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Tenth Avatar Of Vishnu



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Dashavatar represents the ten different incarnations of Vishnu which were taken to save the earth and its living beings from destruction. This article will narrate to you the predictions of the 10th incarnation of Vishnu. Kalki is the final avatar of Sri Vishnu, which has not taken birth yet.

1.  Kalki: The 10th Avatar yet to be Born

Kalki will appear on earth towards the end of Kali Yuga. In Hinduism there are four Yugas, namely Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, and Kali Yuga. These four cycles rotate just like our calendar months. The present age is the Kali Yuga and it will last for 432,000 years. It is believed that we have already passed 5000 years from the battle of Kurukshetra.

That means there are still 427,000 years left and as per Srimad-Bhagavatam, the lord Kalki will arrive at the end of Kali Yuga.

2.  The Changes by The End of Kali Yuga

By the time the Kali Yuga ends, the bodies of all creatures will greatly reduce in size, and the religious principles of Varnashrama will be ruined. The path of the Vedas will be completely forgotten in human society, and the so-called religion will mostly be atheistic. The kings and rulers mostly will be thieves and the occupation of men will be stealing, lying, and needless violence and all the social classes will be reduced to the lowest level, Cows will be killed.

Spiritual centers will be no different from a mundane house. Family ties will extend no further than the immediate bonds of marriage, most plants and herbs will disappear, seasons will go awry, homes will be devoid of pity and there will be no morality. During these devastating times of Kali Yuga, the supreme personality of Godhead will appear on earth acting with the power of pure and spiritual goodness.

3.  Kalki described as per Agni Purana

Lord Vishnu will appear in a brahman family as Kalki the son of Vishnuvyas and his wife Sumati in the village of Shambhala. He will rescue eternal religion. Sage Yagna will be the acharya or the guru of Kalki as described in Agni Purana. It is said that Kalki will marry the Padma. The daughter of king Brihadratha and his wife, Kaumudi of the island of Simhale. Riding a white horse named Devadatta with a sword in hand Kalki, will mow down the evil and corrupt and ensure the reign of dharma, lightning, thunder, heavy rain, and harsh sun are frequently associated with this avatar.

4.  Kalki will bring Peace and Prosperity

The main motive of Kalki would be to destroy all barbarians and thieves from the earth and make the earth a peaceful place to live in. Apart from this, it is also said that Kalki would defeat the kings under Kali and hand over the rule of earth to Devapi and Maru the religious kings of Kali Yuga. Kalki avatar shall establish the principles of eternal religion once again, and the people of the earth will return to the path of righteousness after the earth is rid of all the imposters.

The citizens shall be able to smell the winds, carrying the most sacred fragrance of sandalwood paste and other divine elements associated with Vishnu. Thus, their body and mind shall be purified. This will mark the beginning of Satya Yuga, an era of virtue, enlightenment, and spirituality.

At that moment, the sun, the moon, and Jupiter shall collectively be in the constellation of cancer. These three shall together enter into the lunar mansion of Pushi Nakshatra. According to some legends of the end of the world, Kalki's horse will stamp the earth with its right foot, causing the earth to drop into the deep. Then the gods will restore the earth once again to its former purity.





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