

How many articles are we going to work on in this program?

Can I write the articles of my choice?

How much time will I need to invest in this program?

Who can apply?

Can I finish this program before 2 months?

After this upskilling can I become Feeding Trends Partner?